English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. What is name of the person who had pistol in his hand?

Answer: Max

2. Between Fowler and Ausable, who entered the room later?

Answer: Ausable.

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘genuine’?

Answer: Authentic

4. What was profession of Fowler?

Answer: Fowler was a writer.




Answer: Ausable

2. Berlin is capital of which country?

Answer: Germany.

3. Why Max had come there?

Answer: Max wanted to take away an important report about new missiles.

4. How did Max got into the room?

Answer: Max had used a pass-key to open the room.




1. Who are listeners of above extract?

Answer: Max and Fowler

2. Where was this line spoken?

Answer: In Ausable’s room

3. What is the meaning of phrase ‘you can bet on it’?

Answer: You can be sure about it.

4. Which management is being referred to in the extract?

Answer: Management of hotel.

1. Who does ‘you’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Fowler

2. What type of paper Ausable waiting for?

Answer: It is a report about new missiles.

3. What is meaning of phrase ‘take cheer’?

Answer: Be happy

4. Where were the two men going when this conversation took place?

Answer: They were going to the hotel room of Ausable.




1. Why Max got afraid?

Answer: Max got afraid at turning of the knob. He understood that police was about to enter the room.

2.Who was at the door?

Answer: Henry the waiter was at the door.

3. What is meaning of word ‘swiftly’?

Answer: Quickly

4. Which word in the extract means ‘high pitched sound’?

Answer: Shrilly.

Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: Ausable convinced Max that there was police at the door. He also convinced Max about the balcony at his window. Max jumped to the balcony to hide himself from police. Actually there was no balcony. Max fell on the ground from sixth floor and died.




Answer: Fowler was a writer who had come to meet a secret agent. He had an impression that they were smart, had pistol in their hand and were surrounded by beautiful ladies. He found Ausable a fat and conventional person. Hence he was disappointed.

Answer: Ausable told that it must be police. He had asked police to check on him because he wanted to have protection during receipt of the important paper.




Answer: Ausable remained calm and composed. He quickly made a plan to get rid of Max. He executed his plan to the perfection and killed Max without using any weapon.

Answer: Max’s face turned black with anger because he thought that his plan of getting the important paper might not succeed.

Max asked Asuable to send the police back otherwise he would shoot to take his chance.




Answer: Ausable narrated that his room was part of an apartment which was divided some time ago. He quoted earlier instances and his complaint to the hotel management.

This narration was done with so much conviction that Max easily believed it.

Answer: Henry the waiter had actually knocked at the door. He had brought a tray, two glasses and a bottle of wine. Asuable had ordered these while coming to his room.




Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: On several occasions one would face situation that had not been foreseen. Life normally takes a turn without giving any advance indications. Such events would surprise us to a great extent and catch us off the guard.

In those circumstances remaining calm is an important virtue. This helps us to collate the current situation with forthcoming events. Through our presence of mind we can retrieve the situation to our own advantage.

In the story ‘The Midnight Visitor’, Ausable had not anticipated presence of Max. He remained calm, did not get irritated or lost his patience. Quickly he devised a plan to get rid of Max and executed it to perfection.


Answer: Fowler had an impression that secret agents were smart, had pistol in their hand and were surrounded by beautiful ladies. He found Ausable a fat and conventional person. Hence he was disappointed.

When Fowler and Ausable entered the room of the hotel, a person was sitting there. Max had a gun in his hand. Now Fowler had the first authentic thrill.

Max and Ausable both wanted to take possession of an important document. Ausable quickly understood the situation. He narrated the story about balcony with great conviction. Max took it as a true story. Ausable then related knock at the door with presence of police. Max jumped into the balcony to hide himself but got killed.

Fowler was impressed by the calmness and presence of mind of Ausable. So at the end of the story, Fowler had some thrilling experience.

Answer: Ausable could easily read what image of secret agents Fowler had in his mind. He understood that Fowler was disappointed to meet him. Reading of mind is an essential trait of a secret agent.

When he entered his room Max was already in his room. He did not express his irritation nor did he lose his temper.

He created a convincing story about existence of balcony at the window of his room. This was part of his plan to co-relate the next event.

When there was knock at the door, he coolly said that it was police. He also said that police had come on his request.

Deceived by these two stories, Max jumped into a nonexistent balcony. He fell on the ground from sixth floor and died. Asuable thus eliminated his rival without use of a weapon.

Hence Ausable was a clever secrete agent.



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