English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Snapshot Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)


Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

SA 1. What qualities were ingrained in Garoghlanian tribe?

Answer: The tribe was famous for being honest. They were proud first, honest next and after that they believed in being right or wrong. None of them would ever take advantage of anybody leave alone stealing.

SA 2. How did Aram react on seeing his cousin with a horse?

Answer: Aram stuck his head out of window and rubbed his eyes in bewilderment. Aram was sure that Mourad could not have bought the horse thus he had stolen the horse. He was so crazy about riding a horse that he went with Mourad for a ride.

SA 3. What were the special qualities of uncle Khosrove?

Answer: He was an enormous man with powerful black head and largest moustache in the locality. He was impatient and would get irritated easily. He would always say – “It is no harm. Pay no attention to it”.

SA 4. The distribution of the various kinds of spirit of our tribe had been from the beginning capricious and vagrant. Please explain.

Answer: Author wants to say that people of his tribe had different characteristics. Mourad was the craziest of the lot while his father was a practical person. His uncle Khosrove was impatient and the farmer Jhon Byro was polite and humble. Aram’s mother was a considerate lady.

SA 5. How did the solo ride of Aram end?

Answer: Aram kicked his heel into the body of horse. The horse stood on his rear legs and snorted. It ran down the road towards vineyard of Dikran Halabian. It leapt over seven vines. Aram fell down and the horse continued to run.

SA 6. Briefly describe the contrasting characteristic of two visitor who had come to Aram’s house in one afternoon?

Answer: Uncle Khosrove was impatient and would get irritated easily. He would always say – “It is no harm. Pay no attention to it”. John Byro was a lonely farmer from Assyria. He was quite sad because of loss of his horse.

SA 7. Why did John Byro made an angry exit from house of Aram?

Answer: John Byro’s horse had been stolen. His surrey was of no use now. He had come there to gain sympathy but uncle Khosrove responded in his own irritable style. So John made an angry exit.

SA 8. How did John Byro behave when he met two boys with the horse?

Answer: John Byro could recognize that it was his horse. Mourad informed him that name of the horse was ‘My Heart’. John saw teeth of the horse and said that tooth by tooth it was his horse. He believed the two boys because their family was famous for being honest.

SA 9. ‘A suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart.’ Please explain this sentence.

Answer: John Byro said this sentence when he had seen that tooth by tooth the horse resembled to his own. He wanted to believe that the horse was his own. But the fame of family of the boys prevented him from believing himself. He was sure about their honesty.

SA 10. How has Mourad been described in the story? From whom did he inherit his characteristics?

Answer: Mourad has been describes as the craziest member of the family. He enjoyed being alive. He believed in family values. He  had a great degree of self-confidence. He had inherited streak of craziness from his uncle Khosrove.

SA 11. How did Aram justify himself to take a ride of the horse?

Answer: Aram said to himself that taking a horse for ride was not equal to stealing something such as money. It would not become a theft until we offered to sell the horse.

Through above argument Aram justified himself.

SA 12. Why the sight of Mourad with horse was a delight as well as a fright for Aram?

Answer: Aram had a passion for riding horse. Now he had a chance to ride horse. So he was happy.

Aram knew that Mourad could not have bought a horse so it was a stolen horse. Therefore Aram was frightened.

SA 13. In this story Mourad had a way with three animals. Quote instances from story to substantiate this quality of Mourad?

Answer: The horse had obeyed commands of Mourad. John confirmed that the horse had become better tempered.

The dogs in the vineyard did not bark at the two boys.

Mourad repaired a wing of robin and it could fly once.

Above are instances of confirmation.

SA 14. What information Aram gathered from the discussion between his uncle and John Byro? What promise he wanted Mourad to make?

Answer: Aram understood from the discussion that the horse they were riding belonged to John Byro.

Aram wanted Mourad to promise that he will return the horse only after Aram had learnt riding the horse.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

LA 1. Uncle Khosrove was considered a crazy person in the tribe. Please quote instances narrated in the text to prove this.

Answer: Khosrove was an enormous man with powerful black head and large moustache. He would always say – “It is no harm. Pay no attention to it”.

Once he was getting his moustache trimmed at a barber’s shop. His son came running to inform that their house was on fire. He uttered his regular reply – “It is no harm. Pay no attention to it”. Reminder from the barber that it was his own house, had no impact.

John Byro told Khosrove that his horse had been stolen. The response was to pay no attention to it. John told about his idle surrey and painful legs. His response was similar. So John left the house in anger slamming the main door.

John narrated that his horse had come back to him. Khosrove again advised not to pay attention to it.

Above prove that Khosrove was a crazy person.

LA 2. We should inculcate good values and traditions of family in children. This alone has the possibility of correcting behaviour of children even if they happen to go wrong. Please elucidate the statement in reference to the story.

Answer: Time and again every sociologist, psychologist, educationist and even a common person has stressed upon the need to have excellent moral values among citizens of a nation. During this era of excessive social media, the same set of people have been talking about family bonding.

The story though written long ago stresses upon these very basics of society. Aram did not believe that Mourad could own a horse. The two boys owing to their passion about riding a horse did something wrong. But they could not dare to sell the horse.

Towards end of the story, a reference was made by John Byro to the prestige of family. The honesty of the family was praised by him. The boys immediately corrected their conducted to uphold values and prestige of their family.

Thus it is important to teach moral values and family traditions to children.

LA 3. Describe the adventure of Mourad with the white horse.

Answer: Mourad had stolen the horse which belonged to John Byro. For about a month he rode it alone. Then he invited his cousin Aram also to ride the horse. They both were crazy about riding a horse.

Initially they both rode the horse together. Then Mourad rode it alone. He was in complete command and the horse obeyed his instructions. But Aram could not control the horse. It ran towards vineyard, threw Aram off its back and ran away. Mourad found the horse. 

Mourad used to hide the horse during day hours. They used to ride the horse only before rise of Sun. They did not want to be noticed by anyone.

Once the two boys ran into John Byro with the horse. John had recognized his horse but Mourad  denied that the horse belonged to John. However John made a reference to family of boys being honest. Then Mourad secretly returned the horse to John.



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