Weathering the Storm in Ersama Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 6 NCERT Moments


(Textbook Questions)

Think about it

Answer: The storm caused wide spread destruction. Most of the houses were destroyed. Many people and cattle lost their lives. Their dead bodies were floating in flood water. When water receded, the dead bodies were scattered all around. Those who survived had no shelter or home. They did not have food to fill their bellies. Children became orphan and many women became widows. Survival was very difficult. People were almost fully dependent on aid programmes being run by several institutions.

Overall the situation was very bad and frightening.



Answer: Prashant organized a group of youth and elderly people to pressurize the merchant to part with rice. He organized a team of young volunteers to clean filth, urine, vomit and carcasses from the area of shelter. They also took care of wounds and fractures of people who were injured.

He came up with a novel idea to indicate to the helicopter that people were hungry and needed food. Thereafter helicopter regularly dropped food packets.

He persuaded people to take care of each other. Foster families were formed of orphans and widows. He organized sports events for children and persuaded people to participate in food-for-work programmes.  

Thus Prashant helped people to pick up broken pieces of their life.



Answer: People formed a group to persuade merchant to part with rice. Another group cleaned the premises of the shelter. Yet another group took care of wounds and fractures of injured people.

Women adopted orphaned children to form foster families. They started working in food-for-work programmes.


Answer: People thought that orphaned children living in such institutions would grow without love. Widows living there would be suffering from social stigma and loneliness.

The people made foster families wherein childless widows adopted orphaned children. Now they had a family and were able to settle within community itself.



Answer: Prashant was definitely a good leader. He took initiatives to organize people for the benefit of themselves and the society. He ensured that immediate needs of people were met. The area was kept clean to avoid outbreak of any disease. He even persuaded people to form foster families for rehabilitation of orphaned children and widows.

Every natural calamity affects all classes of people. Their situation is grim. Young people can organize themselves in various groups to perform various tasks. This way all are benefited. Rehabilitation is quick and of sustainable nature.

Youth is always full of energy and brimming with confidence. Channelizing their power in right direction can benefit the society.



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