English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 2 The Address Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Reading With Insight

Answer: This statement gives an indication about the story.

It tells us that the woman, Mrs. Dorling, did not expect that anybody from the family of narrator would ever comeback. Therefore she would be able to keep all the articles with herself. Actually she was a greedy person. She had taken advantage of the World War situation to take away many things from Mrs. S.

The narrator told Mrs Dorling that she knew her mother. That was when Mrs Dorling asked if they had comeback.

Mrs Dorling wanted to keep those things with her forever. Therefore she did not even open to door to let the narrator come into her house.



Answer: During World War the narrator lived alone in a different town. Her mother was living in another town. Once she had come to meet her mother. She stayed there for a few days only. She noticed that many things were missing from the house. Her mother told her that Mrs. Dorling had been taking things from their house. Mother gave address of Mrs. Dorling to her daughter. The situation of uncertainty and threat had prevailed during World War. It was difficult to get proper food.

Things improved after world War. People lived peacefully in their homes. Quality and availability of food had improved. Narrator continued to live in a small rented house. Black paper was used as curtain. This indicates that economic conditions were quite bad. The narrator realised that she wanted to see and feel the possessions of her mother. She travelled by train to meet Mrs. Dorling. But Mrs. Dorling refused to let her come into the house. During her second visit, daughter of Mrs. Dorling allowed the narrator in. The narrator thus got to see some of the possessions. But she realised that she was not interested in those things. So she hurriedly walked away without waiting to meet Mrs. Dorling.




Answer: During her second visit to the house of Mrs. Dorling, the narrator had seen things that were possessed by her mother.

Initially she wanted to have a look and feel those possession of her mother. These were arranged in a tasteless manner. These objects had been separated from her mother. These were stored at a different place. She had no hope of getting these back.

The sight of these objects reminded her about her earlier life and of her mother.

Therefore she wanted to forget about the address.

She consoled herself that these objects could not be accommodated in her small rented room.



Answer: War creates difficulties for everybody. The behaviour of every human being changes a lot during prolonged situations of difficulty.

The narrator used to live away from her mother, Mrs. S, during times of war. She had made only one visit to her mother  during those times of difficulty. Mrs. Dorling was an old acquaintance of her mother. She had gradually taken away all the belongings of her mother.

After the war and death of her mother, narrator went to the house of Mrs. Dorling. She refused to recognize the narrator, though she had understood who she was. Mrs. Dorling did not permit narrator to enter into her house. She feared that narrator had come to claim the belongings, of her mother. She did not want to return these.

The narrator reconciled with the situation. She thought that these things will constantly remind about her mother and make her weak. So she decided not to meet Mrs. Dorling again.

Thus war had changed behaviour and perception of people.



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