English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 9 Bholi Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Read and find out

Answer: Bholi’s father Ramlal was worried because she did not have good looks nor the intelligence. Moreover she stammered while speaking. He was worried about finding bridegroom for her.



Answer: A new school for girls was opened in the village. Ramlal was the numberdar of the village. Tehsildar told Ramlal that being the revenue officer he represents government in the village. Therefore to set an example he must send his daughters to school. In order to obey Tehsildar, Ramlal sent Bholi to school.




Answer: Bholi sat in the corner of class room. She was glad that so many girls of her age were present in the school. She thought one of them will become her friend. The colourful pictures on the wall fascinated her. The teacher talked to her. Bholi stammered and started crying.

At the end of the school, the teacher encouraged Bholi to speak and to come to school every day. She gave her a book. She told Bholi that she will give bigger books to Bholi after some time.

So overall, it was a good day for Bholi.

Answer: The teacher spoke in calm and soothing manner. She gave her a book to read and promised to give her more books. Teacher told that soon Bholi would be able to speak without stammering and people would stop laughing at her. All along, her behaviour towards Bholi was polite and affectionate

Thus Bholi found that teacher was different from people at home.

Answer: Bholi had pock-marks on her face and she was not intelligent. They were worried about her marriage. Bishamber was from other village so he did not know about pock-marks or Bholi’s lack of sense. Bishamber was well-to-do person and was not asking for dowry. So they decided to accept Bishmaber’s proposal.




Answer: Bishamber had asked for dowry of five thousand rupees at the wedding ceremony. Ramlal requested to reduce this to two thousand rupees but Bishaber refused. Then Ramlal placed the amount at the feet of Bishamber.

This event hurt self-esteem of Bholi. She refused to marry a mean, greedy and contemptible person. Hence the marriage did not take place.

Think about it

Answer: Bholi was given a clean dress to wear on that day. She was bathed and oil was rubbed into her dry and matted hair. Such treatment had never been given to her. So she realised that she was going to a better place.

Answer: Her teacher spoke to Bholi in a calm, soothing and friendly manner. She encouraged her to speak without any fear. She gave her a book to read and promised to give more books. Teacher told that soon Bholi would be able to speak without stammering and people would stop laughing at her.

Bholi became confident about herself and her life changed forever. Thus her teacher played an important role in her life.

Answer: Initially Bholi had agreed to marry Bishamber for the sake of honour of her father and her family.

Later she found that Bishamber was a mean, greedy and contemptible person. He had asked for dowry because of her bad looks. This had hurt self-esteem of Bholi and she refused to marry Bishamber.

Answer: The girl was an unintelligent and simple child. She was not a confident person. Thus she was called Bholi.

Towards end of the story, Bholi emerges as a person of great confidence. She had become aware of her self-esteem.

Owing to such a transformation, the girl is addressed by her own name – Sulekha.

Talk about it

Answer: We should help spread the need of girl child education. Through education a transformation occurs in every individual. She becomes aware of self-esteem. She can assert herself and take steps to empower herself.

We must act against the dowry system. It is a social evil that has ruined several families. The lead needs to be taken by boys who should refuse to accept dowry come what may. Also the girls should get educated to contribute more towards well-being of family and society.

Answer: Yes, girls should be aware of their rights and they must assert them. The rights of a person are same irrespective of gender.

Most of the time society differentiates between a boy and a girl. Parents have tendency to provide better education to a boy. Food and clothing provided to boys is very much superior to those provided to girls.

A motor cycle is bought for boys but a scooty is not bought for girls. Boys would be taught driving a four wheeler but girls are not encouraged. Even in house chores, boys and girls are discriminated.

Education can help girls understand their rights. Girls and boys should have equal privileges. Girls must assert their rights to be more than equal. Which actually they are.

When we speak of ‘human rights’, we do not differentiate between girls’ rights and boys’ rights.

Answer: The characters in the story are likely to speak in Hindi to each other.

This is evident from names of characters. And how Sulekha addresses her father. Even the titles of government officials is an indication of the language spoken.



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