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Answer: Dr Sadao was a trained surgeon. He received his training in America. After completing his study, he returned to Japan. He was perfecting the research that would render wound entirely clean.

His house was situated on a rock near sea shore in Japan.



Answer: No, he will not be arrested. Sadao had informed General about the white man. The General was sick and he needed Sadao to take care of him. He did not have faith any other surgeon. So he did not want to give any punishment to Sadao.



Answer: Yes, she had washed the white man herself. Yumi had refused to wash the white man. Therefore Hana had to do it.

Answer: Dr Sadao operated on the white man to save his life. Hana helped Sadao in the operation. They were aware that they could be in trouble for this act of kindness. But the human values prevailed and they saved life of white man.

Answer: Dr Sadao put the man in his boat. He gave him some food, bottled water and clothes. Dr Sadao asked him to sail to the nearby island. He could take Korean boats from that island to travel further.

Answer: In the story ‘The Enemy’ Dr Sadao had a conflict of duty as a human being and his loyalty to nation.

The white man was injured. Dr Sadao was a trained surgeon, thus he had the ability to save life of that person. He had a conflict within himself to save the man or to throw him back into the sea. Finally his professional duty prevailed. He took the person to his house and conducted an operation.

Now, he realized that if he did not hand over the man to police or army, his family would be in danger. Sadao informed the General about presence of man at his house. The General promised to get the man killed but he forgot. In the meantime Sadao allowed the man to escape. Sadao was aware that General would not put him into prison because he wanted Sadao to be available for his treatment.

This way Sadao saved his family. He also fulfilled his obligation as a citizen by sending the American out of his country.


Answer: Dr Sadao tried to save life of the American because of his professional duties. Hana helped in this matter owing to two reasons.

First, she understood the professional commitment of her husband. She wanted to support her husband. Inspite of refusal from her servants, she washed the man. Though she had never seen an operation, he helped Sadao.

Second, she possessed excellent humanitarian values. She could not see a person in trouble when it was possible for them to help.

At the same time she was very much worried about her family. She has been insisting on Sadao to get rid of the man. Finally Sadao allowed the man to escape.


Answer: The soldier had understood that the Hoki couple was of helping nature. They had saved his life. They had served him food and given him cloths. They had not handed him over to police. Hence their good intention of saving the person was beyond doubt.

Sadao explained to the man about his plan for escape of the soldier. Sadao had tried to help him even during his escape. He had placed food, water and clothes in the boat. He also gave him guidance about his further travel. Inspite of all these, there were lot of uncertainties involved for his further travel. Owing to such uncertainties the soldier was reluctant to leave the house.

Sadao explained to him that it was highly inconvenient for them to keep the person at their home. After listening to these words the soldier immediately agreed. It seems he did not want to put his life savers into trouble.


Answer: When Sadao told General about presence of an American at his house, he was slightly puzzled for a moment. He surely wanted to ensure that the soldier was killed. However he did not want Sadao to be in any trouble. So he had proposed to get the man killed by his personal assassins and get the body removed. This way the General would be able to fulfil his duty towards nation as well as save Sadao.

However he forgot to fulfil his promise. In the meantime the soldier escaped. But now he wanted to save the Sadao once again. So the General decided to keep silent and he gave similar advice to Sadao.

Thus we can conclude that protecting Sadao in every situation was the prime motive of General. It was for his own benefit. But we cannot conclude that General had neglected his duties or showed lack of patriotism.


Answer: War causes destruction of property, humans, animals and environment. However the biggest loss is of emotional values and human considerations.

In war, every person of a country is regarded as enemy of another country. Though people do not know each other, sentiments are very high. People tend to inflict damage without any thought. This can be attributed to charged emotions and herd mentality.

However when people of these countries meet individually, the human values again plays its role. Even in cases of war, injured soldiers of enemy are taken care of.

So is the case in the present story. Japanese do not like Americans. But a Japanese takes care of an injured American soldier. American do not like Japanese, but a Japanese student is provided shelter and taught in America.

The respect for an individual is firmly established in every human. It is this human value that propels people to take care of each other.

Answer: When the man was spotted on the beach, Dr Sadao was in a very delicate situation. On one hand he wanted to follow demand of his profession and take care of the soldier. On the other hand his patriotism was asking him to hand over the soldier to police. Third, he wanted to save his family from any trouble. So he had thought of throwing the soldier back to sea. In this tussle, he finally decided to save life of the soldier. He operated upon him.

Now the situation had taken a different turn. If Sadao handed over the soldier to police, his whole family would be in trouble for helping an enemy.

So he decided to inform the General. Owing to his own interests, General proposed to get the soldier killed by his personal assassins. This would save family of Sadao. But the General forgot about his promise during his illness.

Hence Sadao had to devise a plan that would save his family. And he could not have killed the soldier by himself. So he planned to allow the soldier to escape. Sadao informed to General that soldier had escaped on his own.

Under the changed situation that was the best solution.


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