English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Chapter 8 Going Places Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

EB 1. “Well I’ll be a manager then — yes, of course — to begin with. Till I’ve got enough. But anyway, I know just how it’s all going to look.”

1. Who is referred as ‘I’ in above extract?

Answer: Sophie

2. Who is listener of the above extract?

Answer: Jansie

3. Where was ‘I’ going?

Answer: She was going to her home.

4. Which word in extract is synonym of ‘sufficient’?

Answer: Enough



EB 2. “Huh – if you ever come into money… if you ever come into money you’ll buy us a blessed decent house to live in, thank you very much.”

1. Who is the speaker of above extract?

Answer: Sophie’s father

2. Who is referred as ‘you’ in above extract?

Answer: Sophie

3. How many brothers Sophie has. Write name of the younger?

Answer: Two. Derek

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘purchase’?

Answer: Buy

EB 3. The evening had already blacked in the windows and the small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with the heavy-breathing man in his vest at the table and the dirty washing piled up in the corner.

1. Who is referred as ‘heavy-breathing man’?

Answer: Sophie’s father

2. According to extract, what was the man wearing?

Answer: Vest

3. Why it was blacked in the windows?

Answer: Because it was late in the evening. The sun had already set.

4. What was piled up in the corner of the room?

Answer: Dirty washings



EB 4. He wore new, shining black leathers and she a yellow dress with a kind of cape that flew out behind. There was the sound of applause as the world rose to greet them.

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: Geoff

2. Who is referred as ‘she’ in above extract?

Answer: Sophie

3. How is ‘he’ and ‘she’ related to each other?

Answer: They are siblings. (They are brother and sister.)

4. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘dull’?

Answer: Shining

EB 5. Sophie glowed with pride. Afterwards Geoff was ecstatic. “I wish he was an Englishman,” someone said on the bus.

1. Why was Sophie glowing with pride?

Answer: Because Danny Casey had scored a goal.

2. Why was Geoff ecstatic?

Answer: Because team United had won the match.

3. From which country was ‘he’?

Answer: He was from Ireland.

4. Where were Sophie and Geoff going?

Answer: They were going to their home.



EB 6. “It was just a little thing really. I asked him for an autograph, but we hadn’t any paper or a pen so it was no good.”

1. Who is speaker of the above extract?

Answer: Sophie

2. Who is listener of above extract?

Answer: Jansie

3. Who was requested to give an autograph?

Answer: Danny Casey

4. For whom did she want an autograph?

Answer: Sophie wanted autograph for her little brother Derek.

EB 7. For some while, waiting, she imagined his coming. She watched along the canal, seeing him come out of the shadows, imagining her own consequent excitement.

1. Who is referred as ‘she’ in above extract?

Answer: Sophie

2. Who is referred as ‘him’ in above extract?

Answer: Danny Casey

3. Where was she waiting?

Answer: She was waiting in the sheltered path along the canal.

4. Did the person eventually come there?

Answer: No


Short Answer Questions – 30 to 40 words

SA 1. What does Sophie dream of doing after passing out from school? Why do you call it a dream not a plan?

Answer: Sophie wants to own a boutique. Then she dreams of being an actor or a fashion designer. She also dreams of being a manager right after passing out from her school.

She is aware that she does not have money to open a boutique. She has so many dreams but does not know how she will achieve any of her dreams.

Hence these are her dreams not a plan.

SA 2. Why does Jansie say “Soaf, you should be sensible”?

Answer: Sophie wanted to work in a shop as a manger to save money to open a boutique. Jansie reminds her that nobody becomes manager immediately after schooling. Salary at the shop is low and her father will not allow to work at a shop. Her dreams are not based on reality.

Hence Jansie tells Sophie to be sensible.



SA 3. How is Geoff different from her sister Sophie?

Answer: Geoff passed out three years ago while Sophie is studying. Goef works as an apprentice mechanic.

He is not a day dreamer. Sophie is a day dreamer.

He talks less. Most of the time he is occupied in his own work. While Sophie needs to talk a lot.

SA 4. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff?

Answer: Sophie suspected that Geoff was travelling to many places and he was not telling her about it.

Sophie did not have such opportunities. She also wanted to go with Geoff to those places.

Hence she was jealous of Geoff.



SA 5. How does Sophie’s father react when Geoff tells him that Sophie had met Danny Casey?

Answer: Father turns his head towards Sophie. He looks at her with disdain. He starts talking about Tom Finney.

He did not believe it. He appears to have ignored the news and changed the topic.

SA 6. Who was Danny Casey? How did members of Sophie’s family regard him?

Answer: Danny Casey was a football player from Ireland. He used to play for an English club United.

Family of Sophie were fan of football. They all regarded Danny Casey as an excellent player.



SA 7. Why the visit of Sophie and her family to watch United is called “their weekly pilgrimage”?

Answer: Sophie’s father was a great follower of football. Geoff too was a fan of the team United. Danny Casey, who used to play for United, was a personal hero of Sophie. The family used to regularly go to the stadium to watch football.

Hence it has been termed as “their weekly pilgrimage”.

SA 8. Did Geoff keep his promise? Please explain the reason of your answer.

Answer: No, Geoff did not keep his promise.

Sophie had told Geoff about his meeting with Danny Casey. She had asked him to keep it to himself. But Geoff shared it with Frank. And Frank shared it with her sister Jansie. Through Jansie Sophie came to know about it.

SA 9. How did Jansie react after knowing about the meeting of Sophie and Danny Casey?

Answer: Jansie was aware that Sophie dreams a lot. Initially she did not believe that Sophie had met Danny. But when Sophie narrated the discussion about autograph, she became jealous. She said “wish I would have been there”.

SA 10. Who was Danny Casey? Why was he so popular?

Answer: Danny Casey was a football player from Ireland. He used to play for an English club United.

He was very talented player. He had scored several goals for his club. Additionally he was very handsome and charming.

Thus he was very popular.

SA 11. What was Sophie’s ambition in life? How did she hope to achieve that?

Answer: Sophie wanted to own the most amazing boutique in the city. She had thought of working at shop as a manger and save enough money to own a boutique.

Her other dreams were of becoming an actress or a fashion designer.

She does not have any action plan to achieve her dreams.

SA 12. What were Sophie’s views about the vast world around?

Answer: She was confident that she would be able deal with the world on her own. She thought that the whole world was waiting for her. She imagined her riding on back of bike with Geoff and the whole world applauding her.

Long Answer Questions – 120-150 words

LA 1. In one’s approach to life one needs to be practical. Daydreaming is not a good sign. How is Jansie different from Sophie? Please explain quoting instances from the text.

Answer: Sophie wants to improve her economic condition. She wants to own a boutique – the most amazing shop of the city. She dreams of being an actor or a fashion designer. She believes that she would get a job as a manger in a shop and save enough money from this job to own a boutique.

Sophie dreams of having met Danny Casey. Nobody, not even his brother believes it. She still continues with her fantasy. She even waits for Danny at the canal.

Jansie is reconciled to reality of the world. She knows that their destiny is to work in biscuit factory. She reminds Sophie that it requires lot of money to own a boutique. Jansie is aware that salary at the shop is low.

Jansie does not believe that Sophie had met Danny. She advises Sophie to come out of her fantasy.

We can thus conclude that while Sophie is a day dreamer, Jansie is rooted to the reality of world.

Sophie could never meet Danny. It is likely that her other dreams may also not get fulfilled because of lack of action plan. Thus daydreaming is not a good attribute.

LA 2. Every teenager has a hero/heroine to admire. Therefore many times they become role model for them. What is wrong if Sophie fantasises about Danny Casey and is ambitious in life?

Answer: During teenage kids identify a person whom they would like to follow and thus select a role model. They dream of leading a life full of pleasure. Such thoughts come so naturally to them.

There is nothing wrong in Sophie to dream about a better economic condition and having Danny Casey as her hero.

However it needs to be understood that every dream needs to be followed by a plan of actions. The requirements to achieve dreams needs to be built on reality of the world. Sophie dreams of owning a boutique. She does not know quantum of money required. She is not aware that job of a manger would not give her enough savings. She has no action plan to become an actress or a fashion designer.

Sophie had never met Danny Casey but she tells everybody otherwise. She even waits for him near the canal. This finally leads to disappointment.

Thus Sophie having ambitions in her life is OK but absence of an action plan to achieve her dreams is not correct.

LA 3. Given the socio-economic conditions in which Sophie lived should she have big dreams? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Those who dream can only become successful in life. The world is full of examples of success of those who had big dreams. Bill Gates and Michael Jorddan both were from very humble background. They had big dreams. They realized their dreams to achieve success.

In the context of India, Dhirubhai Ambani was from a very poor family. He was working as an attendant at a fuel station. Today the business built by him is one of  the richest in Asia.

Rajnikant was a bus conductor. Early life of Milkha Singh was full of agony. MS Dhoni was from a modest family. Each of them realized their dreams and achieved glory.

We are also aware that many poor students become engineer, doctor, lawyer, CA or start their own venture. They dream of it before achieving success.

Socio-economic condition is not a barrier to dream and achieve big. Sophie is correct in having a dream of improvising her economic conditions.

However lack of action plan is a big concern for her. Evry dream must be accompanied by an action plan.

LA 4. Sophie like many children of today, aspires for things beyond her means and is always looking for material comforts. What value needs to be instilled in children so that they learn to be better beings and not purely materialistic?

Answer: During teenage kids start thinking of becoming somebody in life. They dream of leading a life full of pleasure and comfort. Such thoughts come so naturally to them. Hence there is nothing wrong in Sophie to dream about a better economic condition.

However absence of an action plan may result into non-realisation of dream. We need to teach kids the requirement of having an action plan and its implementation. This comes through hard work. There is no substitute for sustained hard work. This is the first virtue we need to teach.

We need to teach them the virtue of honesty and integrity. They must employ fair means to achieve success. They must become law abiding citizens of country.

We should instill the evergreen desire of helping others. We should teach them the value of family. They must respect elders and be affectionate to younger ones.

Having supreme moral values in their daily conduct will make them better human beings.



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