English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 3 Ranga’s Marriage Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Reading With Insight

Answer: Narrator says that his village does not find any mention in geography. It is because the sahibs of England did not know about the village. Thus importance of English is established in the story.

Ten years ago Ranga had gone to Bangalore to study. His knowledge of English was talk of the town. People of village had gathered around his house to see him. One old lady checked if he was wearing the sacred thread. It tell us about a prevailing belief that those who learn English may forget their own customs.

Ranga was against arranged marriage. He wanted to marry a matured girl. He named his son after the narrator. This was as per tradition of British.

Later many people in the village started mixing words of English while speaking Kannada. But not everyone understood these words. Incident of a child speaking the word ‘change’ to old lady is narrated.

Above incidents indicate influence of English on the people living in the town.

Narrator feels that knowledge of English language has become common.





Answer: Astrology prevails throughout the world though in different formats. It is the study of influence on human beings because of position of various stars, planets and satellites. There are many institutes that teach this knowledge. However it is very difficult to ascertain if it is a correct methodology.

In this story, narrator has presented astrology in a very bad taste. The astrologer of the town seems to have meekly agreed to narrator. Though later he protests about such conclusion.

More often than not, general public has been fooled by so called astrologers. They end up spending huge money for nothing. While only a few people claim to have benefited from it.

Hence taking a definite stand about astrology is difficult. In my opinion one should concentrate more on one’s efforts and maintain good attitude. These would guarantee both success and happiness.




Answer: In this story aspect of arranged marriage has been narrated. It is the elders who used to make efforts to find a suitable match for a boy and a girl. Someone who knew both families would take the lead for match making. The story also reveals that opinion of girl was hardly ever taken.

Situation has drastically changed in our society. Girls of this era are educated. They have started asserting their right to choose. In many cases proposal for marriage is rejected by girls.

Many girls have started working as professionals in public and private sector. Thus their requirement of marriage has changed. The boy also wants a working wife to support higher life style. A clear shift to the trend where boy and girl decide their life partner is emerging.

Thus marriages in Indian society has changed to a great extent. It is slated to change more in coming time.



Answer: Narrator takes pride in his village. He dislikes that his village does not find a place in books of geography or on the map. He is ready to tell location of his village to any prospective traveller.

He did not fancy English language. The narration about use of English words while speaking in Kannada is a satire. Checking of sacred thread by an elderly woman indicates he believed in traditions.

He liked to interfere in others’ matters. He, on his own decided to ensure marriage of Ranga with Ratna. He called Ratna and then Ranga to his house. He influenced astrologer of the town.

He had faith in traditional ways of society. He liked Ranga touching his feet. He liked arranged marriages. He did not appreciate Ranga’s son being named after his name.

Thus we can say that narrator was a traditional person having faith in age old customs of society. He took pride in his village.



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