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Read and find out

Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist. His landlord disliked him and he asked Griffin to vacate his house. In his revenge, Griffin burnt the house. And to escape from there he swallowed some rare drugs and became invisible.



Answer: Griffin had burnt the house of his landlord. Now he did not have any place to live. Hence he was wandering in the streets.




Answer: The scientist told her that he had come to Iping to work alone. He did not want to be disturbed and his face was damaged in an accident. Because of these reasons, Mrs. Hall found that the scientist was eccentric.

Answer: There was noise in the study room. The clergyman and his wife went to the study room. They did not find anyone in the room. But the desk of the drawer was open and money kept there had been stolen.

Answer: One day Mr. and Mrs. Hall noticed the room of stranger was open. They went into the room to investigate. Bedclothes were cold. His bandage and cloths were lying around the room. Suddenly Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her ear. The hat dashed at her face. The chair became alive, sprang up in the air and pushed the Hall couple out of the room. The door was shut and locked.

Think about it

Answer: Griffin was not a law abiding citizen. When his landlord asked to vacate the house, he burnt his house. He tried to steal clothes from a shop but was chased out by workers of the shop. Later he entered into another shop. He stole clothes and hit the owner to steal all the money. At Iping he stole money from the house of clergyman. He fought with village constable to escape his arrest.

Thus he was a lawless man.

Answer: Griffin was certainly a brilliant scientist. He had conducted many experiments. He had discovered a formula to make a man invisible. This is a very big discovery. Only a brilliant scientist can make such a remarkable discovery.

But he was not a noble person. He did not use this discovery for the benefit of society.

Talk about it

Answer: No, I would not like to become invisible.

Being invisible is just like going into the world of imagination. One may start dreaming of doing something against the nature and against the set principles of society. Such powers would make me a dictator which is not a good proposition.

Becoming invisible would imbibe many bad habits into me. I may start stealing or indulging in other inhuman activities. Such acts will not be good for the society.

India is a land where teachings of Gita are respected. It says that one must believe in ‘karma’. Therefore anything that has the possibility of taking me away from ‘karma’ is not acceptable to me.

Answer: There are several forces that exist around us. We can feel their presence and impact but we cannot see these. Gravitational force, magnetic force and electromagnetic waves are some of the things we feel but cannot see.

If we are able to see every force it will be too much to handle. The nature has decided what we should be able to see with our naked eyes.

Science has been able to take advantage of its knowledge to use such waves and forces for the development of society. X-rays, MRIs, Brain imaging, Sonography, are the pictures created through use of science. Internet connectivity is another such use of waves to connect people.

I believe it is good that we are not able to see each and very force. It is also good that science is able to use such forces for development and general good of society.

Nothing is required beyond this.

Answer: When light falls on an object it gets reflected by the object. The reflected light reaches our eyes. An image is created on the retina of our eye. Thus we are able to see an object.

If all the light is passed through the object we shall not be able to see it. The same happens with glass. All the light falling on glass passes through the glass, thus we are not able to see it. It becomes a transparent object.

The human body consist of so many complex organs and bones. They are of varying type. They are made of different material. I do not think it would ever be possible to make a human being invisible. As such achieving such a remarkable thing would be against the set principles of society.



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