A Truly Beautiful Mind Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 4 NCERT Beehive

(Textbook Questions)


Thinking about the Text

Heading Paragraph Number
(i)   Einstein’s equation 9
(ii)  Einstein meets his future wife 7
(iii)  The making of a violinist 3
(iv)  Mileva and Einstein’s mother 10
(v)    A letter that launched the arm race 15
(vi)  A desk drawer full of ideas 8
(vii)     Marriage and divorce 11



Answer:  Playmates of Einstein regarded him boring.


Answer: A headmaster had this opinion about Einstein


Answer: His mother thought so about Einstein.


Answer: Einstein hated the regimentation of the school and often clashed with teachers. So he left the school for good.


Answer: Einstein wanted to study at a place that was more liberal than Munich. He felt stifled at his school in Munich. So he wanted to study in Switzerland.


Answer: Einstein was constantly at odds with some members of his  family and many people at the University of Zurich. Mileva always supported Einstein. Therefore Einstein saw Mileva as his ally.



Answer: These tell us that Einstein wanted to have some freedom in his life. Probably he wanted to do more than the prescribed curriculum. He had his own independent opinion. He tried to defend his thoughts. He liked those who supported him.


Answer: Einstein called his desk drawer ‘bureau of practical physics’.

Einstein had secured the job of a technical expert in the patent office at Bern. While doing his duty, he was secretly developing his own ideas and theories. Probably he used to store his papers in the drawer of his desk. Thus he named it so.  


Answer: In 1938 Nazis had discovered nuclear fission. They could have used it to make an atomic bomb. Einstein wrote a letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt to warn him about the destruction a nuclear bomb could cause.


Answer: Einstein was highly shocked by the extent of damage caused by these bombs. He wrote a public missive to United Nations. In it he proposed formation of world government. He started a movement to stop building up of arms and campaigned for peace and democracy in the world.


Answer: Einstein had started a movement to stop building up of arms. He campaigned for peace and democracy in the world. He had proposed formation of world government. Thus he worked for peace and harmony in the world.

Therefore he is regarded as ‘world citizen’.




    Answer: The correct sequence is described below – 

    6.  Einstein is born in the German city of Ulm.

    4. Einstein attends a high school in Munich.

    5. Einstein’s family moves to Milan.

    10. Tired of the school’s regimentation, Einstein withdraws from school.

    7. Einstein joins a university in Zurich, where he meets Mileva.

    11. He works in a patent office as a technical expert.

    1 Einstein publishes his special theory of relativity.

    9. He provides a new interpretation of gravity.

    2. He is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

    12. When Hitler comes to power, Einstein leaves Germany for the United States.

    3. Einstein writes a letter to U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and warns against Germany’s building of an atomic bomb.

    8.  Einstein dies.


    Thinking about Language

    Answer:  failed


    Answer: in disagreement


    Answer: declared


    Answer: campaigning


    Answer: permanently


    Answer: in a state of commotion


    Answer: interested




    1. Working round the clock, the firefighters finally put the out the fire.
    2. She watched the sunset above the mountain, noticing the colours blending softly into one another.
    3. The excited horse pawed the ground rapidly, neighing continuously.
    4. Having taken the wrong train, I found myself in Bangalore, instead of Benaras.
    5. Not having bathed for two days, I was desperate to get to the bathroom.
    6. The stone steps, being worn out, needed to be replaced.
    7. The actor received hundreds of letters from his fans, asking him to send them his photograph.


    Writing Newspaper Reports

    These papers have been found by Rowdy Boeynik, who is a student in the University of the Netherlands. While doing his research, Towdy Boeynik chanced upon some papers possessed by the family of an old friend of Einstein. These hand written papers is a set of 16 pages and has signature of Einstein at the end of the document. 

    In these papers Einstein has described behaviour of atom at low temperature. This is one of his last works in field of physics. These days this theory is known as Bose-Einstein theory.

    Initially nobody believed that this manuscript was written by Einstein. Hence it was sent to forensic laboratory which confirmed that the manuscript had finger prints of Einstein. It has now been decided that the manuscript would be kept at Leyden University where Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize.



    (Textbook Questions)

    Thinking about the Poem

    Answer: Innisfree is a calm and peaceful place in the lap of nature.


    Answer: He wants to  build a small house of clay and wattles, grow nine rows of beans and rear honeybees.


    Answer: He sees mornings veiled under clouds, twinkling stars during nights and a purple glow during afternoons. In the evening he see linnet birds flying in the sky.

    He hears sound of singing of cricket.


    Answer: Even while the poet is far away, he hears low sound of water lapping by the shore.  This sound is core to his heart.


    Answer: Poet is probably living in a city that is full of noise. This is implied by the words ‘standing on roadway’. Poet is living in an environment that is not so clean or natural.  This is implied by the words ‘pavement grey.’

    At the Innisfree Island, the surrounding is peaceful and calm. The environment is very close to nature.


    Answer: Innisfree is an island in Ireland. So it is not an imaginary place, it is a reality.

    Yes, poet fondly recalls his boyhood days when he had spent time at Innisfree Island. He wants to again live in that peaceful and natural abode.


    Answer: Poet wants to describe the buzzing sound of honeybees. These have made their hive in the open space between the house and the fence. The buzzing sound is considered a loud sound. It indicates the calmness of the area.


    Answer: Poet wants to describe the linnet bird flying in the sky in the evening. These are returning to their nests. It creates a beautiful scenery that provides peace to poet.


    Answer: Poet wants to describe waves of sea water. The waves reaching to the shore creates a noise that pleases the heart of the poet.


    Answer: By ‘peace comes dropping slow’ poet wants to say that peace and calmness comes gradually. Instantaneous change seldom happens. One needs to have some patience to achieve peace.

    By ‘to where cricket sings’ poet wants to say that the environment is natural to support growth of living beings. Even the low sound of cricket can be heard. It implies that the area is free from noise pollution.




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