English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Vistas Chapter 6 On The Face Of It Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)


Multiple Choice Questions

(i) Is perception of ‘house’ same for the two people mentioned in the extract?

(a) Yes

(b) Cannot be inferred

(c) No

(d) None of the above

Answer: (c)


(ii) Based on following statements, please select the correct option –

Statement 1: Derry thought it was an empty house      

Statement 2: Lamb says that Derry had climbed the garden wall

(a) Derry had wished seeing Lamb

(b) Derry had missed seeing Lamb

(c) Derry and Lamb both were testing vision of each other

(d) Derry had intention of meeting Lamb

Answer: (b)


(iii) Why did Lamb want to stay in the garden?

(a) Lamb considered it a beautiful day.

(b) Lamb did not want to stay indoors on beautiful days

(c) Neither (a) nor (b)

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Answer: (d)


(iv) ‘I don’t mind who comes into the garden.’ In which of the following option, the underlined words cannot be replaced by ‘mind’?

(a) Marry would seldom bother about the noise in the street

(b) If quality of the product is good, who would care paying a bit extra?

(c) David has devised such a good method to solve every problem.

(d) They thought this picture may divert attention of customer to other products.

Answer: (c)


(v) Which of the following can be inferred from the extract?

(a) Many people used to come to meet Derry.

(b) Lamb did not want that people should come to his garden

(c) Lamb never objected if anyone came to his garden

(d) Derry had come to the garden earlier also


Answer: (c)



(i) Which of the following correctly represents the word ‘cooler’ as used in the extract?

(a) An equipment

(b) Reduction in global warming

(c) Reduction in temperature

(d) Reduction in speed

Answer: (c)


(ii) In the extract, which of the following have not been mentioned about apples?

1. Variety of apples

2. Plucking of apples

3. Height of apples

4. Use of apple

5. Size of apples

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 2 and 4

(c) 4 and 5

(d) 3 and 5

Answer: (d)


(iii) Which of the following does not represent meaning of the idiom ‘to give a hand’?

(a) Always be a willing hand to help someone, you might be only one that does.

(b) The best way to find yourself is to lose in the service of others.

(c) There is no exercise better for heart than lifting people up.

(d) It is necessary to relax your muscles but relaxing brain is fatal.

Answer: (d)


(iv) All the following options mean ‘subject’. Which of the following relates to the meaning implied in the extract?

(a) Area of knowledge being studied in a school

(b) Dependent upon or conditional to something

(c) Area or topic of the discussion

(d) A person or thing that performs action of a verb

Answer: (c)


(v) What does Mr. Lamb often say?

(a) But it’s best picked and made into jelly.

(b) Look at them….orange and golden.

(c) That’s magic fruit.

(d) It’s a good time of year, September.

Answer: (c)



(i) ‘Where’s the difference. It’s all life….growing.’ What message Lamb wants to give to Derry through this sentence?

(a) Everything in life would certainly grow.

(b) Different people grow in different way.

(c) Different are the rules of this world.

(d) Anything that grows is unequal.

Answer: (b)


(ii) In the extract, which of the following have not been mentioned as vegetation?

1. weeds

2. flowers

3. grass

4. herbs

5. spinach

(a) 1 and 4

(b) 2 and 5

(c) 3 and 5

(d) 3 and 4

Answer: (c)


(iii) Which of the following have the same relationship as between ‘old and young’?

(a) boy and girl

(b) bus and train

(c) tree and flower

(d) huge and tiny

Answer: (d)


(iv) Which of the following pairs has not been mentioned by Lamb as a contrast?

(a) weed and flower

(b) old and young

(c) standing and sitting

(d) burned face and tin leg

Answer: (d)


(i) ‘I haven’t said it.’ Which of the following represents the same meaning as implied by this sentence?

(a) I have not said a single word to you

(b) I have not compared you with any other person

(c) I have not appreciated people with disabilities

(d) I have not objected to what you are narrating

Answer: (b)


(ii) Which of the following disability has not been mentioned in the extract?

(a) visually impaired

(b) deaf

(c) daft

(d) wheelchair

Answer: (d)


(iii) Which of the following could be intention of people asking Derry to compare himself with others?

1. To motivate him

2. To discourage him

3. To make him feel better off

4. To keep life static

(a) 1 and 4

(b) only 3

(c) only 1

(d) 1 and 3

Answer: (d)


(iv) In which of the following sentences, the underlined word cannot be replaced by ‘complain’?

(a) The train is running late. I want to record my grudge.

(b) My main grumble is that my son spends lot of money.

(c) The major issue of this customer is our poor services.

(d) I am not at all happy with your behaviour.

Answer: (d)


(v) Which of the following option is correct with respect to two statements given below?

Statement 1: Derry is allergic to people comparing him with others.

Statement 2: Lamb has advised Derry to accept fact of life.

(i) Statement 1 can be inferred and statement 2 cannot be inferred

(ii) Statement 2 can be inferred and statement 1 cannot be inferred

(iii) Both statements are false

(iv) Both statements are true

Answer: (d)


(i) ‘What’s going to happen to him when we’ve gone?’ To whom do you think the word ‘we’ refers to in this sentence?

(a) friends of Derry

(b) enemies of Derry

(c) parents of Derry

(d) relatives of Derry

Answer: (c)


(ii) Which of the following describes the main reason of worries about Derry?

(a) People estimate that Derry is afraid of the world.

(b) People do not know if Derry can live without them

(c) People estimate that owing to his face Derry is not confident

(d) People imagine that there is no cure for Derry’s face

Answer: (c)


(iii) Which of the following has not been implied by Lamb?

(a) Your all the limbs are intact

(b) Similar to others, you too can lead a life of your choice

(c) If you decide you can be worse off than others

(d) If you choose you can get ahead of others.

Answer: (c)


(iv) ‘How?’ This question asked by Derry implies that  

(a) He should not have narrated his situation.

(b) He does not know the path of his life

(c) He does not know how to go back to his home

(d) He dislikes being with Lamb

Answer: (b)


(v) Which of the following is an incorrect use of phrase ‘get on’?

(a) My father is not sure how he would get on with this situation

(b) Come back to India and get on with your life, forgetting your past

(c) To become successful, get on with what you do not know

(d) Please stop fooling around and get on with your work

Answer: (c)


(i) Kids tease Lamb when he goes down the street but they come to his garden. What reason Lamb has given for this behaviour?

(a) Kids are not afraid of Lamb

(b) Lamb is not afraid of kids

(c) Lamb and kids are not afraid of each other.

(d) Kids are brave

Answer: (c)


(ii) Please read following statements and then select the best option from the choices given.

Statement 1: Lamb is a good learner

Statement 2: Derry is afraid that Lamb may get into some trouble

(a) Both statements are wrong

(b) Statement 2 is true and Statement 1 is false

(c) Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is also true

(d) Statement 2 is false and Statement 1 is true

Answer: (c)


(iii) Why does Derry want to know how Lamb climbs a ladder?

(a) Because Lamb in an old man

(b) Because Derry too wants to climb a ladder

(c) Because Lamb has only one leg

(d) Because Lamb is afraid of height

Answer: (c)


(iv) It can be inferred from the passage that attitude of Derry is –

(a) fear and fright

(b) curious and pessimistic

(c) happy and gloomy

(d) fear and energetic

Answer: (b)


(v) Lamb is aware of the danger of climbing a ladder but he still does. What does it tell about his personality?

(a) He is a dare devil

(b) He wants to surrender to life

(c) He wants to do his best

(d) He wants to avoid leisure

Answer: (c)


(i) ‘What do you think he is?’ What is being questioned by Derry?

(a) Ability of Lamb

(b) Opinion of mother about herself

(c) Happiness of himself

(d) Opinion of mother about Lamb

Answer: (d)


(ii) Please read following statements and then select the best option from the choices given.

Assertion: Derry has acquired a new thought process.

Statement 1: Lamb and Derry have talked to each other

Statement 2: Derry is impressed by Lamb

(a) Assertion alone can be inferred.

(b) Assertion and Statement 2 both can be inferred but Statement 1 is false

(c) Assertion and both the statements can be inferred

(d) Statement 2 is irrelevant to the Assertion

Answer: (c)


(iii) Which of the following are not narrated by Derry about Lamb?

1. Lamb is an old man

2. Lamb put curtains in his house

3. Lamb has a tin leg

4. Lamb lives in a big house

5. Lamb’s house has a farmhouse

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 3 and 4

(c) 4 and 5

(d) 2 and 5

Answer: (d)


(iv) Which of the following is not a statement of praise by Derry for Lamb?

(a) Lamb talks what matter to me.

(b) Lamb talks what none has ever talked to me

(c) Bees sing in the garden of Lamb

(d) Lamb has motivated me to think differently

Answer: (c)



Extract Based Questions

1. To whom the above extract spoken to?

Answer: To Derry.

2. Which word in the extract mean ‘to be careful’?

Answer: Mind

3. Where is Mr Lamb sitting now?

Answer: In his garden

4. Which word in abstract is synonym of ‘fall’?

Answer: Trip



1. Who is speaker of above extract?

Answer: Mr. Lamb

2. What has been referred as ‘magic fruit’?

Answer: Crab apples.

3. Who is referred as ‘you’ in above extract?

Answer: Derek

4. Which phrase in the extract means of ‘to help me’?

Answer: Give me a hand


1. To whom is above extract addressed to?

Answer: Derek

2. To what the speaker is pointing to beside the wall?

Answer: Weeds.

3. What is the age of ‘you’?

Answer: 14

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘several’?

Answer: Plenty



1. How did the face of ‘you’ got burnt?

Answer: Acid had spilled on one side of his face.

2.How did one leg of the speaker got blown off?

Answer: It was blown off in a bomb explosion.

3. Why does speaker say ‘where’s the difference’?

Answer: Because they both had a physical disability.

4. Which phrase in the extract mean an ‘artificial leg’?

Answer: Tin leg.


1. Who is referred as ‘I’ in above extract?

Answer: Derek

2. Why mother kisses on other side of the face?

Answer: Because one side of the face is damaged.

3. Who is the listener of the above extract?

Answer: Lamb

4. Please write opposite gender of ‘mother’?

Answer: Father



1. Who is referred as ‘you’ in above extract?

Answer: Any person. A common man.

2. How did ‘he’ die?

Answer: A picture frame fell on his head and he died.

3. Who is speaker of above extract?

Answer: Mr Lamb

4. Who is writer of the lesson from which the above extract has been taken?

Answer: Susan Hill

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in above extract?

Answer: Derek

2. According to speaker, where ‘he’ should have stayed?

Answer: In the hospital

3. Who is speaker of the above extract?

Answer: Derek

4.To whom is he narrating?

Answer: Mr. Lamb



1. Who is referred as ‘I’ in above extract?

Answer: Derek

2. How can the speaker find what he wants?

Answer: By waiting, watching and listening.

3. Who is listener of the above extract?

Answer: Mr. Lamb

4. Which word in the extract mean ‘possessed’?

Answer: Got

1. Who is referred as ‘you’ in above extract?

Answer: Derek

2. Who is referred as ‘I’ in the above extract?

Answer: Mother of Derek

3. Who is referred as ‘him’ in above extract?

Answer: Mr Lamb

4. Which word in the extract mean ‘listened’?

Answer: Heard



Short Answer Questions – 30 to 40 words

Answer: Derry thought that the garden was empty. He entered just for his curiosity.

Suddenly he hears the voice of Mr. Lamb to be careful about the apples. Therefore he was surprised.

Answer: Mr Lamb is gentle and friendly. Lamb told Derry that anybody could come to his garden. Lamb does not speak about the appearance of Derry. Lamb listens to Derry and tries to motivate him to get out of his loneliness. He gives good thought to lead a better life.



Answer: One side of Derry’s face was burnt by acid. People took pity at him. They told him stories of suffering of other people. Nobody motivated him to lead a good life.

So he started thinking that nobody liked him. He started leading a secluded life.

Answer: Derry was telling Lamb about how people behave with him. He was talking about his appearance.

Then Lamb starts talking about weather and his routine. Lamb does not respond to Derry’s narration.

Hence Derry feels that Lamb had changed the subject of discussion.



Answer: Some people had told Deryy that his was the ugliest face they had ever seen. They did not like to come near him. They were afraid of him.

Some people took pity at Derry. But he too wanted to lead life full of dignity.

Hence he stopped meeting people and started leading a lonely life.


Answer: Lamb tells him that he has learnt to lead his life with tin leg. He has changed his life style to remain happy. Some kids try to tease him by saying ‘Lamey Lamb’. But he does not get affected by it.

Answer. Mr Lamb says that a weed and a flower both are green plants. They are variations of the same life. They are both developing and growing just like Mr Lamb and Derry. Lamb is trying to tell a perception that makes the biggest difference.

Answer: People used to compare Derry’s life with other disabled persons. Such comparison strengthened his thought that he was ugly and people were taking pity at him.

He wanted to lead his own life with dignity and maintain his individuality.

Hence he is not motivated.

Answer: Derry once overheard a woman whisper to another woman. She told his face was a terrible thing. It was a face only a mother could love.

Deny felt it was a cruel statement. He was very upset.

Answer: Mr Lamb narrated this story to make Deny realize that living a secluded life has no meaning. One needs to live outwards and accept the life as it is. One must remove fears to lead pleasant and dignified life.

Answer: Derry had understood that it was useless to think about his appearance. Right attitude towards life is important.

Derry realised that if did not go back, he will never be able to come out of his dark loneliness.

So he decided to go back to Mr. Lamb.


Answer: Mr Lamb and Derry suffer from physical impairment. Derry is disappointed with his life but Lamb has overcome his grief. Lamb did not take pity at Derry nor did he talk about the damaged face. Lamb tried to motivate Derry to lead a life full of dignity.

Thus Derry is drawn towards Mr. Lamb.

Answer: In this story a beast changes into a handsome prince when a princess kisses him. Derry feels his situation will never change. No one ever kissed him. Even his mother kisses him on the other side of the face.

Answer: Derry’s face was burnt by acid. One side of his face was damaged. This is the meaning of ‘It ate my face’

After the incident people took pity at him. Many were afraid of Derry. So Derry started feeling bad about himself. This is the meaning of ‘It ate me up’.

Answer: Mr Lamb is an old man who lives in a house that has a big garden. He lives there alone. One of his legs is a tin leg. He has learnt to lead his life with happiness and outward thinking.

Derry got into his garden by climbing the boundary wall of the garden.

Answer: Mr Lamb likes to sit in the sun. Reading books is his hobby. He engages himself in plucking apples and making apple jelly. He is rearing bees. He takes care of these and listens to their songs.


Answer: Mother does not have a good opinion about Mr Lamb. She tells Derry that during their stay of three months in the town, people have warned not to meet Mr Lamb. She advises Derry not to go to meet Lamb.


Answer: Mr Lamb does not want to restrict entry of anybody into his garden. When a person comes to his garden, he get the opportunity to talk to them. This removes his loneliness.


Answer: Mr. Lamb did not show fear or shock due to the burnt face of Derry. He had welcomed Derry to his garden. He presented a different point of view towards life that respects individuality and openness. This positive attitude of Mr. Lamb towards life attracted Derry.

Long Answer Questions – 120-150 words

Answer: Mr Lamb had lost his one leg in a bomb explosion. He uses a tin leg. Derry has a deformed face due to acid attack. They both have physical deformity.

Derry does not like when someone takes pity at him. Derry is not able to cope up with remarks of people. He starts leading a lonely and secluded life. He develops negative attitude towards himself and his life. He becomes so sensitive that he cannot even tolerate people staring at him.

Mr. Lamb has learnt to accept his physical limits. He likes reading books. He likes being in open, looking  at and listening to nature. He has a positive attitude towards life. His garden is open to everybody. He is not affected when children call him ‘Lamey Lamb’.

Thus Derry and Mr Lamb have different attitude towards life. Eventually Mr. Lamb motivated Derry to be positive towards life.

Answer: Derry has a deformed face due to acid attack. Derry does not like when someone takes pity at him. Derry is not able to cope up with remarks of people. He starts leading a lonely and secluded life. He develops negative attitude towards himself and his life.

Mr Lamb lost his one leg in bomb explosion. He lives alone. People of village do not mix with him. His books are his only company. He sits in the sun and works in his garden to kill his loneliness. His bees are his friends. He keeps gate of his garden open in the hope that someone will come and he gets to talk to them.

Derry and Lamb appears to have become friends. But mother tries to stop Derry meeting Lamb. Finally Lamb dies alone and Derry is again alone in the world.

Thus the play narrates loneliness of two people.

Answer: Derry had entered Lamb’s garden by jumping the boundary wall. He was not aware that its gates were open. He was not aware about presence of Lamb in the garden.

A discussion between two starts. Lamb convinces Derry that he is not afraid of deformed face of Derry. It does not matter to him. He convinces Derry about his individuality.

Gradually, Lamb convinces Derry that one needs to look outwards to lead a life full of dignity. He narrates story of a person who had lived indoors and his fate.

Derry gets convinced that if he himself did not care about remarks of others, those did not matter at all. The world outside is full of life and beauty.

Now Derry is a changed person. He gets motivated to lead a life that is full of self-worth. Thus the meeting changed outlook of Derry.

Answer: Mr. Lamb is a physically challenged person. Kids used to call him ‘Lamey-Lamb’ but he was not troubled. He has realigned his hobbies. He likes reading books. He sits in the sun. He plucks crab apples and makes jelly. His bees are his friends. He keeps gate of his garden open to welcome everybody to his garden. Thus he has upgraded his thoughts and routine that only a wise person can do.

Lamb understood that Derry was leading a secluded life. Step by step Lamb defines a new meaning of life to him. Lamb exhibits that he was not concerned about deformed face of Derry. Lamb further tells Derry to hear good words and see beauty of nature. He motivates Derry to understand individuality of a person. Derry is a changed person.

Only a wise person can change attitude of another. So we can conclude that Lamb was good at heart and head.

Answer: The phrase ‘On the Face Of It’ means ‘apparently’, ‘the outward look’ or ‘which looks true but may not be true’.

Mr. Lamb and Derry both have a physical restriction. Derry has a burnt face and Mr. Lamb has lost one leg. So one may have a tendency to assume that both will have similar attitude.

Derry is a self-contained person. He feels that everybody hates him. He easily gets affected when others takes pity at him. He feels that whole world is full of negative thoughts. His self-esteem is low. He lives in a family but still feels lonely.

Mr. Lamb who is a physically challenged person has positive outlook. He is not troubled by people teasing him. He has realigned his lifestyle to keep himself busy. He enjoys his hobbies. He always welcomes anybody who comes to his garden.

So we can say that outwardly both Derry and Mr. Lamb are physically handicapped. But their attitude towards life is  different.

Hence tile of the play is justified.

Answer: Both Derry and Lamb are physically impaired and lonely. Behaviour of society towards them is not correct.

Derry always gets to listen to remarks that he is ugly. People take pity at him. He says that even his mother does not love him. Nobody seems to respect his individuality.

Mr. Lamb is alone in his house. People have spread rumours about him. None wants to talk to him though he keeps his gates open. He has realigned his lifestyle. Trees, weeds, flowers, nature and bees are his friends. In the play he has been projected as a wise person who can motivate people.

The society should stop taking pity at them. We must realise their mental strength is equal or more than anybody else. When  we start respecting their individuality, they will feel part of us and contribute more.


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