English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 2 An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Text Book Questions & Answers)

Think it out

Q 1. Tick the item which best answers the following.

(a) The tall girl with her head weighed down means

The girl

(i) is ill and exhausted

(ii) has her head bent with shame

(iii) has untidy hair

Answer: (i)

(b) The paper-seeming boy with rat’s eyes means

The boy is

(i) sly and secretive

(ii) thin, hungry and weak

(iii) unpleasant looking

Answer: (ii)

(c) The stunted, unlucky heir of twisted bones means

The boy

(i) has an inherited disability

(ii) was short and bony

Answer: (i)

(d) His eyes live in a dream, A squirrel’s game, in the tree room other than this means

The boy is

(i) full of hope in the future

(ii) mentally ill

(iii) distracted from the lesson

Answer; (i)

(e) The children’s faces are compared to ‘rootless weeds’

This means they

(i) are insecure

(ii) are ill-fed

(iii) are wasters

Answer: (iii)



Q 2. What do you think is the colour of ‘sour cream’? Why do you think the poet has used this expression to describe the classroom walls?

Answer: The colour of the walls is dull yellow colour.

The dull colour of wall signifies dull ambience of the class room. The walls are old, dirty and stale.



Q 3. The walls of the classroom are decorated with the pictures of ‘Shakespeare’, ‘buildings with domes’, ‘world maps’ and beautiful valleys. How do these contrast with the world of these children?

Answer: Shakespeare’s poster represents education. Poster of buildings with domes represents civilization and prosperity. ‘World map’ represents endless opportunities. ‘Beautiful valley’ represents happiness.

The life of children is without any hope, growth, education, opportunities and happiness. This is in contrast to meanings of posters.

Q 4. What does the poet want for the children of the slums? How can their lives be made to change?

Answer: Poet wants that these children should get education, a better living standard and opportunities for growth and happiness.

The government, authorities and public should do everything possible for these children.


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