The Adventures of Toto Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 2 NCERT Moments


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Thinking about it

Answer: Grandfather saw a monkey with a tong-driver. He had tied it to a feeding trough. Grandfather thought it was not the right place for that little red monkey. He bought it from the tonga-driver for five rupees. He brought it home for his private zoo.



Answer: His eyes were bright and full of mischief. He had thick eyebrows. He teeth were sparkling white. Many ladies got afraid because of his teeth. His hands were dry and black. His fingers were quick and wicked. He had a long tail which he used effectively.


Answer: Grandfather was to go to Saharanpur to collect his pension. Toto was disturbing other animals kept in the private zoo. So Grandfather decided to take Toto with him.

A special black canvas bag was made for Toto. Some straw were spread at the bottom of the bag.  It was so strong that it Toto could not tear it nor could he take out his hands.  Toto was taken in this bag.

Ticket could be charged only for dog but no other animal. The ticket collector wanted to charge fare for Toto so he insisted on called him a dog.


Answer: During winter season my grandmother used to give hot water to Toto in a large container. It was for his bath. Toto. He would cleverly check temperature of water with his hand. Then he would slowly put one foot into water then the other. He would sit in water till water came upto his neck.  He would rub soap all over his body. When water became cold, he would come out of it. He would quickly run to the fire burning in the kitchen. He would sit there to dry himself.

One day a large pot was on the stove in the kitchen. It had water in it for making tea and bathing. Toto removed the lid of the utensil.  He noticed that water was adequately warm for taking bath. So he sat in that utensil. His body was immersed in water and his head was out of the water. He felt good till water started boiling. Toto got up in the utensil. His body was out of water. So he started feeling cold. He sat down in water to get warmth. He did this many times. Then Grandmother arrived in the kitchen. She pulled out Toto out of the utensil. Toto was half boiled till that time.


Answer: Toto was a naughty pet. Once he had almost burnt himself in water. He was not friendly with other animals.

He had caused damage to wall paper and blazer. He used to try to damage dress of aunt of author. Once he had forcibly eaten pullao. He had broken the plate and other utensils. The family of narrator were not well to do. Thus they could not afford the damage caused by Toto.

Hence the author has made above statement.



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