English CBSE Class 10 NCERT First Flight Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – II Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)

Oral Comprehension Check

Q 1. What did Mr Petronski’s letter say?

Answer: The letter said that Wanda would not come to school anymore. They had shifted to a big city. He hoped that her daughter would not be teased there. Many people in city have funny names.



Q 2. Is Miss Mason angry with the class, or is she unhappy and upset?

Answer: Miss Mason is unhappy and upset with the class.

Q 3. How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father?

Answer: Maddie felt very sad after listening to the notes. She realised that she was against teasing Wanda but remained silent. She thought her silence was as bad as teasing. She thought she was a coward. She wanted to inform Wanda that she never wanted to hurt her.



Q 4. What does Maddie want to do?

Answer: Maddie wants to tell Wanda that she never wanted to hurt her feelings and that Wanda had won the drawing competition. She thought that Wanda was smart and the hundred dresses were beautiful. She wanted to say sorry to Wanda, request her not to move away and assure her that everybody would be nice to her.

Q 5. What excuses does Peggy think up for her behaviour? Why?

Answer: Peggy said that she had never called Wanda a foreigner and made fun of her name. Peggy never thought that Wanda had the wisdom to realise that they were only making fun of her.

Q 6. What are Maddie’s thoughts as they go to Boggins Heights?

Answer: She wanted to say sorry to Wanda. She wanted to say that the school thought she was wonderful. Maddie wanted to request Wanda not to move away and assure her that everybody would be nice to her.

Q 7. Why does Wanda’s house remind Maddie of Wanda’s blue dress?

Answer: The house of Wanda was modest and clean. The blue dress of Wanda was faded but clean.

Hence the house reminded of Wanda’s dress.

Q 8. What does Maddie think hard about? What important decision does she come to?

Answer: Maddie thought hard about feelings of Wanda. She realised that it was bad on her part to not to have opposed teasing.

Maddie decided that in future she will not remain silent and oppose any such things

Q 9. What did the girls write to Wanda?

Answer: They informed Wanda that she had won the drawing competition and they liked her drawings. They asked if she liked the place where she lived and if she liked her new teacher.

Q 10. Did they get a reply? Who was more anxious for a reply, Peggy or Maddie? How do you know?

Answer: Wanda replied by writing a letter to Miss Mason.

Maddie was more anxious to get a reply from Wanda.

Peggy had almost forgotten the incident while Maddie was still dreaming about the incident and her behaviour.

Q 11. How did the girls know that Wanda liked them even though they had teased her?

Answer: Wanda had gifted a drawing each to Peggy and Maddie. Later they realised faces and heads in the drawings looked like their own.

Therefore they concluded that Wanda liked them.

Thinking about the Text

Q 1. Why do you think Wanda’s family moved to a different city? Do you think life there was going to be different for their family?

Answer: Wanda’s family shifted to a different city because she was being teased at her school. Her classmates were making fun of her strange name, about her dress and shoes.

Life at the new place could be different for her. In big city people come from different backgrounds. Everybody is readily accepted there.

Q 2. Maddie thought her silence was as bad as Peggy’s teasing. Was she right?

Answer: The teasing had a profound impact on Wanda. She was lonely in the school. Eventually Wanda left the town.

If Maddie had spoken up against the teasing, probably Wanda would not have felt lonely but would have had a friend. Maddie thought that she had silently supported a wrong deed.

Thus Maddie was right in realizing that her silence was as bad as Peggy’s teasing.

Q 3. Peggy says, “I never thought she had the sense to know we were making fun of her anyway. I thought she was too dumb. And gee, look how she can draw!” What led Peggy to believe that Wanda was dumb? Did she change her opinion later?

Answer: Peggy was of the opinion that Wanda should not have lied about her dresses. Also, if Wanda felt so bad about the teasing, she should have spoken up. Hence Peggy thought Wanda was a fool.

After looking at the drawings, Peggy realised that Wanda had talent and could express herself. Thus she changed her opinion about Wanda.

Q 4. What important decision did Maddie make? Why did she have to think hard to do so?

Answer: Maddie decided that if her friends ever teased another girl, she would speak up against teasing and support the girl.

She was herself a poor girl. She had a fear that if she spoke up, she too would be teased. In order to overcome her fears, she thought hard about the incident and decided to speak up against such incidents.

Q 5. Why do you think Wanda gave Maddie and Peggy the drawings of the dresses? Why are they surprised?

Answer: Wanda was a good natured girl. Wanda gave them drawings to convey that she had forgiven them.

They were surprised because though they had insulted Wanda, she had decided to give them a gift. Peggy and Maddie were more surprised that those drawings were of their own faces.

Q 6. Do you think Wanda really thought the girls were teasing her? Why or Why not?

Answer: Wanda was fully aware that the girls were teasing her. She understood that they were making fun of her strange name and her poverty.

That is why she tried to boast of having hundred dresses with her. But eventually she decided to leave the town.

Thinking about language

I Here are thirty adjectives describing human qualities. Discuss them with your partner and put them in the two word webs (given below) according to whether you think they show positive or negative qualities.

Positive Negative
Kind Cruel
Courteous Haughty
Sensitive Zealous
Compassionate Insipid
Fashionable Miserable
Cheerful Introverted
Contented Stolid
Friendly Lonely
Generous Unforgiving
Talented Vain
Determined Sarcastic
Creative Thoughtless
Complacent Proud
Placid Arrogant
Intrepid Timid

II What adjectives can we use to describe Peggy, Wanda and Maddie? You can choose adjectives from the list above. You can also add some of your own.

1. Peggy : Fashionable, Cheerful, Intrepid, Placid, Proud, Thoughtless

2. Wanda : Timid, Talented, Creative, Introverted, Stolid, Lonely, Generous

3. Maddie: Sensitive, Compassionate, Contended, Timid


1. Find the sentences in the story with the following phrasal verbs.

Lined up, Thought up, Took off, Stood by

Please tell the girls they can keep those hundred dresses, because in my new house I have a hundred new ones, all lined up in my closet.

Peggy, who had thought up this game, and Maddie, her inseparable friend, were always the last to leave.

Miss Mason took off her glasses, blew on them and wiped them on her soft white handkerchief.

She had stood by silently, and that was just as bad as what Peggy had done.

IV Colours are used to describe feelings, moods and emotions. Match the following ‘colour expressions’ with a suggested paraphrase.

Phrase Meaning
In the Monday Morning Blues Sadness or depression to begin an action
Go red in the face Feel embarrassed / ashamed
Look green Feel very sick, as if about to vomit
The red carpet A special welcome
Blue-blood Of noble birth or from a royal family
A green belt Land around a town or city where construction is prohibited by law
A blackguard A dishonest person with no sense of right or wrong
A grey area An area of a subject or a situation where matters are not very clear
A white flag A sign of surrender or acceptance of defeat. A wish to stop fighting
A blueprint A photographic print of building plans, a detailed plan or scheme
Red-handed In an unlawful act, while doing something wrong
The green light The sign or permission to begin an action



(Textbook Questions)

Thinking about the Poem

Q 1. Notice the use of the word ‘turn’ in the first line, “I think I could turn and live with animals…”. What is the poet turning from?

Answer: The poet wants to turn away from human beings and he wants to live with animals. These animals are calm, self-satisfied and live in simplicity. Actually he wants to go back to the times when man used to live in jungle with animals.

Q 2. Mention three things that humans do and animals don’t.


1. Human beings complaint about their condition of living. Animals do not make any complaints.

2. Human lie awake during night and weep for the wrongs they have done. Animals do not do anything wrong and sleep peacefully.

3. Human beings discuss a lot about God and define their duties towards God. Animals do not pray to any God and live their life without prayers and fasting.

Q 3. Do humans kneel to other humans who lived thousands of years ago? Discuss this in groups.

Answer: Yes, humans kneel to their ancestors who had lived thousands of years ago. They have high respect towards their ancestors and organize various rituals in their memory.

Q 4. What are the ‘tokens’ that the poet says he may have dropped long ago, and which the animals have kept for him? Discuss this in class. (Hint: Whitman belongs to the Romantic tradition that includes Rousseau and Wordsworth, which holds that civilisation has made humans false to their own true nature. What could be the basic aspects of our nature as living beings that humans choose to ignore or deny?)

Answer: Poet is referring to the quality of being innocent, friendly and to behave true to their nature. As a living being, we are supposed to have virtues of kindness, unselfishness and empathy. With development of civilization, urbanisation and change in the life style, human beings no longer possess these qualities.

On the contrary, animals behave as their natural self. They do not pretend to be away from their natural habits. Their routine is confined towards their food only. They are loyal to anybody who helps them or shows kindness towards them.


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