English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)

Reading With Insight

Answer: The story does not describe any breathless adventure. It is a narration of view point, imagination and conduct of two kids.

Both the kids were passionate about riding a horse. Mourad had enjoyed riding the horse alone for about a month. But later he invited his cousin Aram also to ride the horse. This indicates bonding within the family.

Kids were aware that their conduct was not correct. But to pursue their passion, they fabricate some wrong logic. This gives an indication of child psychology.

The kids have firm faith in their family values. When the farmer praises honesty and prestige of their family, boys immediately return the horse.

Description of above aspects in a simple manner and natural setting keeps reader attached to the story.




Answer: The boys knew in their hearts that taking away the horse from John Byro was not ethical. But they had a strong passion to ride a horse. So they fabricated a wrong logic to justify their action. Thus it is difficult to say that they were conscience-stricken.

They were riding the horse in early morning hours. They did not have the courage to ride in broad daylight or in the presence of villagers. Therefore they were certainly afraid at least to some extent.

The most important aspect was their firm belief in family values and prestige of family. John Byro had solicited this feeling among the two boys when the boys ran into him with the horse.

In order to maintain the prestige of their family, the boys returned the horse.




Answer: Students should answer this question themselves



Answer: Students should refer to atlas to locate Armenia.

According to the story, Garoghlanian tribe is believed to be about 11 centuries old. During earlier days they were considered to be the wealthiest tribe in their country. Being honest is the biggest virtue of this tribe.

They are native of a country called Armenia. Many people had shifted from their native town to other parts of the country. It was primarily in search of livelihood. They were still proud of their homeland.

The story indiactes Garoghlanian tribes is now poverty-stricken. Every person of the tribe was living in abject poverty. They did not have any means to earn money and support themselves.

They have continued to value being honest as the most important aspect of their life. They rate this virtue much above being right or wrong. They appear to be quite social people. They believed in mingling with each other.

Finally, they believed in respecting each other be it young or elder. This has been illustrated by behaviour of John Byro towards the two boys. Aram’s mother also displays sympathy to Jhon Byro.




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