The Accidental Tourist Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 9 NCERT Moments


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Think about it

Answer: While finding his way to lavatory in a cinema hall, he usually ends up in an alley behind a self-locking door.

In hotel he forgets his room number. Two to three times in a day he asks his room number to the receptionist.



Answer: All the contents of the bag are thrown out. These spread over a large area. The lid of the tobacco tin came off and the tin got emptied. He hurt his finger. It started bleeding.



Answer: The zip of his bag was jammed. While he applied force and gave jerks to open it, somehow his finger got hurt. It started bleeding. His wife looked at him with an expression of wonder. She said that she could not believe he did this for his living.



Answer: Once while travelling on an aeroplane, he bent forward to tie his shoelace. At that moment the passenger ahead of him, reclined his seat. So he was caught in a ‘crash position’.



Answer: In an aeroplane he was writing something on his notebook. While thinking he had taken tip of the pen in his mouth. The ink of the pen leaked. Thus his teeth and gum became navy blue.



Answer: He did not succeed in behaving like a suave person. He would suddenly get up from the dining table and rush to get into the car. But a good part of his coat would get caught in the door and hang from the car.. He would never realise that chewing gum, cough syrup and motor oil had made his trousers dirty.



Answer: Bill was in a habit of doing things incorrectly. His wife was sure that if Bill opens the lid, the contents would fly off to various places. It will be an embarrassing situation for all of them.

Hence she used to advise her children to open the lids off food packets.



Answer: Every time Bill travelled or went out of his house, some unpleasant incidents used to happen. These incidents did not happen intentionally. These used to happen unintentionally or accidently.

This is the significance of the title.



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