(Explanation, Meaning of Difficult Words)

Author – Jerome K Jerome

Word Meaning
Pride myself on I am proud of

I told them I would do packing. I am proud of my ability to do packing. I feel my knowledge about packing is more than  that of any other person who is alive. It is a surprise for me to know there are so many other similar thing as well. Author wants to say that he is better than anybody else in many things.



Word Meaning
Impressed upon Explained, Made others understand
The had better leave the whole matter They should leave the whole matter
Fell into the suggestion Accepted the suggestion
Uncanny Strange
Cocked Raised

I explained my ability to George and Harris. I suggested that they should leave the task of packing fully to me. They immediately accepted my suggestion. This was quite strange. George sat on the easy chair – spread himself. Harris raised his legs to put his legs on the table. Author wants to say that now he was left alone to do the packing.



Word Meaning
Hardly Barely
Intended Desired, Wanted
Of course Certainly
Boss the job Supervise the work
Potter about Doing physical work
Directions Instructions

But this was not my desire. Certainly I wanted that I should supervise the job giving instructions. George and Harris should obey my instructions and do the work accordingly. From time to time I wanted to show them how to do a particular activity. I wanted to motivate them by appreciating their work. I wanted to encourage them and teach them.



Word Meaning
Taking it in Understanding
Irritated Annoyed

But the way they understood me, annoyed me. It irritates me a lot when I am doing work and others around me are doing nothing.



Word Meaning
Loll Relax
By the hours together Continuously for many hours
Messing about Working

Those days I used to share my accommodation with another person. I used to get annoyed by his actions. He used to relax on sofa continuously for many hours. He would watch me while I would be doing work. He accepted that he liked to watch me work. But I am not that kind of a person.



Word Meaning
Sit still Sit idle, Not doing any work
Slaving and working Working very hard
Superintend Supervise
Energetic Full of energy
I can’t help it I cannot avoid it

I cannot sit idle. I cannot merely watch a person who is working hard. I would like to get up and supervise his work. I would walk around the work area with my hands in my pocket. I will advise him what to do so that work is done nicely. I cannot avoid it. This is my nature. I think I am full of energy.



Word Meaning
Got the bag finished Completed packing of bag
Strapped it Closed the bag

But this time I did not say anything to George and Harris. I had not anticipated that the work would take so much time. It took more time than I had guessed. Finally I completed packing of bag. I sat on the bag and closed it.



Word Meaning
Boots Shoes
Make me so wild Make me very angry

Harris asked me if I would not be putting the boots in the bag. I realised that I had forgotten to pack these in the bag. This is the nature of Harris. He did not say anything earlier. He reminded me only after I had closed the bag. George laughed. His laughter irritated me. I thought he had gone mad. Such acts make me very angry indeed.



Word Meaning
Horrible Fearful

I opened the bag. I packed the boots into the bag. When I was about to close the bag a fearful idea came to me. I asked myself if I had packed my toothbrush. I am never able to recall if I had packed my toothbrush.



Word Meaning
Haunts Repeatedly give troubles
Misery Full of trouble
Cold perspiration State of extreme worry
Hunt Search

Whenever I am travelling, toothbrush gives me repeated troubles. My travelling is full of trouble because of it. In my dreams I see that I have not packed my toothbrush. I get extremely worried and wake up from my sleep. I get out of bed and start searching for the toothbrush.



Word Meaning
Wrapped Covered

In the morning I would pack my toothbrush before I had brushed my teeth. So I would have to unpack my luggage again to get it back. I could always find it after removing everything from the bag. Then I would repack my bag but would forget to pack my toothbrush. Just before my departure, I would remember about it. I will run towards upper floor to pick my toothbrush. Now there would not be enough time to pack the toothbrush in the bag. So I would cover it in my pocket handkerchief. Then I would move for the railway station.



Word Meaning
Every mortal thing Everything that exists
Turn out Discover, Find out
Rummaged Search hurriedly
Chaos reigned Unsystematic ways prevailed

Please believe me that I had to find out almost everything that exist in this world. Author wants to say that he had misplaced almost everything sometime or the other. I searched for those things in a way people used to search in ancient times. During those days unsystematic ways prevailed. Author wants to say that he is very haphazard in searching things.



I found toothbrushes of Harris and of George. I found them eighteen time. But I could not find my own toothbrush. I started putting things once again into the bad – one by one.  Before putting back I was shaking each item. Through this method I found my tooth brush in a boot. I repacked everything once again.



Word Meaning
I did not care a hang I did not bother at all
Slammed Shut with loud voice

When I had completed packing, George asked me if I had put the soap  in the bag. I replied that I did not care at all about the soap. I shut the bag with a loud voice and locked it. After that I recollected that I had packed my spectacles in the bag. I had to open the bag once again.



Word Meaning
Hamper Small basket
Rest Remaining
Had better do the rest Should do the remaining work
Had a go Enjoyed it, Liked it

The bag was finally closed at 10:05 PM. But three baskets were yet to be packed. Harris suggested that we should leave after about 12 hours. Harris thought that he and George should do the balance packing. I agreed for this. I sat down. They started their work.



Word Meaning
Light hearted spirit Casually, Not serious
Intending Desiring

George and Harris started doing packing of those three baskets. They were doing it casually. They wanted to demonstrate to me how to do packing. I did not say anything. I merely waited.



Word Meaning
Pile Stack, Heap
Exciting Interesting

Author feels that Harris is the worst packer in this world. George is even worse than Harris. There were stacks of crockery and eatable to be packed. I felt very soon the situation would be very interesting. Author anticipated that they could soon get into trouble.



They did get into trouble. Frist they broke a cup. They broke it to show that they were capable to break crockery. This was their method of drawing attention towards them.



Word Meaning
Squashed Became flat, Squeezed

After that incident, Harris put the strawberry jam on top of a tomato. The tomato became flat. They had to remove the flat tomato using a spoon.



Word Meaning
Trod on Stepped on

This time George got into the trouble. He stepped on butter. I did not speak anything. I came closer to them and sat on the edge on the table. I continued to observe their work. They became annoyed. If I had said anything, they would have been less annoyed. I could feel that.



Word Meaning
Pies Pastry
Smashed Flattened, Broke

Because I was sitting at the table, they became nervous and irritated. Many times they stepped on things. Sometimes they put some items behind them. They could not find those when they needed. They put pastries at the bottom and put heavy things on it. So pastries were spoilt.



They spread salt all over the place. What happened to butter is a story. I do not think they had ever handled butter in their life. Probably they had handled only small quantity of butter.



Word Meaning
Got it off Removed it
Scrape Remove layer by layer

George had removed butter from his slippers. The tired to put it into a kettle. All the butter did not go in. And what had gone in did not come out. They tried to remove it layer by layer. They were putting these layers on a chair. Harris sat on the chair. Butter stuck on him. They were searching for butter everywhere in the room.



George said that he was sure he had put butter on the chair. He was looking at the chair which did not have anything now. Harris agreed with George. They started moving around the room. They were searching for butter. They met at the centre of the room. They looked at each other.



Word Meaning
Extraordinary Strange, Unusual
Mysterious Curious, Puzzling

George said that it was the most unusual thing to happen. Harris agreed. He was puzzled. Then George went around and saw back of Harris.



Word Meaning
Indignantly Angrily
Stand still Do not move
Roared Shouted
Got it off Removed it

George noticed butter at the back of Harris. Now he knew where the butter had been. Harris turned around and asked where the butter was. George shouted and ordered Harris not to move. He removed the butter. They placed it in the teapot.



Word Meaning
Montmorency Name of the pet dog they had
Be sworn at Get the curse

Then Montmorency entered the room. It was his habit to obstruct any work that was being done. He would be cursed for his poor habit.



Word Meaning
Squirm in Intrude, Move in when not wanted
Nuisance Problem, Reason of annoyance

Montmorency would usually come to places where he was not required. He was a perfect reason for getting annoyed. People will get angry. They used to throw things at him to hit him. When such things happened, Montmorency thought he has utilized his days.



Word Meaning
Stumble Fall, Trip
Accomplishing Achieving
Conceit Pride

If somebody tripped over him and cursed him, Montmorency thought he had achieved his aim. Whenever he succeeds in doing so, he becomes proud of himself. His pride increases.



Word Meaning
Laboured Worked
Damp Wet

Montmorency came to the room. He sat on things that were to be packed. He sat on things just when these were required for packing. Somehow Montmorency developed a belief. When George or Harris wanted to pick up anything for packing, he thought they wanted to touch his nose.



Word Meaning
Worried Bothered
Pretended Acted
Hamper A basket for carrying food
Land him with the frying-pan Hit him with a frying pan

Montmorency put his legs into jam. Then he disturbed all the teaspoons. He thought lemons were rats. So he put his mouth into the lemon basket, bit into three lemons. Harris hit him with a frying pan.



Harris said that I was encouraging Montmorency to do such nuisance. I did not encourage him. Actually a dog like Montmorency does need any encouragement. He had a natural tendency within him to create problems.



Word Meaning
Reflection Thought

Packing was completed at 12:50 in the night. Harris sat on the big basket. He said he hoped nothing was broken in the basket. George said that if anything was to be broken, it has broken now. The thought of something breaking gave him some pleasure.



George wanted to sleep. We all wanted to sleep. Harris was also going to sleep at our house. So we went upstairs for getting some sleep.



We had only two beds. So we tossed for beds. Harris and I would sleep on the same bed. Harris asked me if I used blankets or covers while sleeping. I said I do use covers. Harris found it strange.



George asked us what time he should wake us up. Harris wanted to get up at seven. I wanted to get up at six because I wanted to write some letters.



Harris and I had a small argument about time. Finally we agreed to take mean of two times. We asked George to wake us up at 06:30.



George did not give any answer. So we went closer to him. We found that he had already slept. So we place a pot full of water near his bed. When he gets up, he will trip because of it. Then we went to sleep.


[an extract from Three Men in a Boat]






Poet – Edward Lear


Word Meaning
“Good gracious! An expression to express surprise
Hop Jump
Nasty Unpleasant
Poetic Devices
Said the Duck to the Kangaroo Repetition
Good gracious! how you hop! Alliteration
Over the fields and the water too, Repetition

A duck was surprised to see how easily a kangaroo could jump. It narrates its surprise. How easily kangaroo could jump over the field as well as over water bodies. It seemed to duck that kangaroo never stops jumping. Duck says that it is bored to always be within the unpleasant pond. And I cannot go out of this pond. The duck has a wish to jump like a kangaroo.




Word Meaning
Quite still Without moving
Quack Sound of duck
Dee It is an island in Antarctica
Jelly Bo Lee It is an imaginary place
Poetic Devices
Said the Duck to the Kangaroo Repetition
I would sit quite still, and say nothing but ‘Quack’ Alliteration
The whole of the long day through! Repetition
And we’d go to the Dee, and the Jelly Bo Lee Repetition
Over the land, and over the sea Repetition

The duck requested the kangaroo to give it a ride on his back. The duck promised to kangaroo that throughout the day it will not make any movement while sitting on its back. It will only quack to let kangaroo know that it is with him. The Duck requested kangaroo to take her to Dee islands. The duck also wants to go to an imaginary place Jelly Bo Lee. We will fly over the land and fly over the seas. Please give me a ride.




Word Meaning
Reflection Thought
On the whole Over all
Let me speak so bold Allow me to speak without hesitation
Unpleasantly Ugly
Roo-Matiz Rheumatism – a disease that causes pain
Poetic Devices
Said the Kangaroo to the Duck, Repetition
This requires some little reflection Alliteration
Perhaps on the whole it might bring me luck Alliteration
And there seems but one objection, Alliteration

Kangaroo replied to the duck that he would need to think about the request. If I accept your request, probably it will bring good luck to me.  But I do have objections or concerns. I will tell these to you if you allow me to be speak without any hesitation. First point is that your feet are ugly, cold and wet. If you sit on me with wet feet, my body may develop lot of pain.




Word Meaning
Worsted A kind of woollen cloth
Web-feet Feet having webs
Cloak A kind of long coat
Poetic Devices
Said the Duck, “As I sat on the rocks, Repetition
I have thought over that completely, Alliteration

Duck informs the kangaroo that she has thought about his objections. She came out of the pond and sat on a rock to find a solution. I have purchased four pairs of socks. These are made of woollen cloths. These fit nicely to my feet. So my feet will not cause any harm to you. I have purchased a long coat. I will wear this while I sit on your back. Every day I will smoke a cigar. These two activities will keep me warm. I have decided to follow above plan because I respect you and I love my dear kangaroo.




Word Meaning
Moonlight pale Night that had yellow light of moon
Bound Big leap, Big jump
Poetic Devices
dear Duck, sit steady! Alliteration
So away they went with a hop and a bound Alliteration
And who so happy — O who Repetition

After knowing preparations made by the duck, kangaroo agreed to take duck on the world tour. They started their journey in the night. In the yellow light of the moon, everything looked yellow. Kangaroo advised the duck that she should not move while sitting on him. Duck should sit towards the end of the tail of kangaroo. These two thing will help him maintain the balance. So kangaroo jumped a little and then took a big leap. They moved around the world three times. And who became happy. The duck and kangaroo both became happy.



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