English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Vistas Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)


Multiple Choice Questions


(i) Which of the following activities was not done by the wizard?

1. Performed a magic

2. Solved the problem

3. Threw away extra money

4. Directed to get extra money

5. The owl sent animal to wizard

(a) 1 and 3

(b) Only 3

(c) 3 and 5

(d) Only 4

Answer: (c)


(ii) Based on following statements, please select the correct option –

Statement 1: Wizard solved the problem of Roger

Statement 2: Roger went home

Statement 3: Roger played many games with other creatures

(a) Statement 1 is true and Statement 3 is false

(b) Statement 1 is the cause and Statement 2 is the effect

(c) Statement 1 is the cause and Statement 3 is effect

(d) Statement 2 is the cause and Statement 1 is action

Answer: (c)


(iii) ‘Working his way through this scheme’. Which of the following correctly represents the ‘scheme’?

(a) Solving problem of Roger

(b) Story telling

(c) Describing the supper

(d) Whistle of the train

Answer: (b)


(iv) In which of the option the underlined words cannot be replaced by ‘futile’?

(a) It was not required to travel to this place.

(b) I fell sick and all my efforts to prepare appeared a wastage.

(c) I soon realsied that it is pointless to talk to a heartless person.

(d) Discussion with my father was quite informative.

Answer: (d)


(v) Which of the following is likely to be true about daddy of Roger?

(a) He went to Boston for pleasure

(b) He went to Boston to bring supper

(c) He went to Boston to work

(d) He went to Boston to listen to the whistle of the train

Answer: (c)


(vi) Which of the following can be inferred from the extract?

(a) Jack told stores on Saturdays only.

(b) Jo seldom liked stories told by Jack.

(c) Jack routinely told stories to Jo.

(d) Mother wanted Roger to reach home before his father reached

Answer: (c)



(i) Which of the following cannot be inferred about Jack?

(a) He was an expert story teller

(b) He could include any animal in his stories

(c) His daughter loved to listen to stories about different animals.

(d) The creature in his stories had ordinary features only

Answer: (d)


(ii) ‘Her eyes opened, her mother’s blue’? Which of the following option best conveys the essence of this sentence?

(a) Jo had opened her eyes after a long time.

(b) Jo used to blink her eyes to her mother.

(c) Jo and her mother both had blue eyes.

(d) Jo had applied blue mascara of her mother.

Answer: (c)


(iii) Which of the following cannot be an equivalent phrase for ‘dark woods’?

1. Jungle with less light

2. Many pieces of wood of dark colour

3. Many pieces of wood placed in dark

4. A forest that does not receive much sunshine on the ground

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 2 and 3

(c) 3 and 4

(d) 4 and 1

Answer: (b)


(iv) ‘Having a fresh hero momentarily stirred Jack to creative enthusiasm.’ Which of the following word is appropriate to replace the word ‘fresh’ in the sentence

(a) original

(b) recent

(c) new

(d) young

Answer: (c)


(v) Please read following statements and then select the best option.

Statement 1: Jo selected Skunk as the new animal for the story.

Statement 2: Jack thought that Jo heard about this animal at nursery school

(a) Statement 1 is correct but Statement 2 cannot be inferred

(b) Both Statements cannot be true

(c) Each Statement is inspired by a person of blue eyes

(d) Both statements are true and most likely Jo studied in nursery school

Answer: (d)



(i) Why did Jack touch face of Jo?

(a) to let her console herself

(b) to let her visulaise crying

(c) to let her know path of tears

(d) to let her have courage

Answer: (c)


(ii) Based on the extract, which of the following would describe personality of Jo?

1. Impatient

2. Nonchalant

3. Involved

4. Obedient

(a) 1 and 4

(b) 2 and 5

(c) 3 and 5

(d) 1 and 3

Answer: (d)


(iii) The word ‘woodwork’ as used in the extract implies –

(a) paintings

(b) doors

(c) furniture

(d) cutlery

Answer: (c)                                           


(iv) Which of the following did not come to the mind of Jack when he saw her daughter anxiously moving her legs?

(a) He was happy

(b) He thought Jo had started believing the story

(c) He thought it was not an important aspect of story for Jo

(d) He thought of quickly completing the story

Answer: (c)


(v) In which of the following option, the underlined word cannot be replaced by ‘scraped’?

(a) The layers of old paint was to be removed very carefully.

(b) Management has abolished the old rules of leave.

(c) A bicycle peeled off paint from side of my car.

(d) The floor was quite dirty but people have cleaned all the dirt.

Answer: (b) 


(i) Which of the following statement is correct about the house of the wizard?

(a) It was of apple colour

(b) Jack rapped on its window sill

(c) It was beyond a small stream of water

(d) Jo used to often go there

Answer: (c)


(ii) What is the meaning of ‘Whatcher want?’

(a) Why do you want to watch later?

(b) What do you want a letter?

(c) Why do you want to know my name?

(d) What do you want?

Answer: (d)


(iii) According to extract which of the following do not pertain to the wizard?

1. A person of low height

2. He wore a blue hat

3. His house was big

4. He had a white beard which was short

5. His house had at least one door and one window

(a) 1 and 4

(b) 2 and 3

(c) 1 and 5

(d) 3 and 4

Answer: (d)


(iv) What was the Jack’s favourite special effect?

(a) Rapping on the door of wizard’s house

(b) Rapping on the window of his own house

(c) Telling story of Roger

(d) Mimicking voice of wizard

Answer: (d)


(v) Which of the following was the main response of Jo when Jack rapped the window?

(a) She was afraid

(b) She anticipated a fearful description

(c) She anticipated a thrilling description

(d) She anticipated a humorous description

Answer: (c)



(i) Response of Jo when Jack called skunk as fish, indicates that Jo was –

(a) negligent

(b) confused

(c) attentive

(d) subservient

Answer: (b)


(ii) Why house of wizard became full of smell of roses?

(a) Roger had brought roses with him

(b) Roses had bloomed in the garden

(c) Wizard had started smelling like roses

(d) Roger had started smelling like roses

Answer: (d)


(iii) How much money the wizard wanted to receive from Roger?

(a) Seven Rupees

(b) Seven Dollars

(c) Seven Paisa

(d) Seven Pennies

Answer: (d)


(iv) Which of the following sentence is not the correct use of word ‘silly’?  

(a) You gave a silly speech this afternoon.

(b) It was silly of me to step outside my house during rain

(c) It was silly of you that the difficult situation was easily controlled

(d) Joker made silly faces and audience laughed

Answer: (c)


(v) Which of the following option represent the same relationship as between ‘wizard and magic’?

(a) teacher and school

(b) poet and essay

(c) carpenter and car

(d) painter and painting

Answer: (d)


(i) Which of the following correctly represents emotions of Roger and her Mommy respectively about Roger smelling like roses.

(a) happy, happy

(b) unhappy, happy

(c) happy, unhappy

(d) unhappy, unhappy

Answer: (c)


(ii) Please read following statements and then select the best option from the choices given.

Statement 1: Mommy decided to immediately take Roger to wizard.

Statement 2: She wanted to resort the original smell to her child

(a) Both statements are wrong.

(b) Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false

(c) Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 is true

(d) Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 can be inferred

Answer: (d)


(iii) Which of the following were emotions of Jo after hearing decision of Mommy?

1. fear

2. pleasure

3. disapproval

4. acceptance

5. objection

(a) 1, 2 and 3

(b) 2, 3 and 4

(c) 3, 4 and 5

(d) 1, 3 and 5

Answer: (d)


(iv) Which of the following statement is closest to the aspect Mommy wanted her child to learn?

(a) It is not correct to take obligation of others.

(b) Even if one is different from others, one should respect oneself.

(c) Parents are always right.

(d) It is so difficult to get carried away by others.

Answer: (b)


(v) Which of the following is an expression of shock or disapproval?

(a) right back

(b) dabbling in air

(c) run away

(d) of all the nerve

Answer: (d)


(i) ‘it was the choo-choo train bringing Daddy Skunk home from Boston’. Which literary device has been used in this sentence?

(a) metaphor

(b) simile

(c) synecdoche

(d) onomatopoeia

Answer: (d)


(ii) Please arrange following events in ascending order. Event that occurred first should come first.

1. Mommy Skunk came and hugged her baby

2. Jack insisted on his contents of story

3. The skunk family had dinner

4. Father of Roger Skunk came from Boston

(a) 1,2,3,4

(b) 4,2,3,1

(c) 2,4,3,1

(d) 2,3,4,1

Answer: (c)


(iii) “Joanne. It’s Daddy’s story. Shall Daddy not tell you any more stories?” Which of the following were emotions of Jo after listening to this statement from her father?

1. surprise

2. pleasure

3. acceptance

4. sorrow

5. revolt

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 3 and 4

(c) 4 and 5

(d) 1 and 3

Answer: (d)


(iv) What did the skunk family have as a sweet dish in their dinner?

(a) lima beans

(b) liver

(c) celery

(d) Pie-Oh-My

Answer: (d)


(v) Eventually, who among the following is unlikely to accept the original smell of Roger?

(a) Mommy

(b) Roger

(c) Jack

(d) Joanne

Answer: (d)



Extract Based Questions

1. What is referred to as ‘this custom’ in the above extract?

Answer: They story telling session by Jack to her daughter Jo.

2. Who is referred as ‘she’ in above extract?

Answer: Jo

3. What is age of ‘she’ now?

Answer: About four

4. Which word in abstract is antonym of ‘completed’?

Answer: Begun



1. To whom does ‘he’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Jack

2. How is Clare related to ‘he’?

Answer: Clare is wife of ‘he’.

3. What was Clare doing in the living-room?

Answer: She was painting furniture.

4. Which word in the extract means of ‘furniture’?

Answer: Woodwork.


1. To whom is above extract addressed to?

Answer: Roger Skunk

2. Why three pennies were required?

Answer: Roger had three pennies short to pay to the wizard. So he wanted three more pennies.

3. What magic wizard had done?

Answer: He had changed smell of Roger to that of roses

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘street’?

Answer: Lane



1. Who is speaker of above lines?

Answer: Jack

2. What is the name of little skunk?

Answer: Roger

3. Who is the listener of above extract?

Answer: Jo

4. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘big’?

Answer: Little.


1. Who is referred as ‘the source of truth’?

Answer: Jack

2. Why was Jo so surprised?

Answer: Because mommy skunk had hit the wizard on his head.

3. What weapon mommy skunk had used to hit wizard?

Answer: Umbrella

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘anger’?

Answer: Agitation



1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: Roger Skunk

2. What is referred as ‘them’ in the above extract?

Answer: Three pennies

3. What did ‘he’ smelled of now?

Answer: Roses

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘forest’?

Answer: Woods.

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: Roger Skunk

2. Who changed the smell of the body of ‘he’?

Answer: Wizard

3. Who is referred as ‘him’ in above extract?

Answer:  The first ‘him’ refers to Roger Skunk. The second ‘him’ refers to Jack.

4. Which word in the extract mean ‘anticipated’?

Answer: Foreseen



Short Answer Questions – 30 to 40 words

Answer: Hero of every story was a small creature named Roger. Roger had a problem, so met wise owl for advice. Owl guided him to wizard. Wizard solved it and demanded money. Roger did not have sufficient money. Wizard told him how to get required money. Roger obtained money and gave it to wizard. Roger happily went home to have dinner with his parents and story ended.


Answer: The basic theme of every story was same. Jack brought variety in the story by including different problems in each story. Jack narrated his stories enthusiastically and in an interesting pattern. To increase the effect sometimes he made sounds and recited relevant rhymes.

Thus, Jack narrated story very skillfully.



Answer:  Jack wanted Jo to go to sleep as quickly as possible. But Jo appeared to be in no mood to sleep. Jack wanted to help Clare, his pregnant wife, who was painting furniture.

These were the opposite forces acting on Jack while he was telling a story to Jo.

Answer: It appears that earlier Jo used to accept every story. But now she wanted to verify realities. She questioned if magic spells really happen. She had asked Clare if God really stayed in the sky. She had disagreed with the conduct of mommy skunk. She seems to be developing her own, understanding and emotions.



Answer: Jack narrated wizard as a powerful person who could solve any problem. He did not clean his house. Wizard was very generous person. He always helped Roger find the extra money required.

Thus wizard has been narrated a person, kids would love to approach.


Answer: All small creatures liked Roger Skunk’s new smell. They were very happy that he now had a pleasant smell.

Roger Skunk was happy because his friends had started playing with him. It was very important for him to obtain acceptance of his friends.



Answer: Roger Skunk had started smelling like roses. This was different from that of other skunks, hence an unnatural smell. She was angry because Roger smelt different from other skunks.


Answer: Jo was very happy because now Roger’s friends had started playing with him. Every kid enjoys company of other kids. This is the most important requirement for kids.

Therefore she opposed the decision of mommy skunk.


Answer: Jo did not like that mommy had hit the helpful wizard. Wizard had changed smell of Roger. Now Roger was very happy because he was able to play with his friends.

Hence Jo thought it was rude of mommy skunk to hit wizard. So she wanted that wizards should hit back mommy.


Answer: His mother did not accept the new smell of Roger. She wanted her kid to smell as other skunks smelled. That was the only problem Roger Skunk faced.


Answer: Roger Skunk smelled very bad. Therefore no other little animal came near him or played with him. They used to call him Roger Stinky Skunk.

He got his smell changed to smell of roses by a wizard. Now everybody played with him.


Answer: Mommy skunk was angry because Roger Skunk now smelled like roses. This smell was different from that of other skunks. Therefore she was angry.

She was correct because one should not leave one’s originality to please others.


Answer: After change of his smell to that of roses, Roger was able to play with his friends. He was very happy. But mommy did not accept the new smell. Jo thought that mommy skunk did not care for happiness of his child.

Therefore Jo thought that mommy was stupid.


Answer: In all other previous stories, Roger had his wish fulfilled and he lived happily thereafter. But in this story mommy skunk got smell of Roger restored to original. This smell was not the choice of Roger.

Hence this story was different from other stories.


Answer: Jack wanted to insist that parents always know what is best for children. He also wanted to communicate that one should not leave one’s originality for the sake of others.

Hence the refusal.


Answer: Jack wanted to complete the story. He also wanted Jo to have a nap.

At the same time jack wanted to go downstairs to help his pregnant wife.

These were the opposing forces acting on Jack.


Answer: Roger Skunk wanted to get rid of his foul smell.

The wise old owl advised him to go to the wizard. The wizard with the help of his magic wand changed the bad smell to pleasant smell of roses. Wizard also told Roger wherefrom to get extra money.


Answer: She reacted sharply when her father said that mother Skunk did not like smell of roses.

She could not tolerate that mother skunk had hit the wizard.

Above two incidents tell us that Jo was a sensitive child.


Long Answer Questions – 120-150 words

Answer: Mommy skunk did not like that her son should smell different from other family members. She takes Roger to the wizard, hits him on his head and gets the smell restored.

At the point Jack and his daughter have different opinions.

Jack justifies himself by saying that parents know what is best for their children. He also wants to communicate that one should not leave one’s originality for the sake of others. He insists that mommy was right in hitting the wizard.

Jo thinks that change of smell had made Roger happy. He was able to play with his friends. She appears to be insisting upon importance of personal happiness and social recognition. Therefore she calls mommy skunk a stupid and wants wizard to hit mommy.

The story ends with an unresolved question whether wizard should hit mommy or not. Hence the title of the story is justified.


Answer: Jo wanted the story to end with Roger being accepted by the his friends.  After visit to wizard, Roger got smell of roses. Now he was accepted by friend. They played together. When Jack continued the story she was surprised. Jack narrated that mommy skunk went to wizard, hit him on his head, got Roger’s smell restored.

This was beyond her imagination. She got furious. She was not able to understand why a mother should deprive her kid the pleasure of playing with his friends. She suggested that wizard should mommy.

We can infer from her reactions, that she gives more weightage to personal happiness, company of friends and social recognition. More important is that she has developed her own thought process. And she tries to defend those.


Answer: Jo was a small girl. For her, acceptance by friends and their company was the most important thing. It appears that she identified herself with Roger Skunk. She could feel the pain of rejection by friends.

She immediately understood the happiness of Roger after getting a pleasant smell of roses. His all friends came near him. The appreciated Roger. They played various games together.

Owing to acceptance of Roger by his friends, Jo feels that Roger could have been better off with new smell.


Answer: Before this story, Jo had never questioned anything in the story. But Jo was asking questions and trying to reason. Jack at one point asked her that who was narrating the story. She asked questions about reality of magic and death of wizard. Jack did not like these interruptions.

When Jo did not show interest in the story, Jack felt bad. He liked woman to be apprehensive and hanging to his words.

Jo did not like ending of the story. She went to the extent of saying that mommy was stupid and that wizard should hit mommy. Jack reacted by saying that parents know what is best for their children.

After Jack had gone downstairs, Jo tried to come down. Jack ordered her to go to sleep and threatened that he may spank her.

Thus we can see that Jack showed his authority either by over-ruling or by ordering.


Answer: Jack was certainly influenced by upbringing of his mother.

When Jo said that that was a stupid mommy. Jack did not agree. He seemed to be defending his own mother. When Jack told Jo during her previous story that spiders eat bugs, Jo had asked her mother if that was the reality. He rather liked Jo asking her mother.

Above instances support that Jack was influenced by his mother.

The thought process of a child is highly limited. This is because his world is limited to food and play. He has not seen realities of life. On the other hand parents have undergone through ups and downs of life. They have seen impact of certain actions and thus have accumulated wisdom.

Parents want their kids to achieve much more than they themselves could achieve. They always pass on their experiences to their kids which prepares them to face the world.

Therefore keeping trust in one’s parents is rewarding.


Effect of Peer Pressure on Children

Good Morning everyone.

A child is like clay. His world is too small. It includes their parents and friends. But child is a good observer. So even this small child is conscious of his image, acceptance and appreciation. At this young age, it is very difficult for a child to accept rejection because he is not mature enough to handle realities of life. As a result, behaviour and action of his friends become most important for him.

Many times, a child learns new constructive things and habits in a very natural way. He learns social manners and importance of sharing. But if his friends do not have good habits, peer group might mislead him. He can start adopting bad habits like telling lies, stealing, etc. Even if the child knows whatever the others are doing is wrong, he is compelled to do the same out of peer pressure.

Thus, I conclude with the point that peer pressure can be very effective if the peer group consists of children who have good habits. But if the peer group has bad habits, then this may spoil children.


Answer: While narrating the story to Jo, jack noticed that expression of his daughter was similar to that of his wife. He did not like this expression. Jack advised Jo to pay attention to his story.  He advised this because he did not like woman to take him for granted.

Jo objected to wizard restoring the smell of Roger skunk to the original. Jack very curtly replied that it was his story and Jo needs to accept it. He probably was not allowed to interrupt his elders when he was a child.

When Jo criticized the mommy skunk, Jack objected to it as if Jo was criticizing his own mom. This too is reflection of his past.

Jo wanted Jack to tell a story wherein wizard hits the mommy and refuses to restore the smell.  Jack replied that mother always knows what is good for child.

Above incidents tell us that behavior of an adult is often impacted by their personal experiences during childhood.


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