English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 6 The Ghat of the only World – Textbook Questions and Answers Free Solution

THE GHAT OF THE ONLY WORLD – Textbook Questions

Answer: Shahid was a popular poet. He had written widely on many subjects.

Shahid was a good host. Many poets used to come to his house to talk about poetry. He ensured to serve them good food.

He loved his home town Srinagar and Kashmir. He used to visit Kashmir frequently. He wanted to die in Kashmir but he could not travel to Kashmir during his last days.

He accepted reality of life easily. He did not panic when he was diagnosed with cancer. Rather he went through his routine knowing well that his days were numbered.

He was a humourous person. His witty answers at Barcelona airport are testimony to this quality.

He was a good adorable teacher. His students had printed a magazine and dedicated the issue to him.

Thus Shahid was a gregarious and humourous poet. He loved his mother land.



Answer: The writer tried to console Shahid that his disease may get cured and he may live longer. Writer tried to reassure Shahid and asked him to be strong.

However Shahid was aware of seriousness of disease called cancer. He accepted that he may not live for long time. He requested the writer to write about him after he died.


Answer: Diaspora means a group of people who are spread from one country to another country or the act of such spreading. It also means a community of people who do not live in their own country but maintain their heritage in the new country.

We understand from the lesson that lot of people had travelled to and settled in USA. One of them was Shahid. His siblings and many other relatives too had settled in USA. At the Manhattan’s Baruch College many students of Indian origin studied.

The writer too had been staying in USA. Many poets used to gather at the residence of Shahid for a discussion on poetry. The food prepared used to of Indian style. Shahid used to frequently travel to Kashmir.

So we can say that many people from India were living in USA and they were attached to the motherland and its culture.



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