English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Answer: The third level refers to the time zone that was much before the current time period. It is depicted through another level at the Grand Central Station.



Answer: They are unlikely to go to the third level because Louisa is much against it.

Answer: No, it was not a medium of escape.

He had unintentionally gone to third level. Later he became curious about it. So he wanted to find the way to third level. But he never wanted to escape from his present situation. He surely wanted to be with his family.


Answer: Sam had gone to the third level. Then had travelled into the old time zone. He appears to like that old time. He was very comfortable and happy there. He had requested Charley and his wife to come there.

But Sam has been living with Charley. Discovering the letter of Sam  dated to 1894 is slightly out of place. Thus it was an imagination of Charley.

Answer: Insecurity of the modern world are primarily social and financial insecurity. We deal with social insecurity by making friends and living with family. We tend to accumulate wealth to dealt with financial insecurity.

The insecurity of war is being dealt with by forming various international forum of peace. United Nations is one such forum.

Insecurity against worry is tackled through following the path of ‘karma’. Working in right direction kills all the worries.

Stress can be avoided by meditation, being calm and happy. Being with friends, frequently going in natural ambience and cultivating a hobby are some the means to avoid stress.

Answer: The present era and the earlier time zones are effectively defined.

The third level which depicts the old era is situated at a different level from the other two levels of this era.

The facilities of third level are of different type from other floors. Even the locomotive is different.

When Charley is at the third level his wife and friend are living in the present time. Similarly, when Sam had reached the previous era, Charley and his wife are still in the present era.

Answer: Most of the inventions and discoveries have happened because people thought differently. This was not liked my general public.

The discovery that Earth revolves around Sun was not accepted by people. But Galileo stood by his discovery.

Nobody believed Thomas Elva Edison that a bulb can be made. But it was made.

People used to laugh at Wright brothers for their zeal to make an aeroplane. But today it is common feature across the globe.

Invention of internet and e-mail were made likewise. Initially it was difficult to believe that a mobile handset can ever become popular. The truth is before us.

Thinking differently, which initially appears illogical, has paved the way for most of inventions.

Answer: Philately is collection of stamps and first-day covers. Mostly this hobby is carried through generations. One can see stamps of earlier era and connect with earlier time and earlier generations.

Other ways of connecting with past could be through collection of coins and currency notes, paper cuttings, painting, photos and videos.

It is nature of every human  being to fondly recall the past events and culture. It helps them to understand the growth. Challenges faced and overcome during past motivates their children to further grow. Hence human beings have the tendency to fluctuate between past, present and future.

Events of past and experience thereof could many times be a guiding force to improvise the current action plan. Such linking helps to achieve goals of life easily, quickly and peacefully.



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