English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 6 Aunt Jenifer’s Tigers Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Answer: The tigers are inhabitants of the forest – means they are ‘at their home’. They feel comfort being there.

‘Chivalric’ means tiger are confident and have a certainty about themselves. They are occupying an honourable position in the forest.



Answer: Aunt Jennifer is an old lady. Because of her old age, her hands are shaking and she finds it difficult to pull the needle.

She has a fear that her husband will not like her do embroidery. Thus her hands are shaking. She is not sure if she should do this work. Hence she is finding difficult to pull the needle.

Also it means that she is finding difficult to lead the life. hence her hands are shaking.



Answer: The wedding band represents her marriage. Her wedding has imposed many restrictions and troubles upon Aunt Jennifer. These are a burden upon Aunt Jennifer. She does not hope that this will ever be reduced.



Answer: Aunt Jennifer is afraid of her husband. She is terrified that even after her death, she will not be free from the restrictions and troubles of her marriage.


Answer: Aunt Jennifer did not have the freedom to lead her life, pursue her hobbies and freedom to express. She had lot of responsibilities of married life. Even after becoming old, she is afraid of her husband. These are the ordeals poet has talked about.

The word ‘ringed’ in the poem means ‘surrounded by’. The poet wants to say that Aunt would always be surrounded by the troubles. She is also surrounded by constant fear of her husband.


Answer: Aunt Jennifer does not like ordeals she is facing. She wants to be a different person. The images created by her represents her wish and liking. Therefore she had created image of freedom and joy.

Through these images, poet wants to say that women too have right to live to their dreams. Women too should have freedom of expression.


Embroidery – It represents expression of inner feelings. It is also a medium to indicate Aunt Jennifer’s wishes and desires.

Tigers – These are the symbol of freedom and power.

Topaz – Through its shine, it represents the brighter side of life.

Wedding band – It represents the responsibility of marriage. It also represents restrictions and ordeals of married life.

Answer: Throughout her married life she has tolerated sufferings and restrictions. At the old age, for the first time, she appears to be expressing her desire symbolically. She does not have the courage to express these to her husband. She has become used to ordeals of her life.

Therefore I have full sympathy with Aunt Jennifer.


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