English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 5 A Roadside Stand Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Q 1. The city folk who drove through the countryside hardly paid any heed to the roadside stand or to the people who ran it. If at all they did, it was to complain. Which lines bring this out? What was their complaint about?

Answer: The polished traffic passed with a mind ahead,

Or if ever aside a moment, then out of sorts

At having the landscape marred with the artless paint

Of signs that with N turned wrong and S turned wrong

Their complaint was about loss of good landscape because of these sheds and wrongly written signboards.



Q 2. What was the plea of the folk who had put up the roadside stand?

Answer: The villagers had put up roadside stands to earn some money. They thought that people residing in city had enough cash with them to buy things. They felt that they were asking money for selling good product at reasonable price.

Q 3. The government and other social service agencies appear to help the poor rural people, but actually do them no good. Pick out the words and phrases that the poet uses to show their double standards.

Answer: Many businessmen and political leaders have promised several things to villagers. Both have exploited villagers for their own benefit.The poets has used following words and phrases to indicate double standrads –

And give us the life of the moving-pictures’ promise

That the party in power is said to be keeping from us.

Where they won’t have to think for themselves anymore,

While greedy good-doers, beneficent beasts of prey,

Swarm over their lives enforcing benefits

That are calculated to soothe them out of their wits,



Q 4. What is the ‘childish longing’ that the poet refers to? Why is it ‘vain’?

Answer: His childish longing is to remove all misery of villagers in one go.

Misery of villagers can be removed in one go if all the people of city start buying everything from villages. But this is not possible. Hence his wish goes in vain.

Q 5. Which lines tell us about the insufferable pain that the poet feels at the thought of the plight of the rural poor?

Answer: Sometimes I feel myself I can hardly bear

The thought of so much childish longing in vain,

The sadness that lurks near the open window there


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