The Last Leaf Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 7 NCERT Moments


(Textbook Questions)


Think about it

Answer: Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. A doctor used to come to examine her and give required medicines. But Johnsy had started thinking that she would die as soon the last leaf of the creeper fell. She did not want to live any longer.  Owing to this thought, her willingness to live could cure her more effectively.



Answer: Most of the teenagers are bubbling with confidence and robust thoughts. They have a ‘can do’ attitude. Though some teenagers become depressed due to their own thoughts. Friends and elders can help such teenagers.



Answer: Behrman has a dream of creating a masterpiece painting. He realizes his dream when he paints a creeper on the window of Johnsy’s room. It fills her with positive thoughts and saves her life.



Answer: The painting made by Behrman on the window pane of Johnsy’s room is Behrman’s masterpiece. This paining was so good that Johnsy took it as the real creeper with a single leaf on it. It filled Johnsy with positive thoughts and saved her life.

Therefore Sue called the painting a master piece.



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