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Answer: Jo is daughter of Jack and Clare. She is about four and half years old. Jack tells her bed time stories.

She wants the theme of the story to be the same yet have something new in every story. She participates in the story. She gives her response to every situation of the story. If she does not agree with certain part of the story, she objects. She could become stubborn to assert her point of view.

She listens to stories carefully. She corrects her father whenever he makes a mistake. She even advises him to build a story. She is very inquisitive. She asks lot of questions during storytelling.

Thus she  completely involves herself in the story.



Answer: Jo wanted the story to end with Roger Skunk always smelling like roses. But the story ended differently.

Jo thought the mommy was stupid and wizard should hit mommy. She had told her father to build story in this manner. Jack may accept her wish and continue the story next day as outlined in next para.

Wizard is annoyed with mommy. Next day he travels to house of Roger. He wants to scold mommy and hit her on the head. But Roger requests wizard to not to do so. Because he loves his mom most. The wizard accepts request of Roger and forgives mommy. Now mommy is so pleased with her son and gives him lot of hugs.

Answer: Jo was probably accustomed to stories that will make her happy. She always wanted a child to accomplish her wishes. Hence it was difficult for her to understand why a mommy will change such a good smell of her baby.

After change to smell of roses, other kids had started playing with Roger. Company of kids is very important for her.

She could not accept that a mother would not like her kid to smell so nice like a rose. She could not really understand that a mother likes her kids to be similar to their family. This was a far more mature thought for her to understand at the tender age.


Answer: Jack had expressed that parents want their children to look similar to their other family members. Jack implied that parents know what is best for their children. Hence mother forced the wizard to restore original smell to her son. She did not consider wish of her son. At the bedtime, she hugged Roger. She told him that now he smelt like her little skunk and she loved him.

In case of Jo, it was very important to have friends. She thinks that playing with kids of similar age is very important. She was curious about behaviour of other kids to Roger after the smell was restored. It was difficult for her to understand why parents should not like such a good smell of roses.

Thus the story raises the moral point whether parents should impose their wishes on children. Or the children should have some freedom to choose what they like.

Answer: It was very difficult for Jo to accept that a mother would not like her kid to smell like roses. Moreover, other kids had started playing with Roger after he started smelling like roses. Therefore she did not like mother skunk hitting the wizard. She thought that playing with kids of similar age was very important.

She wanted that wizard should hit mommy and refuse to restore the smell of skunk. So that Roger would continue to have good company of his friends.

Answer: Jack represents those parents who believe that parents know what is best for their child. Mother skunk had decided that it was important for Roger to smell similar to their family members. Jo expresses a different opinion about the incident. However, Jack uses his authority to neglect her objections.

Jack also wanted to convey that Roger Skunk loved her mother more than anybody else. Therefore he obediently followed the decision of his mother. Jack wanted to convey his daughter that she should love her parents and obey them.

Owing to above two reasons, Jack insisted on his narration of story.

Answer: When Jack came downstairs he found himself between woodworks and moldings. Half of these were in dark tan colour and others in white ivory. Two contrasting colours.

Jack had narrated story through his own perspective. But Jo wanted the story to end on a different note. A contrast of perspectives.

Jack was making an attempt so that Jo could fall asleep but Jo was wide awake. Yet another contrast.

Jack did not want his wife to work a lot during her pregnancy time. But she was working. Clare had expected him to come soon to help her. But the story took a long time. He was tired. He did not feel like helping his wife. But his wife needed help.  yet another set of contrasts.

These situation indicate that Jack was caught in an ugly middle position on several fronts.

Answer: The end of the story narrated by Jack and expected by Jo are both not good.

Jack wants to convey the message that elders are always right. They know what is best for their kids. And kids are expected to obey their parents. Mother hitting the wizard teaches that it is correct to resort to violence. This is a very bad learning.

The end expected by Jo coveys the message that kids need not consider opinion of their parents. They have a natural right to conduct themselves as per their own wishes. Kids at the tender age may not be able to comprehend everything.

A balanced opinion should have been taken. The mother skunk should have convinced the requirement to her son Roger. Then they should have gone and requested wizard. Such a situation would have ingrained family values and importance of communication among kids.

Answer: Perspective of anybody is built upon one’s experience and the readings one has done.

Experience of kids is limited owing to their tender age. Their world is limited to play, their friends and food. Anything that would help them in these aspects is considered good. Hence their conduct and thoughts are guided by the influence of outside world. Their emotions are of their own making and thoughts are so innocent.

While adults have undergone several ups and downs of life. They have interacted with lot many people and circumstances. In their subconscious mind all these are gradually built up to make an opinion about the world, the people and themselves.

Thus the perspective of an adult is different from that of a child.


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