The Adventures of Toto Explanation, Line by Line, Meaning of Difficult Words, Class 9  CBSE English Chapter 2 NCERT Moments



Author – Ruskin Bond


Word Meaning
Feeding trough Arrangement for putting food to animals
Out of place Inappropriate, Not suitable, Improper

Toto is name of a monkey. Grandfather bought it from a tonga-driver for five rupees. The tonga-driver use dot tie the monkey to its feeding trough. That place appeared improper for a monkey. So grandfather decided to take the monkey to his personal zoo.



Word Meaning
Pretty Beautiful
Sparkle Shine
Mischief Tricks, Pranks
Beneath Below
Pearly Like a pearl
Frightened the life out Frightened a lot

Toto was a beautiful monkey. His eye were bright, shining and full of naughtiness. His eye brows were thick and wide.  His teeth were as white as a pearl. Whenever Toto smiled it teeth were visible. Elderly Anglo-Indian ladies got very much afraid to see its teeth.



Word Meaning
Pickled in the sun Kept in the sun for long time

His hands looked dry. It appeared that his hands had become black because of exposure to sun for a many years.


Word Meaning
Wicked Notorious, Mischievious

But he moved his fingers quickly. These fingers looked capable of doing any mischief. Because of his tail he looked more beautiful. My grandfather believed that tail improves looks of everyone. He used his tail as his thirds hand.



Word Meaning
Scooping up To take or lift quickly
Delicacy Material, Food article

He used his tail to hang from a branch of a tree. He also used its tail to quickly lift any material that was beyond the range of his hand. He used his tail to pick up material if his hands did not reach upto that material.


Word Meaning
Fussed Got angry

Grandmother would always get angry when grandfather brought any bird or animal at home. So he decided that he will not inform grandmother immediately. He will inform her when she is in a good mood.


Word Meaning
Closet An Almira without shutters
Securely Tightly
Fasten To tie

Grandfather and I put him in a closet of my bedroom. We tied him tightly with a peg that was driven into the wall. We thought he will not be able to free himself.


Word Meaning
Release To make free, To untie
Ornamental Decorative

After some hours we both came into the bedroom. We wanted to untie Toto for some time. We noticed that decorative paper pasted on the wall had been removed. This paper was personally selected by grandfather. Now we could see brick and plaster of the wall.


Word Meaning
Wrenched Twisted
Shreds Small pieces

The peg in the wall had been twisted and removed from the wall. My school blazer was hanging on that peg. Not it had turned into small pieces. I was worried what Grandmother would say. But my Grandfather was not worried. He was happy with the work done by Toto.


My Grandfather said that the monkey was clever. If we had a bit later, he would have tied all the pieces of blazer to make a rope. With help of rope he would have climbed down from the window


Word Meaning
Transferred Shifted
Sociably In friendly manner
Tame Timid, Coward

We did not tell anybody about Toto. He was shifted from my room to a big cage in the area of servant quarters. Many other animals – a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a coward squirrel and my pet goat – lived there. The all lived in a friendly manner.


Word Meaning
Companion Colleague, Person living or working together

But the monkey did not permit any other animal to sleep during the night. My Grandfather was to do the Dehradun next day to collect his pension. He decided to take the monkey with him.


Word Meaning
Accompany To be together
Trip Journey
Provided Made
Straw Hay, Grass
Abode Home

Unluckily, I could not go with my Grandfather on that journey. He narrated about the journey after his return. A kit-bag made out of black canvas was prepared for Toto. Some grass was spread on it. This was the new home of Toto.


After closing, the bag did not have any scope for Toto to come out of it. Toto could not stretch his hands through the opening of the bag. The canvas was made of strong material. He could not cut it through his teeth.


Whenever Toto tried to come out of the bag, the bad either rolled on the floor or it sometimes jumped in the air. Many people in the crowd were attracted towards this scene on Dehra Dun railway station. They were anxious to know what was happening.


Word Meaning
Turnstile Automatic gate
Poked his head out Took out his head
Grin Smile

Upto Saharanpur, Toto remained in the bag. At the automatic gate of this station my Grandfather was showing ticket to the ticket collector. Toto took his face out of the bag and gave a broad smile to the ticket collector.


Word Meaning
Taken aback Surprised
Annoyance Anger

The helpless man was surprised. He had a presence of mind though he was a bit angry also. He told that my Grandfather was carrying a dog with him. So my Grandfather need to pay for the journey of the dog also.


Word Meaning
In vain Unsuccessfully
Quadruped An animal having four feet
Classified Identified, categorised

Unsuccessfully father tried to take out Toto from the bad. He was unsuccessful in roving that monkey and dogs are different animals. Monkeys are not even a four footed animal. Ticket-collector was firm to call Toto a dog. My Grandfather had to pay three rupees as fare for Toto.


Word Meaning
Get one’s own back To take revenge

My grandfather wanted to take a revenge from ticket collector. He took out our pet tortoise from his pocket. He showed it to ticket collector. He asked ticket collector what fare should be paid for the tortoise. Because ticket collector was charging fair for all animals.


Word Meaning
Closely Carefully
Prodded Pushed
Forefinger Index finger, Finger nearest to thumb
Triumphant Victorious

The ticket collector carefully looked at it. He pushed it with his first finger. He happily looked at my Grandfather. He was having a feeling of victory. He told my Grandfather that since it was not a dog, fare will not be charged.


Word Meaning
Stable Place where animals are tied

My grandmother finally agreed to allow Toto to remain in the house. To make him comfortable, Toto was placed in the stable. In the same stable our donkey Nana had been placed. On the first night, my Grandfather went to the stable to confirm that Toto was comfortable.


Word Meaning
Apparent Clear, Evident
Halter Rope around the neck of animal to pull it

Grandfather was surprised to notice that Nana was trying to keep her head away from the stack of hay. She was pulling his halter to the maximum.


Word Meaning
Haunches Buttocks

My grandfather gave a slap on the buttocks of Nana. She gave a jerk and pulled back. Toto was also got dragged with her. Actually Toto was holding long ears of Nana with his sharp teeth. Toto and Nana never became friends.


Word Meaning
Treat Party, Event that causes happiness

During winter season my grandmother gave hot water to Toto in a large container. It was for his bath. Toto used to be happy to receive hat water.


Word Meaning
Cunningly Cleverly
Gradually Slowly

He would cleverly check temperature of water with his hand. Then he would slowly put one foot into water then the other. He had seen me doing it. He copied my style. He would sit in water till water came upto his neck. 


When he became comfortable, he would take soap in his feet or hands. He would rub the soap all over his body.


When water became cold, he would come out of it. He would quickly run to the fire burning in the kitchen. He would sit there to dry himself.


Word Meaning
Go on Continue

If anyone laughed at him while he was taking bath, he used feel insulted. So he would not take bath. Once while taking bath Toto nearly boiled himself alive. 


A large pot was on the stove in the kitchen. It had water in it for making tea and bathing. That day Toto could not think of doing any work. So he removed the lid of the utensil.


He noticed that water was adequately warm for taking bath. So he sat in that utensil. His body was immersed in water and his head was out of the water. He felt good till water started boiling.


Word Meaning
Hop up Jump up, Stand up quickly
Hop down Jump down, Sit down quickly
Hauled Pulled

Toto got up in the utensil. His body was out of water. So he started feeling cold. He sat down in water to get warmth. He did this many times. Then Grandmother arrived in the kitchen. She pulled out Toto out of the utensil. Toto was half boiled till that time.


Word Meaning
Especially Specially, Specifically
Mischief Prank

Brain of Toto was full of mischief and pranks. He was able to think of new tricks. He used to tear things into pieces. Whenever  my aunt came near him, he used to try to catch her dress. He wanted to make a hole in her dress.


Word Meaning
Stuffing himself with rice Eating rice greedily

One day a large plate full of rice was lying on the dining table. When we came ot dining hall, we found that Toto was greedily eating rice.


Word Meaning
Screaming Shouted

My grandmother shouted at Toto. He threw a plate at her. My aunt tried to move forward. Toto threw water on her face.  When my Grandfather arrived, Toto picked up the plate of pullao and went out through a window.


We saw that he was sitting on a jackfruit tree. The plate was still in his hand. Throughout the afternoon he sat on the tree. He was slowly eating from the plate. He was determined to eat every grain of rice.


Word Meaning
To spite To tease
Chatter Voice of monkey, Shouted
Delight Happiness

In order to tease my Grandmother, he threw the plate from the tree to the ground. He shouted with happiness to observe that the plate had broken into hundreds of pieces.


We certainly could not keep an animal like Toto as a pet for long time. My Grandfather also understood it. 


Word Meaning
Well-to-do Rich
Afford Tolerate to loss

We were not rich people. We could not tolerate loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wall papers. So Grandfather found the tongs-driver. Grandfather sold Toto back to him for three rupees.



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