English CBSE Class 10 NCERT First Flight Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)

Thinking about the Text

Q 1. When her son dies, Kisa Gotami goes from house to house. What does she ask for? Does she get it? Why not?

Answer: Kisa Gosami asks for medicine for her child who was dead so that he can be cured.

Nobody had medicine to make a dead person alive. Hence she did not get any medicine from any house.

Q 2. Kisa Gotami again goes from house to house after she speaks with the Buddha. What does she ask for, the second time around? Does she get it? Why not?

Answer: Kisa Gosami asks for some mustardseeds. But nobody in the family or friends should have died from that house.

She could not find such house. So she could not get musterseed from anywhere.



Q 3. What does Kisa Gotami understand the second time that she failed to understand the first time? Was this what the Buddha wanted her to understand?

Answer: Kisa Gotami understood that nobody in this world is free from death of their loved ones. She also understood that everyone who has come to this world would someday die.

Yes, Buddha wanted her to understand this.

Q 4. Why do you think Kisa Gotami understood this only the second time? In what way did the Buddha change her understanding?

Answer: During first time Kisa was concerned only about death of her son. In her grief she could not understand that everybody in this world is immortal and the whole world is full of grief.

Buddha had asked Gotami to get mustardseed from a house where death had not occurred. This way Gotami understood reality of this immortal world.

Q 5. How do you usually understand the idea of ‘selfishness’? Do you agree with Kisa Gotami that she was being ‘selfish in her grief ’?

Answer: Selfishness is a behaviour in which the person is concerned about well-being of oneself only. He or she does not bother about any other person or aspect.

Kisa was very sad at the death of her son. Probably she was feeling lonely and anxious about her life. We can say that she had become ‘selfish in her grief’.

Thinking about language

I. This text is written in an old-fashioned style, for it reports an incident more than two millennia old. Look for the following words and phrases in the text, and try to rephrase them in more current language, based on how you understand them.

• give thee medicine for thy child

Give you medicine for your child

Pray tell me

Please tell me

• Kisa repaired to the Buddha

Kisa went to the Buddha

• there was no house but someone had died in it

There was not a single house in which no one had died

• kinsmen



Notice or listen





(Textbook questions)

Thinking about the Poem

Q 1. What does the young man mean by “great honey-coloured /Ramparts at your ear?” Why does he say that young men are “thrown into despair” by them?

Answer: This expression means the bright yellow coloured hair of the lady. These hair have fallen up to her ears and form a sort of wall around her face.

Many young men fall in love with her but get rejected by her. Thus they are ‘thrown in despair’.

Q 2. What colour is the young woman’s hair? What does she say she can change it to? Why would she want to do so?

Answer: Colour of hair of woman is bright yellow colour of honey.

Young men love her only because of beauty of her hair and her physical appearance. But she wants to be loved because of her own self; not for her beauty. Hence she says that she will change colour of her hair to black, brown or of carrot colour.

Q 3. Objects have qualities which make them desirable to others. Can you think of some objects (a car, a phone, a dress…) and say what qualities make one object more desirable than another? Imagine you were trying to sell an object: what qualities would you emphasise?

Answer: Following could be desired qualities in some of the items –

Car – Brand, Fuel consumption, Features, Size, After-sale services, Reliability, Price

Phone – Brand, Features, Size, Reliability, Memory, Camera, Price

Dress – Brand, Trend, Price, Fitting, Colour, Material

While selling anything we should be aware of quality and features of the product and its comparison with other similar products. We should quickly asses what is the need of the customer and what parameter is important for the customer. We should emphasize those parameters to sell the product.


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