English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at School Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)

Reading With Insight


Discussion with history teacher –

From this discussion we understand that the curriculum of the school required that students should learn facts and dates by heart. Albert was not interested in memorsing facts and dates. He was more interested in knowing why a certain event took place. Thus we can infer that Einstein was more interested in learning logics of an event or fact.

Discussion with maths teacher –

The maths teacher had a good opinion about Einstein. He thought that Einstein knew much more that he himself knew. He even thought that very soon Einstein could learn so much to teach him. He  gave a letter of reference to Einstein. So we can infer that Einstein liked to study maths and he was considered very good at maths.

Discussion with head teacher –

The head teacher considered Einstein a problem for the school. The head teacher regarded that Einstein’s behaviour and thoughts were not conducive for maintaining discipline in the class. We understand from the discussion that Einstein was the only one to think differently in the school. Thus he was asked to leave the school.



Answer: School is a medium of mass education. Curriculum is prepared for the good of students in general. During subsequent classes, it is updated to impart education within a limited sphere. Students are motivated and taught to achieve certain level of proficiency.

These days when number of students have been increasing in every class, variation in learning abilities too has a wide range. A teacher has an objective to ensure that every student learns as per the curriculum.

This objective leave hardly any opportunity to talented students to go beyond the prescribed curriculum in the class room. Nor is the teacher interested in designing additional study material for a small group of students.

Thus quite often, the individual talent gets curbed.


Answer: Information gathering is collection of facts, events and dates to know about events or developments. It simply means what had happened, when it happened and who made it happen.

While insight information lays emphasis on logical reasons that cause certain events or movements to occur. It means to explore why and how a certain event or development had taken place.



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