In the Kingdom of Fools Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 4 NCERT Moments


(Textbook Questions)

Think about it

Answer: They found that during day time the whole city was closed. All shops were closed and nobody was roaming on the streets. But during night time the whole city came to life.

The second strange thing was that everything in town was available at the price of a duddu.



Answer: the disciple liked to eat food.  Everything was available for a very small price equal to a duddu. The disciple was happy to buy food at cheap rates.  So he decided to stay in the Kingdom of Fools.

It was certainly a bad idea to stay in the city.




Merchant – He was owner of the house whose wall had fallen on the thief.

Bricklayer – He had constructed a weak wall

Dancing girl – She had walked up and down the street. This disturbed the bricklayer

Goldsmith – He had called the dancing girl many time to his door.

Merchant – He had asked the goldsmith to make ornaments for him first.



Answer: The father of the merchant was considered responsible for killing of the thief. But he had died. So according to the king the merchant was the real culprit because he had inherited sins of his father.

The merchant escaped the punishment because he was considered too thin to be put on the stake.



Answer: The guru had said that that was the kingdom of fools. We do not know what wrong will happen to us in future.

The disciple remembered wise words of his guru when he was sentenced for death. Though he had not committed any crime.



Answer: Initially the guru shouted at his disciple and then whispered something to him. After that he requested king that he should be put to death first. But the disciple insisted to die first. Later the guru explained to the king that the first person to die on this stake will become a king of this city in his next birth. And the second person to die on the stake will become the minister.

After hearing these words, the king decided that he would be the first person to die on the stake and the minister would be the second person.

Hence the guru saved the life of his disciple.




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