English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

EB 1. The make-up department of the Gemini Studios was in the upstairs of a building that was believed to have been Robert Clive’s stables. A dozen other buildings in the city are said to have been his residence.

1. Write name of the city being referred to in above extract?

Answer: Madras

2. For what purpose the building of Gemini Studio earlier used?

Answer: It was used as a stable of Robert Clive.

3. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘downstairs’?

Answer: Upstairs

4. How many other buildings Robert Clive had used in the city?

Answer: 12



EB 2. All this shows that there was a great deal of national integration long before A.I.R. and Doordarshan began broadcasting programmes on national integration.

1. Please write full form of A.I.R.

Answer: All India Radia

2. Which department is being referred to in above extract’?

Answer: Make-up department of Gemini Studio

3. Which word in the extract mean ‘started’?

Answer: Began

4. Why does author say that there was national integration in the department?

Answer: People of all religion and from several parts of country worked there.

EB 3. On the days when there was a crowd shooting, you could see him mixing his paint in a giant vessel and slapping it on the crowd players. The idea was to close every pore on the surface of the face in the process of applying make-up.

1. Who is referred to as ‘him’ in above extract?

Answer: The office boy

2. Whom did ‘him’ consider his enemy?

Answer: Subbu

3. How was make-up applied on crowd people?

Answer: It was apllied using hands.

4. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘tiny’?

Answer: Giant



EB 4. On the contrary he must have had to face more uncertain and difficult times, for when he began his career, there were no firmly established film producing companies or studios.

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: Subbu

2. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘organisations.?

Answer: Companies

3. In which department ‘he’ was enrolled?

Answer: Story department

4. What position ‘he’ commanded at the work place?

Answer: Number 2



EB 5. “The rat fights the tigress underwater and kills her but takes pity on the cubs and tends them lovingly — I don’t know how to do the scene,”

1. Who used to ask this question?

Answer: The producer used to ask this question.

2. To whom would the question be asked?

Answer: Subbu

3. How many ways used to be suggested for the shooting of this scene initially?

Answer: Four

4. What does the word ‘cubs’ means?

Answer: Kids of tigress



EB 6. A girl from the countryside, she hadn’t gone through all the stages of worldly experience that generally precede a position of importance and sophistication that she had found herself catapulted into.

1. What was the profession of ‘girl’?

Answer: She was an actress

2. Who recorded her voice when she got angry?

Answer: The legal advisor

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘rural area’?

Answer: Countryside

4. Did the ‘girl’ continue to work afterwards?

Answer: No. her career ended after the incident.



EB 7. Like so many of those who were close to The Boss, he was allowed to produce a film and though a lot of raw stock and pancake were used on it, not much came of the film.

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: The legal advisor

2. Write name of ‘The Boss.

Answer: S.S. Vasan

3. Was the film successful?

Answer: No. it was a flop

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘make’?

Answer: Produce



EB 8. A few months later, the telephone lines of the big bosses of Madras buzzed and once again we at Gemini Studios cleared a whole shooting stage to welcome another visitor. All they said was that he was a poet from England.

1. Write name of the ‘visitor’.

Answer: Stephan Spender

2. The visitor was editor of which journal?

Answer: The Encounter

3. Was the visitor a poet indeed?

Answer: No

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘rang’?

Answer: Buzzed



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