English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 4 A thing of Beauty Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Text Book Questions)

Answer: Things of beauty mentioned in the poem are – the Sun, the Moon, young and old trees, daffodils, clear rills, mid forest brakes and stories of brave soldiers.



Answer: Things that cause suffering are – spite, despondency, gloomy days. Our unhealthy ways and other darkened ways are also source of suffering and pain. Absence of noble people and nobler ways dampens our spirits and cause sadness.



Answer: Here earth represents nature. Every day we remain connected to nature. Our attachment with nature is eternal. Nature is a thing of beauty, it removes sadness from our heart.

Answer: There is sadness and troubles in our life. These cause gloomy days. But a thing of beauty removes all the pall. These serve as an endless fountain of immortal drink right from the heaven.



Answer: ‘Mighty dead’ refers to soldiers who had died for their country. It also refers to those people who had done good work for society.

Sacrifice of soldiers and works of noble people is of very high order and inspires us. Hence it is called ‘grandeur’.

Answer: Things of beauty is a joy forever. It becomes better with passage of time. It never passes into nothingness. Its lovingness goes on increasing.

So a thing of beauty makes a lasting impression on us.

Answer: Poet has used the image of ‘an endless fountain of immortal drink’ to describe the bounty of earth. The bounty of earth includes the Sun, The moon, trees, greenery, clear rills and flowers.


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