My Mother at Sixty-six, Explanation, Line by Line, Meaning of Difficult Words, English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 1


(Explanation and Meaning of difficult words)

Poet – Kamla Das

Word Meaning
Beside Near

In the morning of Friday, the author was travelling in a car. She was travelling from her parent’s home to Cochin. Her mother was also in the car. She was sitting near her mother. She looks at her mother.



Word Meaning
Doze Sleep
Ashen Face having yellow colour
Corpse Dead body
Poetic Devices
Ashen like that of corpse Simile

Mother was sleeping. Face of mother had become yellow. The colour was same as that of a dead body.



I realized that she had become very old. I felt the pain of losing her. Very soon kept this thought away from my mind.



Word Meaning
Sprinting Running fast
Merry Happy
Spilling Coming out

Now I looked at the trees that were young. They appeared to be running. (When we move in a train or a car, tress at distance seem to be moving in opposite direction). Happy children were coming out of their homes to play.



Poetic Devices
But after the airport’s security check Alliteration

I completed the security check at the airport. After that I stood some distance away from it.



Word Meaning
Wan Sick
Pale Yellow
Ache Pain
Poetic Devices
Pale as a late winter’s moon Simile
Felt that old familiar ache Alliteration

I looked at her (my mother) once again. She was looking sick. Her face was yellow like  moon in winter season. (The face was not shining) I felt the pain of losing her. This pain was similar to my feelings during childhood when my mother used to move away from me.



Word Meaning
See you soon Will meet you soon
Poetic Devices
But all I said was see you soon Alliteration
Smile and smile and smile Repetition

But I could not say anything to my mother. I only said that mother, I will meet you very soon. Then I smiled at her.





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