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Answer: Mrs. Loisel was a pretty and young lady. She was born in a middle class family. She did not have much savings with her. Her apartment was poor and its furniture was old. She did not have jewelry and nice clothes.

She thought that she deserved all the delicacies and comforts of the world. She wanted to be rich and famous.

She was unhappy because the reality and her expectations from life were far apart.



Answer: Her husband is a clerk in Board of Education. He is a simple person and satisfied with his life. He does not believe in showing off. He believed in spending less. He used to regularly save a little to follow his hobby of hunting. He is a caring husband. He buys a dress for his wife, guides her to borrow jewelry. He supports her even when the necklace is lost




Answer: Mrs Loisel bought a nice dress for the party. She is now worried that she does not have a jewelry to wear in the party. She thought that she would look shabby without jewelry.

Answer: Mrs. Loisel went to her friend Mrs. Forestier and requested her to lend a jewelry. Mrs. Forestier readily agreed and loaned her a jewel of her own choice.

Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Loisel tried to find the necklace. She looked at all the folds of the dress. Mr. Loisel went to search along the track of the street they had walked. He went to police station and office of the cab to inform them. He gave an advertisement in newspaper with a promise of reward. Then Matilda wrote a letter to her friend saying that the clasp of the necklace was broken. They would get it repaired and return the necklace. Finally they had to buy a new necklace to return.




Answer: Loisel had eighteen thousand francs which his father had given. He borrowed the remaining amount at very high interest from wherever he could. Then they bought a new diamond necklace for thirty six thousand francs and returned to Mrs. Forestier.

Think about it

Answer: Loisels had lost the necklace and it could not be found anywhere. So they decided to buy a new one and return to Mrs. Forestier. Cost of new diamond necklace was very high. They had to borrow huge amount at high interest.

In order to earn some more money, her husband started doing extra work. He used to arrange books at a shop. He used to also copy pages at five sous per page.

To reduce their expenditure they shifted to an attic. They removed maid. Matilda started doing all the odious works of kitchen and house. She would herself buy all supplies for the house after lot of bargaining.

To repay the loan, they had to change their life style. It was all because of the lost necklace.

Answer: Matilda was not happy with her lifestyle. She belonged to a middle class family. But she thought she deserved all the delicacies and comforts of life. She believed in showing off more than they actually had. This was the cause of her ruin.

She could have avoided all the troubles by accepting reality of her life and presenting herself what she actually was. She could have tried to do some respectable work to earn some more money for the family. This could have helped her in realizing her dreams to some extent.

Answer: If Matilda had accepted the fact of losing the necklace to her friend, then Mrs. Forestier would have asked her to pay the cost of necklace. Certainly there could have been some words of insults thrown at her about being careless.

In the end, Matilda would have paid about five hundred francs. Or she would have bought another set of false diamond necklace for replacement. They would not have borrowed the huge amount. They would have maintained the same life style.

Answer: If I were caught in a similar situation, I would have gone to my friend and accepted the loss of necklace. I would have preferred to face consequences of anger of my friend rather that speaking a lie. Being truthful is the best way of leading a satisfied life.

Talk about it

Answer: French is the language of characters of this story. There are several clues available in the story to conclude this.

  1. The invitation card has French words in the salutation
  2. Salutations throughout the story are in French language
  3. Matilda expresses likely cost of dress in francs – currency of France. All money is referred in francs and sous throughout the story.
  4. The carriage is said to be as found in Paris

Answer: Honesty means being always truthful. It also means that we keep our promises to ourselves and to others. Being punctual is also a type honesty.

An honest person is trustworthy. He is respected in the society. An honest person has strong moral character. He has good behaviour, maintains discipline and punctuality.

Honesty brings transparency in relationship and gives happiness in the long run. Honesty gives us courage to do right things even in difficult times. Some people often try to use lies to avoid a difficult situation or to obtain materialistic advantage but in end they suffer a lot.

Honesty is a quality we must adopt in our life to stay in right direction even in challenging situations.

Thus honesty is the best policy.

Answer: Contentment is a key factor for a happy life. If we are happy with what we have, we would have an optimistic approach towards life. We will have less worries.

We should understand that one cannot buy happiness and distinguish between needs and wants. If we get what we wanted then we want more and more. It is a vicious circle of dissatisfied life.

It is therefore necessary to resist the desire to amass material things. We should not get affected by what people around us or by those we see on TV possess. A controlled life style helps in this aspect.

Financial strain can affect everything in our life including relationship and personal well-being. Falling into a debt trap means a long term sacrifice. Contended people would save to achieve their family goals.

Hence one must remain contended with what life gives us. This is a path for happiness and peace.



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