English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Read and find out

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summons to a person called Oliver Lutkins.

He thought that place would be a sweet and simple country village.

But he was disappointed to see that the streets were muddy and rows of wooden shops were either painted dull brown or not painted.



Answer: A hack driver becomes his friend. He told that his name was Bill. Bill took him to Fritz’s, Gustaff’s, Gray’s, Poolroom, Lutkins’s mother and to the hill top. Finally he dropped him at the railway station.




Answer: Bill told that it was difficult to find Lutkins. He is always trying to do something or the other. Lutkins was probably trying to start a game of poker behind Fritz’s. Bill further told that Lutkins never returned money to anyone. Lukins owed fifty cents to Bill. He is not a bad person but it is difficult to collect money from him. He is good at deceiving people.

Answer: Bill told that he knows mother of Lutkins. She is nine feet tall and four feet wide. She is a terror. She had once scolded Bill for not handling her trunk delicately. She is very quick and can use abusive language. Whenever Lutkins gets into trouble, he hides in this house.

Bill tells that his wife would cook food without much oil  unlike the grease food available a restaurant. She will charge only half a dollar.

Answer: No. The narrator did not serve the summons on that day because he could not find Lutkins.

Answer: The hack drive Bill himself Oliver Lutkins. He tricks the lawyer to avoid receiving summons.

Think about it

Answer: Bill was not knowing that a lawyer was coming to New Mullion to search for Lutkins. But when the lawyer met Bill, he informed Bill that he wanted to meet Oliver Lutkins.

Immediately after knowing the purpose of the visit of the lawyer, Bill made his plan for fooling the lawyer.

Answer: Bill told him that Lutkins is a sharp fellow. He will run away or hide if the lawyer himself tried to talk to people about Lutkins. Bill suggested that he will talk to people and let him know if Lutkins was there.By this method Bill was asking people about Lutkins.

Everybody understood that he was playing a trick. They supported him. Even the mother understood the prank and supported Bill.

Bill was very friendly. He took the lawyer into confidence. He took him around in his hack. He talked about the village and people living in it. He thus won the confidence of the lawyer. And it was then so easy to fool him.

Answer: They wanted to meet a person who could be easily fooled. Probably they wanted to make a fun of the lawyer.

Answer: I do not think he would consider establishing his practice in New Mullion. Lutkins had made a fool of him and the entire village knew about the incident. The lawyer would never like to be among  people who consider him an unintelligent person.

Answer: Yes, the lawyer was a simple person who could be easily fooled. He allowed Bill to do all the enquiry. He himself did not talk to anyone. He should have himself talked to some people in the town. Then he could have easily found the truth.

Talk about it

Answer: We certainly find gullible person in real life as well. In the newspaper we read stories of fraud happening around us. Frauds had happened in many co-operative banks. We read instances of internet banking frauds. A common man is fooled to share his debit card details and OTP. Then money is syphoned out of his bank account. Recently there was a news that a doctor was fooled by a person by giving a promise of doubling money in six months.

In literature the story of David Copperfield is such example. Munshi Premchand has also written several stories in which people were fooled.

Answer: A ‘con man’ or a confidence trickster is a person having evil intentions. He would first become friendly with a person to win his trust. Then he would take advantage of the trust to cheat and rob the person.

He is very much different from a person who fools a person just for fun.



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