English CBSE Class 10 NCERT First Flight Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – II Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

EB 1. While the class was circling the room, the monitor from the principal’s office brought Miss Mason a note. Miss Mason read it several times and studied it thoughtfully for a while. Then she clapped her hands. “Attention, class. Everyone back to their seat.”

1.What was the note brought from the office of the principal.?

Answer: It was a letter from father of Wanda Petronski

2.Which word in the extract mean ‘carefully’?

Answer: Thoughtfully

3. Why did Miss Mason read the letter several times?

Answer: The letter had a message about the class. She wanted to understand it fully.

4. What was the name of father of Wanda?

Answer: Jan Petronski



EB 2. “I am sure that none of the boys and girls in Room Thirteen would purposely and deliberately hurt anyone’s feelings because his or her name happened to be a long, unfamiliar one. I prefer to think that what was said was said in thoughtlessness.

1.Who is the speaker of above lines?

Answer: Miss Mason

2. What was the reaction of the class to the note?

Answer: The class listened to the letter silently and with full attention.

3. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘familiar’?

Answer: Unfamiliar

4. What was preference of the speaker?

Answer: The teacher preferred to think that what was said was said in thoughtlessness.



EB 3.Goodness! Wasn’t there anything she could do? If only she could tell Wanda she hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings. She turned around and stole a glance at Peggy, but Peggy did not look up.

1. Who is referred as ‘she’ in above extract?

Answer: Maddie

2. What was Peggy doing when ‘she’ looked at her?

Answer: Peggy was studying hard

3. Where did Wanda live?

Answer: Wanda lived in Boggins Heights.

4. On that day, where did ‘she’ and Peggy go after the school?

Answer: They went to the house of Wanda at Boggins Height.


EB 4. “I think that’s where the Petronskis live,” said Maddie, pointing to a little white house. Wisps of old grass stuck up here and there along the pathway like thin kittens. The house and its sparse little yard looked shabby but clean. It reminded Maddie of Wanda’s one dress, her faded blue cotton dress, shabby but clean.

1.What does the house of Wanda remind Maddie?

Answer: It reminds Maddie about the faded blue dress of Wanda.

2. Did Maddie go alone to the house of Wanda? If no, who was with her?

Answer: Maddie had gone to the house of Wanda with Peggy.

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘baby cats’?

Answer: Kittens

4. How did the house of Wanda look?

Answer: The house was of white colour. It looked shabby but clean.


EB 5. She was never going to stand by and say nothing again. If she ever heard anybody picking on someone because they were funny looking or because they had strange names, she’d speak up. Even if it meant losing Peggy’s friendship.

1.Who is referred as ‘she’ in the above extract?

Answer: Maddie

2. What was the decision ‘she’ took?

Answer: Maddie decided that if ever anybody teased another person, she would not remain silent but speak up.

3. What was ‘she’ ready to lose?

Answer: She was ready to lose friendship of Peggy.

4. Which phrase in the abstract mean ‘teasing’?

Answer: Picking on


EB 6. They were writing a letter to Wanda Petronski. It was just a friendly letter telling about the contest and telling Wanda she had won. They told her how pretty her drawings were. And they asked her if she liked where she was living and if she liked her new teacher.

1. What did ‘they’ inform Wanda in the letter?

Answer: They informed Wanda that her drawings were pretty and she had won the contest.

2. Which word in the extract is synonymous of ‘beautiful’?

Answer: Pretty

3. What did ‘they’ ask Wanda in the letter?

Answer: They asked Wanda if she liked where she was and if she liked her new teacher.

4. To whom does the word ‘they’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Maddie and Peggy


EB 7. Now it was Christmas time and there was snow on the ground. Christmas bells and a small tree decorated the classroom. On the last day of school before the holidays, the teacher showed the class a letter she had received that morning.

1. Who had written the letter received by the teacher?

Answer: Wanda Petronski

2. What is the name of teacher?

Answer: Miss Mason

3. In which month you think the letter was received?

Answer: In the month of December

4. Which word in the extract is synonymous to ‘vacations’?

Answer: Holidays


EB 8. “Well, anyway,” said Peggy, “she’s gone now, so what can we do? Besides, when I was asking her about all her dresses, she probably was getting good ideas for her drawings. She might not even have won the contest, otherwise.”

1. How did Peggy react to going of Wanda?

Answer: Peggy was not much concerned about it. She expressed her helplessness that Wanda had left the town.

2. According to Peggy, how did Wanda get idea for making drawing of dresses?

Answer: According to Peggy, Wanda got idea about making drawing of dresses because of her questioning.

3. How can you infer that Wanda had the skill to make drawings?

Answer: Judges had told that each one of the drawing was worthy of winning the contest. Thus Wanda was skilful.

4. Which word in the abstract is synonym of ‘additionally’?

Answer: Besides


EB 9. She had stood by silently, and that was just as bad as what Peggy had done. Worse. She was a coward. At least Peggy hadn’t considered they were being mean but she, Maddie, had thought they were doing wrong. She could put herself in Wanda’s shoes.

1. Why did Maddie think that she was a coward?

Answer: Because she did not have the courage to oppose Peggy.

2. Why did Maddie think that her silence was as bad teasing of Peggy?

Answer: Maddie thought that by remaining silent, she was indirectly supporting Peggy. So she felt bad about herself.

3. What is the meaning of ‘put herself in Wanda’s shoes’?

Answer: Putting herself in the position or condition of Wanda

4. Why did Maddie not enjoy teasing of Wanda?

Answer: Maddie was herself a poor girl. Therefore she did not like anybody questioning Wanda about number of dresses she had.

Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

SA 1. How did Peggy and Maddie decide to make amends to their behaviour?

Answer: Maddie and Peggy wrote a letter to Wanda, indirectly telling that they felt sorry for their behaviour.

Maddie decided that if ever any girl tried to tease another girls she will not remain silent. She will speak up against it.


SA 2. What impression do you form about Wanda after reading the lesson ‘The Hundred Dresses’?

Answer: Wanda is a poor girl. She is very calm and quiet. She does not have any friend in the school. She does not react to the teasing by fellow girls. She was as artist. She was very kind girl. She had gifted her drawings to the class. The drawings for Maddie and Peggy had their own faces.


SA 3. Why did Maddie run to Peggy’s house after looking at her own drawing?

Answer: Maddie had observed that in her drawing her own face was drawn. She wanted to confirm if the drawing of Peggy had the face of Peggy.

So she ran to the house of Peggy.


SA 4. Why did Maddie have sleepless nights?

Answer: Maddie was very upset that Wanda had left the school and the city. She felt guilty for not standing up and speaking against the teasing by fellow girls. She thought that because of her silence, Wanda was emotionally hurt.

Because of her guilt, she had sleepless night.


SA 5. Why did Jan Petronski write a letter to Miss Mason?

Answer: Jan Petronski had not informed school authorities before his kids stopped going to the school. Through the letter he informed school that his both kids would not be coming to school. He also gave reason for kids  leaving the school.


SA 6. Why did Maddie and Peggy go to Boggins Heights?

Answer: They had gone there to check if Wanda was still in her house. They wanted to say sorry to her for their behaviour. They also wanted to inform her that she had won the contest.


SA 7. What did Miss Mason receive from the office of principal? Why did she read it several times?

Answer: Miss Mason received a letter from the office of principal. It was written by father of Wanda.

She was shocked and upset to read contents of the letter. So she read it several times to fully understand and control her emotions.


SA 8. Why did Miss Mason call it ‘an unfortunate and sad thing’ to happen?

Answer: Miss Mason felt a deep sorrow to know the reason of Wanda leaving the town and the school. She hoped that none of the student had teased Wanda purposefully and deliberately. She wanted students to think about the incident.


SA 9. Why did Maddie have a sick feeling in her stomach?

Answer: While Peggy was asking unpleasant questions to Wanda, Maddie had been a silent spectator. She did protest and stop Peggy. Maddie was now full of guilt for her silence.

Hence she was upset about herself.


SA 10. How did Peggy try to defend herself?

Answer: Peggy said that she had never called Wanda a foreigner or said that her name was funny. She further told that Wanda did not have the wisdom to understand that they were making fun of her. Peggy tried to justify that because of her questioning Wanda got idea for drawing such beautiful dress.


SA 11. Describe decorations in the town during Christmas?

Answer: All the houses had wreaths and holly in the windows. Outside shops Christmas trees were stacked. In the windows, candy peppermint sticks and cornucopias of shiny transparent paper were strung. The air smelled like Christmas and light shining everywhere reflected different colours on snow.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

LA 1. What did Peggy and Maddie write to Wanda in the letter? What did Maddie eventually decide to do? How did Peggy behave latter?

Answer: Peggy and Maddie wanted to say sorry to Wanda but they ended up writing a friendly letter. They informed Wanda that her drawings were beautiful. Everybody liked her drawings. They informed her that she had won the contest. They asked if she liked the place where she was and if she liked her new teacher.

Maddie was feeling guilty that Wanda had to leave the city and the school. She thought over it a lot. She believed that she was also responsible for such an action by Wanda. Eventually she decided that if ever any girl tried to tease another, she would not remain silent. She would stand up against any such activity. She would never make anybody that unhappy again.

Peggy also felt sorry for conduct. She had not imagined that playful act would have such an impact. But soon Peggy had almost forgotten about the incident.


LA 2. Imagine that you are Wanda. You are deeply hurt by the behaviour of other girls towards you. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry.


Dear Diary,

November 12th, 20xx

I had started going to this school ever since we shifted from Poland five months ago. Every day I am being teased in the school.

Peggy in particular is very naughty. She makes a joke about poverty of my family. Every day she asks me about number of dresses and shoes I have. To avoid further insults I tell her that I have hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes. They laugh at me after hearing this answer. I have drawn these many drawings and kept in my closet.

Maddie is a silent spectator. It looks to me that she wants to stop it. But she does not have the courage.

I have shared my feelings with my parents. We would be shortly shifting to a city. Hopefully I will not be facing such situation there.



LA 3. What opinion do you make about Wanda after reading her letter? Please explain.

Answer: Wanda has shown the quality of a matured person through her letter. She has forgiven Maddie, Peggy and all other girls. She exhibits that she is a simple and kind hearted person. This requires lot of courage, patience and empathy.

She gifts all the drawing to girls of her class. Latter Maddie and Peggy noticed that drawing gifted to them has their own faces drawn. It is symbolic of showing her affection and attachment to them. It is her way of telling them that she is emotionally a very strong person.

By writing that her new teacher does not equalize Miss Masson, Wanda is paying respect and tribute to Miss Mason.

A normal person in such situation would have criticized her old schoolmates and old teacher. But Wanda chooses to show respect and affection.

Hence I feel that Wanda is very matured and large hearted girl.




(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

EB 1. I think I could turn and live with animals,

they are so placid and self-contain’d,

I stand and look at them long and long.

1. What does poet wants to change to?

Answer: Poet wants to live with animals.

2. What two qualities of animals are mentioned in the extract?

Answer: They are calm and self-satisfied.

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘desire’

Answer: Long

4. What are the two poetic device used in the line ‘look at them long and long’?

Answer: Alliteration – The letter ‘l’ has been repeated.

Repetition – The word ‘long’ has been repeated


EB 2.They do not sweat and whine about their condition,

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,

1. Why do human lie awake in the dark?

Answer: They weep for their sins. Meaning that they repent for their wrong deeds.

2. What is the poetic device used in ‘They do not lie awake in the dark’?

Answer: Alliteration – The letter ‘d’ has been repeated.

3. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘laugh’?

Answer: Weep

4. To whom does the word ‘they’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Animals


EB 3. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

1. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘healthy’?

Answer: Sick

2. Which mania the poet is referring to?

Answer: The poet is referring to habit of human beings of collecting and owning things.

3. Which poetic device is used in ‘Not one is dissatisfied, Not one is’?

Answer: Repetition. The set of words ‘not one is’ has been repeated.

4. Who does not discuss their duty to God?

Answer: Animals


EB 4. Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.

1. Which poetic device has been used in ‘that lived thousands of years’?

Answer: Alliteration. The letter ‘t’ has been repeated.

2. To whom does the word ‘another’ refer to?

Answer: It refers to animals other than oneself.

3. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘part’?

Answer: Whole.

4. Who is unhappy over the whole earth?

Answer: Human beings are unhappy over the whole earth.


EB 5. So they show their relations to me and I accept them,

They bring me tokens of myself, they evince them plainly in their possession

1. To whom does the word ‘they’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Animals

2. Which word in the extract mean ‘show’?

Answer: Evince

3. Which poetic device has been used in ‘ they bring me token of’

Answer: Alliteration. The letter ‘t’ has been repeated.

4. Why does poet accept them?

Answer: Because they show love and affection towards poet


EB 6. I wonder where they get those tokens,

Did I pass that way huge times ago and negligently drop them?

1. What does the poet wonder about?

Answer: The poet wonders how animals got the quality of love and affection.

2. Which word in the extract mean ‘enormous’?

Answer: Huge

3. Which poetic device is used in the line ‘they get those tokens’?

Answer: Alliteration. The letter ‘t’ has been repeated.

4. To whom does the word ‘I’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: It refers to the poet. Symbolically it refers to the whole human kind.

Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

SA 1. Why does poet want to live with animals?

Answer: Animals are calm and self-contained. They do not complain about their conditions. They do not have the tendency to hoard things. They consider each other equal.

These qualities do not prevail in human beings. Hence poet wants to live with animal.


SA 2. What is the theme of the poem ‘Animals’?

Answer: Poet wants to say that initially human beings and animals both had the quality of being calm, self-contained, love and affection. But now human beings have lost these qualities while animals continue to retain these.


SA 3. What is the difference between human beings and animals about their conditions and ancestors?

Answer: Human beings complain about their conditions. Human beings lie awake in the night to weep about their sins. They pray to their ancestors.

Animal do not do any of these activities.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

LA 1. Civilisation has changed nature of human beings. What values should be inculcated in human beings to make this world a better place. Explain in reference to the poem ‘Animals’

Answer: The poet says that human beings have acquired the habit of complaining about their condition. In spite of lot of improvement in the living standards, they continue to accumulate things of material value. They repent during the night about the sins committed during the day. The aspects of equality and empathy have evaporated. Thus human beings are leading an un-natural life.

First and foremost value human beings must gain is that of remaining satisfied with their conditions. The blind race to acquire more than other person is root cause of evil.

Human beings must start treating everybody with empathy and sympathy. We must help each other for collective development. We must develop the culture of mutual respect.

Let us be aware that our greed is destroying environment. This could mean destruction of whole universe.

These are the important messages from the poem.



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