English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Chapter 8 Going Places Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Answer: Most likely the two girls will find work at the biscuit factory.



Answer: Sophie was dreaming of becoming of an owner of boutique or an actress or a fashion designer. In order to earn enough money to open a boutique, she was dreaming to become a manager immediately after passing from school.

Jansie was aware that they belonged to such families where having money to open a boutique shop was not a reality. She was also aware that nobody would hire them as manger in the beginning. Therefore she discouraged Sophie to have such dreams.



Answer: Sophie was afraid that her father would scold her. She thought that her father might not believe what Geoff said. She did not expect that Geoff would tell father about her meeting with Danny.

These thought made her uncomfortable and she wriggled in her chair.

Answer: No, Geoff did not believe Sophie. He told Sophie that it was the unlikeliest thing he ever heard.

Answer: No, Sophie’s father did not believe in her story. He warned her that her wild stories might land loads of trouble for her.



Answer: Sophie wanted to go outdoors with Geoff. She imagined riding on back of his bike. She was wearing yellow clothes and her cape flew behind. He was wearing new black leather clothes. And the whole world greeted them

Answer: Danny Casey played for Ireland.

Answer: Jansie had the habit of telling everything to everyone. Sophie did not want such a situation to happen. Therefore Sophie did not want Jansie to know about her story.

Answer: No, Sophie never met Danny Casey. It was all her fantasy.

Answer: During a football match, Sophie saw Danny in person.



Answer: Sophie was an ambitious person. She aspired to come out of her middle class financial conditions. Whereas Jansie appears to have resigned to status quo.

Sophie was a dreamer. She thought that she wanted to own a boutique or become an actress or a fashion designer. She even thought that she could become a manager in the beginning of her career. Jansie was always firmly aligned to reality. She even understood the financial inputs needed to achieve such a dream.

Sophie frequently went into the world of fantasy. She imagined meeting Danny Casey and going outdoors with Geoff. Jansie did not indulge into fantasy. She believed in reality of the situations

These are the differences between thinking of two friends.

Answer: He is a lazy person. In his free time he does not help in family works. Instead, he preferred to watch TV

He had hot temperament. Sophie did not share her secrets with him. Sophie was scared of him.

He is lover of football. He went to watch football with his kids.

He did not appear to have enough money. He asks Sophie to buy a decent house if she runs into enough money.

He believes in enjoying himself. He goes to pub even for smallest of a reason.

He believes in reality of the world. He warns Sophie against dreaming wild stories.

Answer: Geoff listens to her all fantasies and dreams. He does not scold her like her father does. Geoff does not make a fun of Sophie like Derek does.

At the same time Geoff tries to tell her not to believe too much on her fantasies. He reminds her that Casey may have strings of girls.

She liked company of Geoff. Sophie dreams of travelling on his bike wearing nice clothes.

Hence Sophie thinks of Geoff as her friend and guide. She treats him as a trustworthy person, thus shares all his dreams with him. His soft nature gives lot of comfort to her.

Answer: Sophie belongs to a middle class family. They appear to be short of money to fulfill their requirements of daily life.

Sophie needs to start earning after completing her schooling. Her father remarks that if Sophie runs into money she should by a decent house. Derek remarks that ‘money does not grow on trees’. Geoff travels to other end of the city to work as an apprentice mechanic. Her mother is too occupied to do house hold works.

The house is steamy because of stove. Washings are heaped in the living room. Her father travels on bicycle.

These are firm indicators of their socio-economic conditions.



Answer: Sophie wanted to get out her present social and economic conditions. She thinks of owning a boutique, becoming an actress or a fashion designer. In order to earn enough money to open a boutique she dreams of becoming a manager right for the beginning of her career. Her friend Jansie tells her about the reality. She did understand that her dreams could be difficult to realise. Her disappointment with present condition is reflected in her saying that if she ever runs into money she will open a boutique.

She dreams of having met Danny Casey. His brother Geoff does not believe her. He warns her that Danny may have many girlfriends. She continues to have a fantasy that Danny will come to meet her near the canal. When Danny did not come, she was disappointment. But she is not able to leave her fantasy.

So we may conclude that all the fantasies came into her mind and later caused disappointment.

Answer: Mind at the teenage is very sensitive. Teenagers always dream of improving their current situation. It is such a natural phenomenon.

It is said that only those who dream big can grow and achieve. Every achievement needs to be first visualized. Those who do not visulise growth fail to realise their potential.

What separates a dream and its achievement is an obvious question. Those who work towards achieving their dreams always become successful. It is the sustained hard work and dedication or its absence that makes the difference.

A good planning, excellent execution and development of resources is a sure path to success. Lack of planning and inability to garner required resources can kill dreams. Every person dreams but not all are prepared to go through the tough path of success.

Non realization of dreams can sometimes cause depression and frustration among individuals. Hence they should moderate their dreams in proportion to the hard work and planning they are ready to put in.



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