The Happy Prince Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 5 NCERT Moments


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Think about it

Answer: When Happy Prince was alive he used to live in a palace. All facilities were available in the palace. There was no reason for him to feel sad. He always remained happy. So his courtiers called him Happy Prince.

After death the Prince was mounted on a pedestal in the city. Now he could see the poor conditions of people living in the city. So he became sad.



Answer: The seamstress was very poor. Her son had fallen sick. He wanted to have oranges. But the seamstress had only water to feed her son. So the Prince decided to give ruby to her.

The swallow jumped into the house and placed the ruby on the table beside woman’s thimble.  Then the swallow gently flew around the bed fanning boy’s forehead with his wings. The boy started feeling better.  After this the swallow flew back to the Prince.



Answer: The Prince sent the first sapphire to the playwright. The playwright was trying to complete writing of a play. It was very cold and he did not have enough money to buy firewood to keep his garret warm. So Prince wanted to help him.

The Prince sent the second sapphire to a little matchgirl. All her matches had fallen into a gutter. So these could not be sold. She was afraid that if she did not bring home money by selling matches, her father would beat her. Hence the Prince wanted to help her.



Answer: Rich were enjoying in their beautiful houses. Beggars were sitting at the gates  of those houses. In the dark streets of the city he saw white faces of children. They had become weak because of starving. Under the archway two kids were lying in each other’s arms. They wanted to keep themselves warm in the cold weather. But a guard ordered them to move away. Now the kids were roaming in the rain.

Thus the swallow narrated living conditions of people.



Answer: The Prince had helped poor and needy people of his city. The Prince sacrificed his own treasure to help them. The swallow started liking the Prince. In the process the Prince had become blind.

Therefore the swallow did not go to Egypt. He decided to stay with prince forever.



Answer: The first precious thing mentioned in the text is leaden heart of Happy Prince. The heart was full of affection and care for the poor. The Prince was generous. He gave away his precious possessions to help the needy.

The second precious thing mentioned in the text is the dead body of swallow. He agreed to stay in the cold environment of the city. He carried precious stones and gold to the needy. He thus fulfilled the desire of the Prince to help them. The swallow started liking the generous attitude of the Prince. The swallow did not leave the Prince alone when he had become blind. Eventually because of cold weather the swallow died.




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