Iswaran the Storyteller Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 3 NCERT Moments


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Think about it

Answer: Iswarn went with Mahendra wherever he was posted. Iswaran cooked food, washed clothes, tidied up the house and chatted with his master. He could find good vegetable and food ingredients wherever Mahendra was posted. He could narrate many stories on several topics.

Thus Iswaran was an asset to Mahendra.



Answer: Iswarn describes the uprooted tree in his own unique style.  He say that once I was walking alone on a deserted road. I spotted an enormous bushy animal sprawling on the road. I wanted to go back but decided to look at it. I went closer and found that it was fallen tree with its branched spread out.

This style created suspense in the mind of listener and thus had a dramatic effect.


Answer: Initially he builds up an introduction by narrating general behaviour of elephants. Then he narrates the destruction caused by a tusker that had gone wild. He tries to imitate the stamping style of tusker. He further builds excitement by narrating how teachers, students and other people tried to save themselves. Finally he elaborates his brave actions that caused the elephant to become unconscious.  He also boasts about his knowledge of Japanese martial art.

The narration does not appear to be an acceptable story particularly how Iswaran controlled the tusker.


Answer: Everyday Iswaran would narrate a story. Each story was full of adventure, suspense or horror. Though it was difficult to believe those stories, Mahendra enjoyed listening to these. After all Iswaran had a unique style of narration.

Thus iswaran more than made up absence of TV in Mahendra’s living quarter.


Answer: One full moon night Mahendra woke up from his sleep because of some moaning sound coming from outside his bedroom. Initially he thought it could be sound of a cat trying to hunt mice. Soon he realised that the sound was too harsh to be sound of a cat. He looked outside through his window. He could see a dark cloudy form clutching a bundle. He started sweating.

He quickly retreated to his bed. He was breathing heavily. He was now afraid.


Answer: The story should have definitely ended on a different note.

After seeing a cloudy form, Mahendra wakes up Iswaran. He asks Iswaran to accompany him to find out who is roaming outside. After some hesitation Iswaran agrees to come with Mahendra. They took a torch with them. They found that the cloudy form was a security officer going to the factory for night duty.

This way Iswaran also got convinced that there was no such thing like a ghost or spirits.




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