A House is Not a Home Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 8 NCERT Moments


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Think about it

Answer: The author smelled something strange and noticed some smoke coming out of the seam of ceiling. They all came out of their house. By that time the fire had engulfed the whole roof.  

Soon after, his mother ran into the house to rescue some important documents. She once again went into the house to get photos and letters of her husband.



Answer: His house was completely destroyed by fire. Most of their belongings were burnt. His cat was not seen anywhere.

He started thinking about his new school, the fire and the cat. He was depressed about the loss. His future had become uncertain.  Thus he started crying.



Answer: He was not wearing the school uniform.  He did not have his bag, books or notebooks. So everything looked strange to him and he was embarrassed.

He said to himself, “Was I destined to be an outcast and a geek all my life? I didn’t want to grow up, change or have to handle life if it was going to be this way. I just wanted to curl up and die.”

Above explains his fear and insecurity.



Answer: The cat was never far from author. Every morning the author used to disturb the cat from her sleep. The cat would tag along the author, climb his robe. It used to crawl in his pocket and sleep there. Thus they liked each other.

The cat got totally afraid and confused after the fire. It ran a long distance away from the house. A woman took in the cat. She had given a telephone call to author but it was not answered. She worked hard to find owner of the cat and brought it back to the author.



Answer: The schoolmates presented the author with all that was needed in the school and much beyond that. The gift included schoolbag, books, notebooks and all kinds of clothes like jeans, shirts and tracksuit. Everybody introduced themselves to the author. He was invited to their house. He made many friends that day.

The author was touched by the act and expressed his gratitude. He started believing that life would not be very difficult. He was now not alone. He had many friends in the school who gave him company. Thus his loneliness vanished.



Answer: When the house was on fire the cat had run away. After many weeks, a woman returned the cat to the author. He was so happy to get his cat back.

After the fire in his house, the author had developed a negative attitude towards life. He felt very strange after the loss of his house and his belongings. He thought he could remain an outcast and a geek throughout his life.  However the help extended to him by his schoolmates altered his thoughts. He now had company and started believing that life would be better. This change in the thoughts is symbolized by expressing that the author was also back. The author had not gone anywhere. Only his thoughts had changed to worse.



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