English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 9 Bholi Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. Please write name of bridegroom whose marriage is being referred to in above extract.

Answer: Bhismaber

2.  Write names of elder sisters of bride.

Answer: Radha, Mangla and Champa

3. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘imagined’?

Answer: Dreamt

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘splendour’?

Answer: Grand



1. Why did Bholi threw the garland into fire?

Answer: She threw the garland in the fire because she did not want to marry Bishamber.

2. Please write opposite gender of ‘bride’.

Answer: Bridegroom

3. Please write real name of Bholi?

Answer: Sulekha

4. How much dowry Bishamber had asked?

Answer: Five Thousand rupees




1. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘minimum’?

Answer: Slightest

2.  Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘surprised’?

Answer: Startled

3.  What did Bholi tell her father?

Answer: Bholi told her father to take back his money. She declared that she would not marry Bishamber.

4. What was the profession of Bishamber?

Answer: He was a grocer.

1. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘weeping’?

Answer: Sobbing

2.  Why did Bholi not go out of the classroom?

Answer: Probably Bholi did not know that after ringing of bell she could go home.

3.  Which word in the extract means ‘hurriedly moved’?

Answer: Scurried

4. That day who had escorted Bholi to the school?

Answer: That day Bholi had come to school with her father.




1. How many brothers Sulekha had?

Answer: Three

2.  Why did Sulekha have pockmarks?

Answer: At the age of two, Bholi had attack of small-pox. That left pockmarks on her entire body.

3. What was the nick name of Sulekha?

Answer: Bholi

4. Which phrase in the extract means ‘finally’?

Answer: At last

1. Which place is being referred in above extract?

Answer: The School where Ramlal had taken Bholi

2.  Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘many’?

Answer: Several

3.  Who is referred as ‘poor girl’ in the above extract?

Answer: Bholi

4. Why eyes of the poor girl were fear laden?

Answer: She had come out of her house for the first time. And she did not know anything about the school.




1. Who is being referred as kind woman?

Answer: The teacher of the school is referred as kind woman.

2.  Who decided to make an effort?

Answer: Bholi decided to make an effort.

3.  What effort she decided to make?

Answer: Bholi decided to speak out her name.

4. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘cruel’?

Answer: Kind

1. Why Sulekha could not speak earlier?

Answer: In early childhood, she had fallen off a cot which damaged a part of her brain. So she could not speak earlier.

2.  Which word in the extract is the synonym of ‘imitated’?

Answer: Mimicked

3. Why children used to make fun of her?

Answer: Children made fun of her because she used to stammer.

4. What was the nick name of Sulekha?

Answer: Bholi




1. What official post did Ramlal held?

Answer: He was Numberdar of the village.

2.  What word in the extract is synonym of ‘rich’?

Answer: Prosperous

3. How many children did Bholi’s father had?

Answer: Seven

4. Where did Bholis brothers receive education?

Answer: They were sent to city to study in school and later in college.

Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: She threw the garland in the fire. She asked her father to take back the money. She refused to marry Bishamber saying that he was a mean, coward and contemptible person. She told her father that she will become a teacher in the school. She will take care of her parents during their old age.




Answer: Bholi had gained confidence and self-esteem to face the bad practices of the world. Bholi had transformed from a backward child to a bold and brave child.

Therefore teacher felt proud of her.

Answer: Tehsildar had advised Ramlal to send his daughters to the school. Ramlal did not have the courage to disobey Tehsildar. His wife was against sending their daughters to school. Finally they decided to send Bholi to school because she was ugly and a backward child.




Answer: In her childhood, Bholi had fallen from cot on her head and perhaps it damaged some part of his brain. She remained a backward child. She used to stammer. She had deep black pockmarks on her entire body due to small-pox

All siblings of Bholi were pretty, healthy and intelligent

Answer: Ramlal caught Bholi’s hand and told her that he will take her to school. Bholi did not know anything about school. She remembered her cow Laxmi who was taken out of the house and sold.

Because of these reasons Bholi was afraid to go to school.

Answer: On the day Bholi was to go to school, a clean dress was given to her to wear. She was given bath. Oil was rubbed in her dry and matted hair. Then Bholi started thinking that school was a better place than home.

Answer: The teacher gave Bholi a book. She told that she would give more books. Teacher told Bholi that within sometime, she would be able to speak clearly and people would listen to her with respect.

This prospect gave a new hope to Bholi and she felt happy.

Answer: The primary school became high school. A cotton ginning mill came up in the village. There was a cinema theater under a tin shed in the village. Mail trains started stopping at the railway station.

With these changes the village became a town.

Answer: She told in a loud & clear voice that everyone thought of her as a dumb cow. So you all wanted to hand over me to this heartless creature. Now the same dumb cow, stammering fool is speaking. Then Bholi questioned the old woman if she wanted to hear anything more.

Answer: Bholi requested her father not to worry. She told that she will take care of her parents during their old age. She said that she will become teacher in the same school where she had studied.

Answer: On the wall of class room there were pictures of horse, parrot, goat and cow. Colours of picture were as she had noticed for actual animals. Hence she was fascinated.


Answer: The teacher had advised and motivated Bholi to answer loudly if she would come to school every day. Bholi could pronounce the word complete word ‘yes’ without much difficult.

Hence Bholi was astonished.


Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: Bholi looked around with fear laden eyes. In each room several girls were sitting on mats. Bholi was happy to see so many girls of her age in the school. She hoped that one of them would become her friend.

Bholi did not understand what teacher was saying in the class. She was fascinated by the picture on the walls of class room. When teacher asked her name she stammered and could not pronounce her complete name. She started crying.

When school bell rang, all girls went out but Bholi remained in the class room. Teacher gave Bholi a book and encouraged her to come to school every day. The teacher said that in sometime Bholi would be more learned than anybody else in the village. People will listen to you with respect and you will speak without stammering.

Bholi felt happy and decided to come to school every day.


Dear Diary,

10th Oct 20xx

Some years ago a simple and shy girl had come to my school. She stammered a lot.

I spoke to her in a soft and soothing manner. I understood that this girl had been deprived of affection. I gave her a book and encouraged her to read. After sometime I gave her one more book. Her desire for learning grew stronger. She had become a well-educated girl.

After some years, her marriage was arranged with a 50 year old person. Bholi had agreed to marry for the sake of prestige of her parents.

On the day of marriage I was present at the venue. The bridegroom demanded dowry. Bholi’s father had to agree for it. But Bholi refused to marry saying that Bishamber was a mean, coward and contemptible person. She spoke without stammering and suitably responded to villagers.

She decided to become a teacher. She assured her parents to care of them during their old age.

I was so pleased to be a witness of transformation of Bholi from a meek girl to a brave person.

May God always bless her.


Answer: When a student comes to school, he is an innocent kid. Before coming to school his world is limited to eating, playing and sleeping.

In the school his learning for life begins. Every student is different from the other. Their behaviour, family background and physical attributes are different. They needs to be motivated to become a good learner.

The first quality I would like to possess is to be able to identify needs of a student. This ability will give me assessment of each student.

I would like to be a humble, polite, soothing yet a strong teacher. I would allocate importance to hard work and regularity. Learning is more important than memorizing facts.

I would like to provide good motivation to students by setting examples. Narration of success stories of famous people could be a good source of motivation.

A teacher is a guide and a mentor to his students. I would help them identify their dreams and guide them to be a good citizen of our country.

Answer: In early childhood Bholi had fallen off the cot. Probably a part of her brain was damaged. She remained backward and people named her Bholi.

Due to small-pox, deep black pockmarks developed all over her body. She was no longer a pretty child.

She did not speak till the age of five. When she started speaking she stammered.

She received old clothes of her elder sisters. Nobody cared to mend or wash her clothes.

Her life started changing after going to school. She read many books other than course books. She received affection of teachers and friendship of kids at the school. Gradually she gained confidence.

When Bishamber asked for dowry, Bholi refused to marry him. She spoke without stammering and suitably responded to villagers. She decided to become teacher in the school and to take care of her parents during their old age.

Such a transformation from a dumb cow to a person of self-esteem was possible through education.

Thus education has the power to transform our life.

Answer: Bholi’s mother considered Bholi as a burden upon the family because of her ugly looks and lack of sense. She expressed such feelings when she advised her husband to send Bholi to school.  She said, ‘let her teacher worry about her’.

 She did not take good care of Bholi. Bholi was not given new dresses. She was seldom bathed. Even her hair were not combed. Bholi’s mother advocated marriage of Bholi to Bhishmaber knowing very well that he was not a good match.

Right form the first day behaviour of teacher towards Bholi was that of a helpful person. She always spoke in a soft and encouraging voice. Teacher assured Bholi that inspite of her limitations, she could learn. Teacher also told Bholi that through education she could overcome her stammering and would start commanding respect in society. Eventually Bholi acquired education and self-confidence.

Thus while mother did not take care of Bholi, teacher acted as her mentor and guide.



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