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Answer: Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac. He was a jolly person. He was not violent. He had earlier escaped from prison thrice. He was nicknamed ‘Evans the Break’. He had many good friends who were ready to help him to any extent. He was a very good planner. He appeared to be a bit over confident.



Answer: The previous evening, cell of Evans was thoroughly checked. Scissors, knife and nail file were taken away. All the pin ups were taken out. Razor was taken away next morning.

A device was installed to listen to talks happening in the cell. Governor himself was listening through a receiver. Governor was also keeping time.

McLeery the invigilator was frisked. Then his suitcase was checked. The paper knife was taken away.

The entry to wing had two doors. Both were locked. Door of the cell was locked.

A prison officer Stephens was deputed at the cell. He was looking in the cell every minute through peephole of the gate.

Another senior officer Jackson was deputed in the yard of the prison. He was constantly in touch with Stephens.

Above precautions were taken during the exam.



Answer: The exam started five minutes late. It started at 9:25 AM. A correction slip was issued at 9:40 AM for rectifying an error in the question paper. The exam was of two hours’ duration. Exam was over at 11:25 AM.



Answer: Exam was over at 11:25 AM. The Governor, on his receiver, heard the sound of doors getting shut. Stephens accompanied McLeery up to the gate to see him off. Everybody was relieved and happy that exam was over without any incident.

However they had a big surprise when Stephens again went to the cell. He found that McLeery’s head was bleeding.

Answer: The injured McLeery showed a paper to the Governor. Through this paper the Governor came to know about the route Evans would take. The injured McLeery went with the detective Carter to show him the way. But on the way he got down from the car to go to hospital. But he never reached the hospital.

Later Governor understood that the injured McLeery was Evans. And accompanying Carter was his plan to escape from the prison.

Answer: The clues left in the question paper indicated that Evans had gone to a hotel Golden Lion. The two digits number combined together gave the clue of the area where the hotel was situated. With help of these clues the Governor reached the hotel and arrested Evans.

However with the help of his colleagues, Evans again managed to escape from the hands of Governor.

Answer: Evans went to the Golden Lion hotel located in the Chipping Norton area. But he was caught there. However he managed to once again escape. This time he went towards Newbury area.

Answer: Evans had made a detailed plan to escape from the prison. Starting from his teacher, the invigilator, the correction slip and  upto staying in the prison as injured McLeery. He managed to deceive the detective Carter. However the Governor understood the clues indicted in the correction slip and caught Evans at the Golden Lion hotel.

But Evans had planned for this eventuality as well. He managed to escape in a fake prison van that was being driven by his friend.

Thus Evans had the last laugh in the story.


Answer: Evans was a good planner. He had assessed behaviour pattern of prison officials. When prison officers did not check authenticity of his German teacher, Evans understood that they are not so methodical. While preparing his escape plan he had taken advantage of their behaviour pattern.

Nobody bothered to check who the real McLeery was. The one who had gone outside or the one who had remained in the cell. Stephens made a quick judgement without checking and everybody accepted. It was much later that Governor could find the reality.

Criminals have lot of time at their hand to study behaviour pattern of officials and plan their activities. During an escape, jail officials are required to act immediately, to chase and catch the culprit. This is the main cause why criminals are able to outwit officials.

Answer: After catching Evans at the Golden Lion, it appears that the Governor had become overconfident. The Governor handed over Evans to prison officers to take him to the prison.

He did not check identity of van, its driver and the other official. This gave opportunity to Evans to escape. Also, if the Governor had himself accompanied Evans in the van, Evans would not have escaped once again.

So we can say that the Governor was just another good-for-a-giggle, gullible person.


Answer: Crime and criminals are two sides of the same coin. The person who has committed a crime must serve the punishment. We need not become inhuman but there is no need for sympathy.

However as soon a criminal is put into the custody we start thinking of him as a human being who deserves all the honour and sympathy. The whole outlook changes. Prison officers become emotional about their smallest considerations. As long the person behaves nicely, prison staff continues to be attached to the criminal.

Owing to human qualities present in the prison staff, they become sympathetic towards criminals.

Answer: After committing a crime, the criminal tries to evade his arrest. The criminal would try to remove all the clues and signs of his crime. At the same time police would try to collate all the clues and incidents. It turns out to be a mind game.

Similar is the case during prosecution. This too is based on reasoning, facts and clues.

Some criminals successfully escape from the prison while others are caught. In the story ‘Evans Tries An O-Level’ Evans outwitted prison authorities.

Therefore between crime and punishment it is a battle of wits.


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