English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 7 Birth Extra Questions and Answers Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions

BIRTH – Extra Questions


Extract Based Questions

EB 1. Andrew, abruptly recalled from the contemplation of his own affairs, told Morgan to wait. He went into the house for his bag, then together they set out for Number 12 Blaina Terrace. The night air was cool and deep with quiet mystery. Usually so perceptive, Andrew now felt dull and listless. He had no premonition that this night call would prove unusual, still less that it would influence his whole future in Blaenelly.

(i) Why did Andrew told Morgan to wait?

(a) he was worried about his own affairs

(b) he wanted to establish his superiority

(c) he wanted to collect his bags

(d)none of the above

Answer: (c)

(ii) How is the night air described?

(a) cool

(b) deep

(c) mysterious

(d) all the above

Answer: (d)

(iii) Where did Morgan live?

(a) 12, Blaina Terrace

(b) 12, Main terrace

(c) 12, Blower Terrace

(d) 12, Bylane Terrace

Answer: (a)

(iii) Which of the following describes emotion of Andrew while he was walking with Morgan?

(a) perceptive

(b) dull

(c) listless

(d) both (b) and (c)

Answer: (d)

(iv) Based on the extract, please classify following in facts and opinion

  1. Probably Andrew was used to night calls
  2. I think initially, Andrew was engrossed in his own thoughts.
  3. Andrew had to collect bags from the house. I think it was a must
  4. Andrew was usually dull and listless
  5. Andrew was aware about the consequence of his visit

(a) F – 1,2,3 and O- 4,5

(b) F – 1,3 and O – 2,4,5

(c) F – 1,3,4 and O – 2,5

(d) F – 3,4,5 and O -1,2

Answer: (b)

EB 2. He knew, too, that the case here would demand all his attention. A queer lethargy of spirit came upon him. He decided to remain until everything was over. An hour later he went upstairs again, noted the progress made, came down once more, sat by the kitchen fire. It was still, except for the rustle of a cinder in the grate and the slow tick-tock of the wall clock. No, there was another sound —the beat of Morgan’s footsteps as he paced in the street outside.

(i) The above extract has been taken from which of the following chapter?

(a) The Adventure

(b) Birth

(c) The Address

(d) Mother’s Day

Answer: (b)

(ii) To whom does the word ‘he’ refer to in above extract?

(a) Morgan

(b) Andrew

(c) Father of Morgan

(d) Father of Andrew

Answer: (b)

(iii) Which of the following sound was not audible to Andrew?

(a) tick-tock of the wall clock

(b) rustle of cinder

(c) footsteps of Morgan

(d) heartbeats of the old woman

Answer: (d)

(iv) Where was Andrew not sitting?

(a) in the kitchen

(b) upstairs

(c) downstairs

(c) in the house

Answer: (b)

(v) Based on the extract please classify following as fact and abstract

  1. Andrew was sitting inside the house
  2. I believe Andrew stayed there for less than an hour
  3. Andrew was sitting by the fire in the lobby
  4. There were multiple sounds in the house

(a) F – 1,2 and O – 3,4

(b) F – 1,4 and O – 2,3

(c) F – 2,3 and ) – 1,4

(d) F – 1,3 and O- 2,4

Answer: (b)


EB 3. He let his chin sink upon his chest, stretched out his legs, stared broodingly into the fire. He remained like this so long, and his thoughts were so filled with Christine, that he started when the old woman opposite suddenly addressed him. Her meditation had pursued a different course.  “Susan said not to give her the chloroform if it would harm the baby. She’s awful set upon this child, Doctor, bach.” Her old eyes warmed at a sudden thought. She added in a low tone: “Ay, we all are, I fancy.”

(i) What was the posture Andrew took for relaxing?

(b) sink his chin into his chest

(b) stretched out his legs

(c) stared broodingly into the fire

(d) all the above

Answer: (a)

(ii) About whom Andrew had been thinking?

(a) Morgan

(b) Susan

(c) Christine

(d) The nurse

Answer: (c)

(iii) Who wanted to avoid chloroform?

(a) Morgan

(b) Susan

(c) Christine

(d) Andrew

Answer: (c)

(iv) Who is Susan?

(a) Friend of Andrew

(b) Wife of Morgan

(c) daughter in law of the old woman

(d) both (b) and (c)

Answer: (d)

(v) Who among the following did not live in the house Andrew was sitting?

(a) Susan

(b) Morgan

(c) Christine

(d) The old lady

Answer: (c)


EB 4. He hesitated, torn between his desire to attempt to resuscitate the child, and his obligation towards the mother, who was herself in a desperate state. The dilemma was so urgent he did not solve it consciously. Blindly, instinctively, he gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to Susan Morgan who now lay collapsed, almost pulseless, and not yet out of the ether, upon her side. His haste was desperate, a frantic race against her ebbing strength. It took him only an instant to smash a glass ampule and inject the medicine.

(i) Whom did Andrew decide to save first?

(a) the child

(b) Susan

(c) himself

(d) nurse

Answer: (b)

(ii) How did Andrew solve his dilemma?

(a) blindly

(b) consciously

(c) instinctively

(d) both (a) and (c)

Answer: (d)

(iii) What was the condition of Susan?

(a) collapsed

(b) almost pulseless

(c) not yet out of ether

(d) all the above

Answer: (d)

(iv) Based on the extract please classify following as fact and opinion

  1. I think the child was dead
  2. Andrew should have tried to first save the child
  3. But Andrew decided to first save Susan
  4. Andrew very quickly gave an injection to Susan

(a) F – 1,2 and O – 3,4

(b) F – 1, 3,4 and O – 2

(c) F – 1,3 and O – 2,4

(d) F – 1, 4 and O- 2,3

Answer: (b)

(v) An expression ‘a frantic race against her ebbing strength’ has been used in the extract. Which of the following does not represent correct use of ‘a frantic race’

(a) a frantic race against Covid

(b) a frantic race against time to complete the curriculum

(c) a frantic race against time to reach destination within time

(d) a frantic race to eat fruits to become stronger

Answer: (d)


EB 5. “Where’s the child?”

The midwife made a frightened gesture. She had placed it beneath the bed.

In a flash Andrew knelt down. Fishing amongst the sodden newspapers below the bed, he pulled out the child. A boy, perfectly formed. The limp, warm body was white and soft as tallow. The cord, hastily slashed, lay like a broken stem. The skin was of a lovely texture, smooth and tender. The head lolled on the thin neck. The limbs seemed boneless.

(i) Why had the midwife placed child below the bed?

(a) child’s bed was below the bed

(b) child was born dead

(c) there no other place to keep the child

(d) none of the above

Answer: (b)

(ii) Which of the following activities Andrew had to do to get the child?

(a) knelt down

(b) searched amongst newspapers

(c) pulled out the child

(d) all the above

Answer: (d)

(iii) Which of the following has not been described about the child?

(a) his body was soft

(b) his skin was rough

(c) his limbs seemed boneless

(d) his body was warm

Answer: (b)

(iv) Based on the extract, please classify following as fact and opinion.

  1. The nurse should not have placed the child beneath the bed.
  2. Andrew was quick to kneel down and search for the child
  3. Skin of the child was smooth and tender
  4. Andrew was certainly a good doctor

(a) F – 1,2 and O -3,4

(b) F – 1,3 and O -2,4

(c) F – 2,3 and O – 1,4

(d) F – 1,4 and O- 2,3

Answer: (b)


EB 6. He felt the midwife watching him in stark consternation, while there, pressed back against the wall where she had all the time remained —her hand pressed to her throat, uttering no sound, her eyes burning upon him —was the old woman. He remembered her longing for a grandchild, as great as had been her daughter’s longing for this child. All dashed away now; futile, beyond remedy… The floor was now a draggled mess.

(i) What was the midwife doing?

(a) she was watching Andrew

(b) she was sleeping

(c) she was looking out

(d) her eyes were closed

Answer: (a)

(ii) Which of the following has not been described about the old woman?

(a) her hand was pressed to her throat

(b) she was sitting near her daughter

(c) she was silent

(d) she was intently looking at Andrew

Answer: (b)

(iii) The longings of the old woman were now

(a) dashed

(b) futile

(c) beyond remedy

(d) all the above

Answer (d)

(iv) Based on the extract please classify following as fact and opinion

  1. Midwife should have helped Andrew
  2. The old woman did not make any move
  3. I believe Andrew needed some rest
  4. The old woman wished to have a grandchild
  5. Mother might have been quite anxious.
  6. It was necessary to clean the floor

(a) F – 2,4 and O -1,3,5,6

(b) F – 2,4,5 and O – 1,3,6

(c) F – 1,3,5 and O -2,4,6

(d) one of the above

Answer: (a)


EB 7. And then, as by a miracle, the pigmy chest, which his hands enclosed, gave a short, convulsive heave, another… and another… Andrew turned giddy. The sense of life, springing beneath his fingers after all that unavailing striving, was so exquisite it almost made him faint. He redoubled his efforts feverishly. The child was gasping now, deeper and deeper. A bubble of mucus came from one tiny nostril, a joyful iridescent bubble. The limbs were no longer boneless. The head no longer lay back spinelessly. The blanched skin was slowly turning pink.

(i) Which of the following word used in the extract has a meaning similar to ‘pigmy’?

(a) miracle

(b) giddy

(c) tiny

(d) mucus

Answer: (c)

(ii) Why did Andrew redouble his efforts?

(a) there was little hope for the life of child

(b) some signs of life started emerging in the child

(c) the child was not responding to his treatment

(d) the child was still a still mass

Answer: (b)

(iii) Which of the following indicated that the child was coming to life?

  1. the child gave a convulsive heaved
  2. the child cried
  3. the child started gasping
  4. the limbs were boneless
  5. a bubble of mucus came from one nostril

(a) 1,2,3

(b) 1,3,5

(c) 2,3,4

(d) 3,4,5

Answer: (b)

(iv)What was the change in the colour of skin?

(a) from blue to pink

(b) from pale to pink

(c) from black to pink

(d) from green to pink

Answer: (b)

(v) An expression ‘The limbs were no longer boneless’ has been used in the extract. Which of the following is not the correct use of phrase ‘no longer’

(a) I no longer laughed

(b) I was no longer sad

(c) I was no longer working

(d) none of the above

Answer: (d)


Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

SA 1. Why Joe had come to the house of Andrew?

Answer: Joe and his wife were expecting their first child. Condition of his wife Susan had deteriorated that night. So Joe had come to take Andrew to his house for treatment of his wife.



SA 2.Why Susan’s mother offered tea to Andrew? How did Andrew respond to her?

Answer: Susan’s mother had realised that birth of child will take some more time. She feared that Andrew may not stay so long. Hence she offered him tea.

Andrew assured her that he will not go away before birth of the child.


SA 3. While waiting in the kitchen, what sounds were heard by Andrew?

Answer: Andrew heard rustle of cinder on the grate and slow tick-tock of the wall clock. He also heard footsteps of Joe who was pacing back and forth in the street. Other than these , everything was still.



SA 4. ‘Her thoughts had pursued a different course’? Bring out difference in thoughts of the old woman and that of Andrew.

Answer: Andrew had been thinking about the failed marriage of some people living at Cardiff station. He also thought of Christine.

The old woman was thinking about her daughter. She informed Andrew that Susan wanted to avoid chloroform because it might harm the baby.


SA 5.What was the dilemma Andrew faced? What was his decision?

Answer: The child was stillborn, At the same time condition of Susan had also become critical. He could pay attention to any of the two. This was his dilemma.

He decided to first pay attention to Susan.



SA 6.What did Andrew do to save life of Susan Morgan?

Answer: Soon after birth of child Susan became almost without pulse. Andrew took out an ampule. He filled medicine in a hypodermic syringe and injected Susan. He worked feverishly for about fifteen minutes on Susan. She was brought out of danger.


SA 7. In the opinion of Andrew, what was wrong with the new born baby?

Answer: The child was stillborn. It appeared soft, white and boneless. The skin was smooth and tender. His head lolled on his neck. His colour was yellow. Andrew realized that the child was suffering from asphyxia pallid.



SA 8.Why was Andrew dull and listless on that evening?

Answer: At the Cardiff station, that evening he had come to know about many marriages that had failed. It was very difficult for him to understand such failures.

He and his girl friend Christine did not go well that evening.

Hence he was dull and listless.


SA 9. Why Morgan family was so tense on that evening?

Answer: Joe and Susan were married since twenty years. They were expecting their first baby. Condition of Susan had deteriorated that evening.

Mother of Susan was also worried about her daughter and her yet to be born grandchild.

Thus the Morgan family was tense.



SA 10. Describe conduct of the midwife during that evening?

Answer: The midwife did not conduct herself true to her profession. She pushed the stillborn child below the bed. She did not help Andrew while he was trying to resuscitate the child. Though she was happy when Andrew was successful.


SA 11. How did Andrew revive the child?

Answer: Andrew filled two basins with water – one with cold water and the other with hot water. He placed the child alternately in each basin. He rubbed the chest of child with a rough towel , crushed and released the chest many times.

Through these methods life of child was revived.



Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

LA 1. Revival of Susan and her child was the most satisfying experience of life for Andrew. What miraculous things happened that night? Please describe.

Answer: On that day Andrew had gone to the house of Joe Morgan to help his wife deliver a child.

After a long wait the child was born. But it was a stillborn child. Condition of Susan also deteriorated. She had become almost pulse less. Andrew first focused her attention to Susan. He gave her an injection and made feverish efforts to make her pulse stable. She soon became stable.

Andrew filled two basins with water – one with hot water and the other with cold water. He put the child alternately in each basin. He rubbed chest of the child with a rough towel , crushed and released the chest many times. Heartbeat of child was finally revived.

Neither the old man nor the midwife believed what had occurred. They both were happy. Andrew was content because he could keep his promise to Joe and the old lady.

Certainly it was the most satisfying work by Andrew.




LA 2. Justify the tile of the text ‘Birth’. Please suggest an alternate title for the text.

Answer: The story starts with Joe Morgan who had come to take Dr. Andrew to his home. Joe and Susan were married for 20 years and they were expecting a child.

After a long wait, Susan gives birth to a still born child. Condition of Susan deteriorates. She became almost pulse less. Andrew first focused her attention to Susan. He gave her an injection and stabilized her condition.

Then Andrew filled two basins with water – one with hot water and other with cold water. He put the child alternately in each basin. He rubbed chest of the child , crushed and released the chest many times. Heartbeat of child was finally revived.

The story makes reader feel that birth of a child is rebirth of the mother as well.

Andrew had the most satisfying work of his life. So we can say it was a birth of his confidence.

Hence the title of the text is justified.

An alternate title of the text can be ‘God helps those who help themselves’.



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