The Snake and the Mirror Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 5 NCERT Beehive


(Textbook Questions)


Thinking about the Text


Answer: The doctor thought that was the sound of moving rats. In all he heard it four times.

He heard it first when he entered his room. He heard it for second time when he was combing his hair.  When the doctor was looking at himself in the mirror, he heard the voice for the third time. When doctor had sat in his chair there was a sound of thud.

The sound stopped when the snake wriggled from back of chair and landed on the shoulder of the doctor.



Answer: The doctor decided that he would shave daily and keep a thin moustache. The second decision was to always keep the attractive smile on his face.

The doctor had taken above two decisions to  look more handsome.



Answer:  When the doctor smiled for the first time, it was a smile of appreciation. He decided to always keep that smile to look more handsome.

On the second occasion he had smiled at his dangerous situation. The snake was so near to him and he did not have any medicine for snakebite.

Earlier the doctor was in a happy mood. But later he was afraid. Presence of snake on his body had caused the change. 


Answer: The doctor does not have sufficient money. Sixty rupees is all the money he had. He considered himself poor. He lived in a rented house that did not have electricity. The room had several rats too. Apart from some shirts and dhoti, he had one black coat with him.


Answer: He wanted to look more handsome. He wanted to be a rich person.


Answer: he wanted to marry a lady doctor who had lot of money and good medical practice.  He wanted to his wife to be a fat lady so that she is not able to run after him.


Answer: His wife was a thin lady. She calls her a reedy thin person. She was a good runner.


Answer: He thought he looked smart. He wanted to daily shave, grow a thin moustache and always keep a smile on his face. He wanted to look more handsome.


Answer: He was afraid. He held his breath. He could not move because of fear. He recalled that he did not have medicine for snakebite. He smiled at his dangerous situation. He prayed to God.


Thinking about Language


Answer: (a) was afraid of the snake


Answer: (d) was no longer afraid of the snake


Answer: (a) was afraid of the snake


Answer: (a) was afraid of the snake


Answer: (a) was afraid of the snake


Answer: (b) was proud of his appearance


Answer: (d) was no longer afraid of the snake


Answer: (b) was proud of his appearance


Answer: (c) had a sense of humour


Answer: (c) had a sense of humour



1. I was turned to stone.

2. I sat there holding my breath.

3. In the light of the lamp I sat there like a stone image in the flesh.


(is frightened by something that happens suddenly)



(very frightened)


(makes another feel frightened)


(makes another feel frightened)


(is too scared to move)


(is too scared to move)


Meena asked her friend if she thought her teacher would come that day.


David asked his colleague where he would go that summer


He asked the little boy why he was studying English.


She asked me when they were going to leave.


Pran asked me if I had finished reading the newspaper.


Seema asked her how long she had lived there.


Shiela asked the children if they were ready to do the work.



A Legend of the Northland

(Textbook Questions)

Thinking about the Poem

Answer: it refers to a country that is situated in the region of North Pole or Arctic Circle. Some of the countries in this region are Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Norway. Some parts of USA and Canada also come in this region.


Answer: Saint Peter requested the woman to give him one cake. The lady tried to make as small a cake as possible. But she did not want to give even the smallest and the thinnest cake to Saint Peter.


Answer: The Saint Peter cursed the woman to become a bird. He said that she will need to make a nest of her own. She would get very less food. She will eat insects that are living in wooden pieces. To obtain food she will have to make holes in the hard and dry wood. So she will have to do hard work every day. The lady became a woodpecker.


Answer: the woodpecker uses its beak to break the wood. It eats the insects and the soft wood lying beneath the outer surface.


Answer: The lady was a selfish person by her nature. If she knew who that the person was Saint Peter, she would have tried to bargain the cake for something for her benefit. 


Answer: It is not a true story. It is fable that gives moral lesson to readers. The story teaches us that consequences of being selfish and not helping the needy can be far reaching. So this part is most important.


Answer: Legend is a traditional story that passes on from generation to generation. It may not be a true story. But such stories are respected because these convey a message to society.

The poet says that it is a curious story. He also says that he does not believe it, meaning that it may not be a true story. The story has a strong message.

Thus it can be called a legend.


Answer: Once upon a time, in the Northland, there lived a woman who used to bake cakes. She was very selfish and greedy though she never cheated her customers.

Once Saint Peter reached her shop in the evening. He had not eaten anything during the day. He requested the woman to give him a cake. She baked many cakes every time reducing the size.  But she thought each cake was too large to be given free.

Saint Peter understood her attitude. He cursed her to become a bird. She would get very less food. To obtain food she will have to make holes in the hard and dry wood. The lady became a woodpecker.



few and through

earth and hearth

done and one

flat and that

myself and shelf

faint and saint

food and wood

word and bird

same and flame








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