English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 10 The Book That Saved the Earth Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. What could Iota not figure out?

Answer: Iota could not figure out that it was a book.

2. Where was Iota.

Answer: He was in the library at the Centerville Public Library

3.  Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘strange’?

Answer: Peculiar

4. Who is the third member of their crew?

Answer: Captain Omega



1. With whom is Think-Tank talking?

Answer: Think-Tank is talking with his apprentice Noodle.

2. What was the data?

Answer: Noodle informed that Earthlings did not eat these items. They had used it as a means of communication.

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘unimportant’?

Answer: Trifling

4. Which member of the crew had eaten book?

Answer: Sergeant Oop




1. What was the name of book?

Answer: Mother Goose

2.  How many crew members had read rhymes? Write their names.

Answer: Two members had read the book. Iota and Oops

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘attack’?

Answer: Invasion

4. In which city of Mars a model library was established?

Answer: Marsopolis

1. Who is the speaker of above extract? To whom is he speaking?

Answer: Think-Tank is the speaker. He is speaking to Oop.

2. What is antonym of ‘domesticated animals’?

Answer: Wild animals

3. Which animal is misinterpreted as having space techniques?

Answer: Cow

4. On what basis the above interpretation was made?

Answer: It was made on the basis of a nursery rhyme ‘The Cat and the Fiddle’.




1. Where is Omega standing?

Answer: He is standing in a library on Earth

2.  Who corrected Think-Tank about his perception of refreshment stand?

Answer: Noodle

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘certainly’?

Answer: Undoubtedly

4. What is the guess of Oop about the place where crew is standing?

Answer: Oop thinks that it is Haberdashery

1. Why Omega says ‘Oh,no,no’?

Answer: Think-Tank had ordered Omega to eat the book and Omega did not want to eat. So she says these words.

2. Did Iota eat the book?

Answer: No

3. Rank of Iota is Lieutenant. What is the rank of Omega?

Answer: Captain

4. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘request’?

Answer: Order



Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: Think told his crew members that these were sandwiches which is a staple food of Earthlings. There are two slices of bread and between them is some sort of filling. Then he ordered Captain Omega to eat it.

Answer: The space crew was not able to read books. They could observe some squiggles and dots. Think-Tank believed that some codes are written in the book. In order to increase intelligence of crew, he ordered them to take vitamin tablets.




Answer: Oop read the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty to Think-Tank and showed the picture. The picture resembles Think-Tank. He misinterprets words ‘had a great fall’ as the plan to capture Mars station and himself. He decided to cancel the attack on Earth. He was so afraid that he evacuated Mars and went to a far off planet.

Answer: Think-Tank wanted to capture earth and include in his rule. He had sent the probe to Earth to get more information before invading.




Answer: Think-Tank understood that Earthlings are very advanced. They have taught musical culture to their domesticated animals. Their dogs have sense of humour. They may launch interplanetary attack with millions of cow.

Answer: Noodle informed Think Tank that Earthling use these things as a communication device. Noodle further informs that they do not listen to it but they open it and watch it.




Answer: Think-Tank understood that Earthlings have discovered to combine agriculture and mining. They can grow crops of rare metals such as silver and of cockle shells. They can also grow high explosives.

Answer: After Noodle had replaced Think-Tank, Earth and Mars became friends. Earthlings taught Martian the difference between sandwich and a book. They also taught Martians to read and established a model library in Marsopolis.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: People of mars regarded Think-Tanks as the most powerful and clever person. Nobody questioned his orders.

He forced people to respect him. He had asked Noodle to pronounce complete salutation once again. He had smacked the mirror for being late in giving replies.

Think-Tank could not identify library. He called books as sandwich and asked his people to eat these. Noodle gave more information about books. Think-Tank acted as if he had thought over once again. Noodle had suggested that the crew should take vitamin tablets. But Thin-Tank ordered as if it was his own thought. So we can say that he always wanted to behave as the most intelligent person.

He knew nothing about nursery rhymes. But still he misinterpreted these. He ordered evacuation of Mars just for the sake of himself.

We can thus conclude that Think- Tank was arrogant, egoistic and self-anointed person.

Answer: Earth and Mars had different culture. Mars had a culture of a one person as the supreme. While it appears that such practice did not exist at earth.

While Earthlings were used to books and literature., the Martian did not know anything about books. There was no library at Mars where people could widen their awareness. They depended on wisdom of one person. Information was also centered at one place only. This resulted in a big confusion and Think-Tank evacuated Mars.

Differences in culture are bound to exist in our society. Routines and practices prevailing could be different. This creates confusion and sometimes a conflict may result.

However the need to co-exist is very important. We need to acknowledge routines of other society and explain our belief systems. This creates mutual respect and understanding.

If basic of culture and belief system is clearly understood and there is respect for each other, conflicts can be avoided.

Answer: None of us can know everything. Nor is it possible to know everything about even one particular aspect. Therefore we must seek clarification for whatever is not known.

Behaving as if we know everything, is the beginning of downfall. This leads us to making guesses or misinterpretation. In such situation our decision could go wrong. We become a laughing stock and do harm our own colleagues, family  and society.

Think-Tank is one such individual. He declared library as restaurant stand and book as sandwich. He changes his declarations to the extent Noodle suggests. It is a great embarrassment for everybody.

He does not know English language. He is unaware about poetry which is different from prose. He misinterprets every rhyme. He declares that Earthlings would capture Mars. So he runs away with every citizen of Mars.

Thus making conclusion without properly understanding the details can lead to wrong decision.



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