English CBSE Class 10 NCERT First Flight Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank Line by Line Explanation and Meaning of Difficult Words



Writing in a diary is a really strange experience for someone like me. Not only because I’ve never written anything before, but also because it seems to me that later on neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old school girl.


Word Meaning
Strange Unusual, Extraordinary
Musings Thoughts


For a person like me, writing a diary is certainly an unusual experience. I feel so because I have never written anything before writing this diary. Also because it appears to me that afterwards neither I nor anybody else will have any interest in thoughts of a thirteen year old school going girl.



Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I feel like writing, and I have an even greater need to get all kinds of things off my chest.


Word Meaning
It does not matter It not important, Not bothered about
All kinds of things Everything
Get off my chest Express one’s feelings or thoughts


But I am not bothered if somebody would be interested in my thoughts. I want to write. I have a desire to express everything that is in my heart. [I want to write all my feelings]

‘Paper has more patience than people.’ I thought of this saying on one of those days when I was feeling a little depressed and was sitting at home with my chin in my hands, bored and listless, wondering whether to stay in or go out.

Word Meaning
Depressed Sad, Sorrowful
Listless Without energy, Lazy
Wondering Thinking


Paper can tolerate whatever is written on it. It does not react or respond. But people would respond or react to what is told to them. I had thought of this saying when I was feeling slightly sad. That time I was sitting alone in my house. I had put my chin in my hands. I was bored and had no energy to do anything. I was thinking if I should stay in the house or I should go out of the house.



I finally stayed where I was, brooding: Yes, paper does have more patience, and since I’m not planning to let anyone else read this stiff-backed notebook grandly referred to as a ‘diary’, unless I should ever find a real friend, it probably won’t make a bit of difference.


Word Meaning
Brooding Thinking, Worried
Stiff-backed Hard bound
Grandly Proudly


Finally I stayed in the house worrying about nothing. Yes, paper certainly has more patience than people. But I would not allow anyone else to read my hard bound note book. I had proudly referred this book as diary. Reading of this diary by only a real friend is important, otherwise it will not have any meaning.

Now I’m back to the point that prompted me to keep a diary in the first place: I don’t have a friend.


Word Meaning
Prompted Caused, To be reason of some event


Now I once again want to tell why I started writing a diary. It is because I do not have a friend.

Let me put it more clearly, since no one will believe that a thirteen-year-old girl is completely alone in the world. And I’m not. I have loving parents and a sixteen-year-old sister, and there are about thirty people I can call friends.


Word Meaning
To put it more clearly To clarify
Completely Totally, Absolutely


I want to clarify this because no one will believe that a thirteen year old girls is totally alone in this world. Actually I am not totally alone. I have parents who love me. I have a sixteen year old sister. I know about thirty people whom I can say are my friends.

I have a family, loving aunts and a good home. No, on the surface I seem to have everything, except my one true friend. All I think about when I’m with friends is having a good time.


Word Meaning
On the surface Apparently, Superficially
Have a good time To enjoy


I have a family. I have aunts who love me. I also have a good home. Apparently, it looks that I have everything except one true friend. When I am with my friends I think only about enjoying their company.

I can’t bring myself to talk about anything but ordinary everyday things. We don’t seem to be able to get any closer, and that’s the problem. Maybe it’s my fault that we don’t confide in each other.


Word Meaning
Confide To trust, To share feelings


I am able to talk about only ordinary routine things with these friends. It appears that we are not becoming close friends. And this is the real problem. Probably it is my fault that we do not trust each other. We are not able to share our feelings with each other.

In any case, that’s just how things are, and unfortunately they’re not liable to change. This is why I’ve started the diary.


Word Meaning
Not liable to change Not likely to change


Anyway, this is the situation. And unfortunately this situation (of not having close friends) is not likely to change. This is why I have started writing diary.

To enhance the image of this long-awaited friend in my imagination, I don’t want to jot down the facts in this diary the way most people would do, but I want the diary to be my friend, and I’m going to call this friend ‘Kitty’.


Word Meaning
Enhance To increase
Image Importance
Long awaited That has come after a long wait
Jot down Write hurriedly


To increase the importance of this long awaited friend (diary), I do not want to write routine events in it. Though most of the people do it. I want the diary to be my friend. So I will call it ‘Kitty’.

Since no one would understand a word of my stories to Kitty if I were to plunge right in, I’d better provide a brief sketch of my life, much as I dislike doing so.


Word Meaning
To plunge right in Start directly
Sketch of my life Details about my life


If I start directly writing my diary, nobody will be able to understand anything written in Kitty. Therefore I will give (write) brief details about my life though I do not like to do so.

My father, the most adorable father I’ve ever seen, didn’t marry my mother until he was thirty-six and she was twenty-five. My sister, Margot, was born in Frankfurt in Germany in 1926. I was born on 12 June 1929.

Word Meaning
Adorable Loving, Charming


My father was the most loving and charming father of the world. When he married my mother, he was thirty six and my mother was twenty five. Name of my sister is Margot. She was born in 1926 in Frankfurt in Germany. I was born on 12 June 1929.

I lived in Frankfurt until I was four. My father immigrated to Holland in 1933. My mother, Edith Hollander Frank, went with him to Holland in September, while Margot and I were sent to Aachen to stay with our grandmother.


Word Meaning
Immigrate Shift from one country to another


I lived in Frankfurt till the age of four. My father shifted to Holland in 1933. Name of my mother was Edith Hollander Frank. She went to Holland with my father in September. Margot and I went to Aachen to stay with our grandmother.

Margot went to Holland in December, and I followed in February, when I was plunked down on the table as a birthday present for Margot.


Word Meaning
Plunked down To put abruptly or heavily


Margot went to Holland in December and I went there in February. I had reached there on the birthday of Margot. So I was a birthday gift for her.

I started right away at the Montessori nursery school. I stayed there until I was six, at which time I started in the first form. In the sixth form my teacher was Mrs Kuperus, the headmistress. At the end of the year we were both in tears as we said a heartbreaking farewell.


Word Meaning
Right away Directly, Immediately
Be in tears To cry
Say farewell To separate
Heartbreaking Emotional, Feeling bad


I started going directly to Montessori nursery school. I studied in that school till I was six. At that age I had reached first standard. When I was in sixth form Mrs. Kuperus was the headmistress of the school. At the end of the year of sixth standard, we both were crying while separating from each other. I was emotional to be away from her.

In the summer of 1941 Grandma fell ill and had to have an operation, so my birthday passed with little celebration. Grandma died in January 1942. No one knows how often I think of her and still love her. This birthday celebration in 1942 was intended to make up for the other, and Grandma’s candle was lit along with the rest.

During summer season of 1941, my grandmother became sick. She had to undergo an operation. So my birthday was not celebrated. Grandmother died in January 1942. Nobody knows that many times I think about her. I still love her. During my birthday celebration of 1942, I wanted to make up for not celebrating my birthday in 1941. We had lit one extra candle in the memory of Grandmother.

The four of us are still doing well, and that brings me to the present date of 20 June 1942, and the solemn dedication of my diary.


Word Meaning
Solemn Sincere


The four of us (Anne, Margot and their parents) are still healthy. With this brief about my life, we come to today’s date of 20th June 1942. From this date I sincerely started writing my diary.

Saturday, 20 June 1942

Dearest Kitty,

Our entire class is quaking in its boots. The reason, of course, is the forthcoming meeting in which the teachers decide who’ll move up to the next form and who’ll be kept back.


Word Meaning
Quacking in boots Nervous, Scared
Of course Certainly
Forthcoming Next


Every student of our class was nervous. Certainly, the reason of our nervousness is the next meeting. In this meeting teachers will decide who will go to next class and who will remain in this class.

Half the class is making bets. G.N. and I laugh ourselves silly at the two boys behind us, C.N. and Jacques, who have staked their entire holiday savings on their bet.


Word Meaning
Laugh silly Laugh for longtime


Half of the students were making bets. GN (initials of a friend of Anne) and I used to laugh for long time at the two boys who used to sit behind us. Their names were CN and Jacques. They had put saving of their entire holiday on bet.

From morning to night, it’s “You’re going to pass”, “No, I’m not”, “Yes, you are”, “No, I’m not”. Even G.’s pleading glances and my angry outbursts can’t calm them down.


Word Meaning
Pleading Request
Glances Looks
Outbursts Shouting


From morning to night these two student were discussing who will pass and who may not. Requests through looks from G and my angry shouting could not calm them down.

If you ask me, there are so many dummies that about a quarter of the class should be kept back, but teachers are the most unpredictable creatures on earth.


Word Meaning
Dummy Fool, Stupid
Quarter One fourth
Unpredictable Uncertain, Unforeseeable


In my opinion, there are so many fools in our class. About one fourth of students should be kept in the same class. But teachers are most uncertain creatures in the world.

I’m not so worried about my girlfriends and myself. We’ll make it. The only subject I’m not sure about is maths. Anyway, all we can do is wait. Until then, we keep telling each other not to lose heart.


Word Meaning
We will make it We will pass
Not to lose heart Not to lose hope


I am not worried about myself and my girlfriend. We will pass. But I am not sure about maths. But we can only wait for announcement of results. Till that time, we are telling each other to not to lose hope.

I get along pretty well with all my teachers. There are nine of them, seven men and two women. Mr Keesing, the old fogey who teaches maths, was annoyed with me for ages because I talked so much.


Word Meaning
Get along To be friendly, Have trust
Pretty well Good
Old fogey Old fashioned
Annoyed Angry
For ages Since long time


All my teachers have a good trust on me. There are nine teachers for my class, seven men and two women. Mr Keesing is an old fashioned person who teaches us maths. He was angry with me since very long time because I talked too much.

After several warnings, he assigned me extra homework. An essay on the subject, ‘A Chatterbox’. A chatterbox — what can you write about that? I’d worry about that later, I decided. I jotted down the title in my notebook, tucked it in my bag and tried to keep quiet.


Word Meaning
Chatterbox One who talks a lot
Jotted down Wrote, Noted
Tucked Put


He had given me warning many times. Then he gave me extra homework. It was to write an essay on ‘A Chatterbox’. I did not know what to write on this topic. But I decided that I would think about it later. I wrote title of the essay in my notebook. Put the notebook in my bag and tried to remain calm.

That evening, after I’d finished the rest of my homework, the note about the essay caught my eye. I began thinking about the subject while chewing the tip of my fountain pen.


Word Meaning
Rest Remaining, Balance
Caught my eyes Attracted my attention, Noticed
Tip End or edge


That evening I noticed the topic of essay after completing my remaining homework. I started thinking about it while chewing the end of my pen.

Anyone could ramble on and leave big spaces between the words, but the trick was to come up with convincing arguments to prove the necessity of talking. I thought and thought, and suddenly I had an idea.


Word Meaning
Ramble on Go on
Trick Challenge
Come up Think
Convincing Believable, Acceptable
Necessity Need, Requirement


Anyone can go on writing by leaving big gap between words. But the challenge was to prove the need of talking by thinking acceptable arguments. I thought a lot and suddenly an idea came to my mind.

I wrote the three pages Mr Keesing had assigned me and was satisfied. I argued that talking is a student’s trait and that I would do my best to keep it under control, but that I would never be able to cure myself of the habit since my mother talked as much as I did if not more, and that there’s not much you can do about inherited traits.


Word Meaning
Trait Habit, Quality, Virtue
Cure To solve a problem
Inherited Acquired from parents


I wrote a three page essay on the topic given by Mr Keesing. I was satisfied by my work. I said that talking is an essential habit of a student. I will do my best to control this habit. But I will never be able to completely solve this problem because my mother also talks a lot. One cannot control a habit that is acquired from parents.

Mr Keesing had a good laugh at my arguments, but when I proceeded to talk my way through the next lesson, he assigned me a second essay. This time it was supposed to be on ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’.


Word Meaning
Had a good laugh Laughed a lot
Incorrigible Habitual, Incurable


Mr. Keesing laughed a lot after reading my essay. But when I continued to talk a lot in my next class also, he gave me one more essay. This time the topic was ‘An incorrigible Chatterbox’.

I handed it in, and Mr Keesing had nothing to complain about for two whole lessons. However, during the third lesson he’d finally had enough. “Anne Frank, as punishment for talking in class, write an essay entitled — ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox’.”


Word Meaning
Handed in Submitted
Quack Sound of duck


I wrote the essay and submitted to Mr. Keesing. I did not talk in next two classes. So he did not complain during these classes. During the third class he thought that I had again started talking. As a punishment he gave me another essay to write. This time the topic was ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox’.

The class roared. I had to laugh too, though I’d nearly exhausted my ingenuity on the topic of chatterboxes. It was time to come up with something else, something original.


Word Meaning
Roared Laughed loudly
Exhausted Completely utilised
Ingenuity Creativity


Everybody in the class laughed loudly. I also laughed with them. I had almost completely utilized my creativity on the topic of chatterbox. I could not think of any new idea.

My friend, Sanne, who’s good at poetry, offered to help me write the essay from beginning to end in verse and I jumped for joy. Mr Keesing was trying to play a joke on me with this ridiculous subject, but I’d make sure the joke was on him.


Word Meaning
Beginning to end Complete
Verse In the form of poem
Ridiculous Silly, Absurd


My friend Sanne was good at writing poetry. She offered to help me in writing the complete essay in the form of a poem. I was very happy to receive this help. Mr. Keesing was trying to play a joke on me by asking me to write essay on this silly topic. But I would make sure that the joke was played on him.

I finished my poem, and it was beautiful! It was about a mother duck and a father swan with three baby ducklings who were bitten to death by the father because they quacked too much.


Word Meaning
Ducklings Baby of a duck


I completed my poem. It was a good poem. In the poem the mother was a duck and father was a swan. They had three babies. The father bit their babies to death because they quacked a lot.

Luckily, Mr Keesing took the joke the right way. He read the poem to the class, adding his own comments, and to several other classes as well.

Fortunately Mr. Keesing understood the joke in correct way. He read the poem to the class. He added his own comments while reading the poem. He read the poem in other classes also.

Since then I’ve been allowed to talk and haven’t been assigned any extra homework. On the contrary, Mr Keesing’s always making jokes these days.


Word Meaning
On the contrary Opposite
These days Nowadays


After that I had the permission to talk in the class. I was not given any extra homework for talking in the class. Opposite to his habit, now Mr. Keesing always makes jokes






The poem is about a girl whose name is Amanda. Her mother is advising her many things. The lines given in the brackets are his feelings after receiving advice from her mother.

Don’t bite your nails, Amanda!

Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda!

Stop that slouching and sit up straight,



Word Meaning
Hunch Bend
Slouch Sit lazily
Poetic Devices
Don’t hunch your… Assonance
Don’t bite your.. Assonance
Stop that slouching and sit up straight, Alliteration


Mother advises Amanda not to bite her nails. Mother advises Amanda to not to bend her shoulders. Mother advises Amanda not to sit lazily and to sit straight.

(There is a languid, emerald sea,

where the sole inhabitant is me—

a mermaid, drifting blissfully.)


Word Meaning
Languid Relaxed, Lazy
Emerald sea Green coloured sea
Sole Only one, Alone
Inhabitant Resident
Mermaid Creature with upper part of lady & lower part of fish
Drifting Moving slowly
Blissfully Happily
Poetic Devices
Emerald Sea Metaphor
Drifting blissfully Imagery


After getting scolded from her mother Amanda is expressing her wish. She imagines a relaxed (calm) green sea. She is the only person living there. She thinks of herself as a mermaid. Slowly and happily moving in the sea.

She has become sick of scolding of her mother. She wants to live in a calm environment where there is no one to advise her. So that she can live their peacefully and happily.

Did you finish your homework, Amanda?

Did you tidy your room, Amanda?

I thought I told you to clean your shoes,



Poetic Devices
Did you finish your homework Assonance
Did you tidy your room Assonance
I thought I told you to clean… Repetition
I thought I told you to clean… Alliteration
I thought I told you to clean… Assonance


Mother is asking Amanda if she has completed her homework. She is asking if Amanda has cleaned her room. She is reminding Amanda to clean her shoes.

(I am an orphan, roaming the street.

I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.

The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.)


Word Meaning
Orphan A child without parents
Roaming Walking, Moving
Hushed A quiet place
Sweet Very good or excellent
Poetic Devices
Orphan roaming the street Assonance
Silence is golden Metaphor
Freedom is sweet Metaphor


Amanda imagines herself to be an orphan moving around in the street. Sitting at a quiet place she can draw a pattern with her bare feet. She thinks silence is very precious and freedom is sweet (very good or excellent thing)

She imagines herself to be an orphan so that she will not be advised by parents. She would be free to do whatever she liked.

Don’t eat that chocolate, Amanda!

Remember your acne, Amanda!

Will you please look at me when I’m speaking to you,



Word Meaning
Acne Pimple


Mother is asking Amanda not to eat chocolate. She reminds Amanda that she had got pimples because of eating chocolate. Mother tells Amanda to look at her when she is speaking to Amanda.

(I am Rapunzel, I have not a care;

life in a tower is tranquil and rare;

I’ll certainly never let down my bright hair!)


Word Meaning
Tranquil Peaceful
Rare Unique


Rapunzel was a princess who was imprisoned in a tower by a witch. She had very long hair. She was rescued by a prince who had climbed the tower with help of her hair

Amanda imagines herself to be Rapunzel and living  alone in a tower. She thinks that it a will be a unique style of life with lot of peace. She says she will not put her hair down from the tower. Because she wants to live there alone.

Stop that sulking at once, Amanda!

You’re always so moody, Amanda!

Anyone would think that I nagged at you,



Word Meaning
Sulking Not speaking
At once Immediately
Nagged Scolded, Harassed
Poetic Devices
Stop that sulking Alliteration
Would think that I nagged at you Alliteration


Mother tells Amanda not to stop speaking. She says that Amanda is always very moody. If Amanda behaves this way people will think mother has scolded Amanda.



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