English CBSE Class 10 NCERT First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. Who is referred as ‘they’ in the above extract?

Answer: Otter

2. Which word in the extract mean ‘domesticated’?

Answer: Tamed

3. In which country is town of Basra situated?

Answer: Iraq

4. Why did ‘we’ go the office of Consulate General?

Answer: To collect and answer their mail.



1. Who is Mijbil?

Answer: Mijbil is an otter. It was brought from Basra.

2. How did Mijbil behave during first day?

Answer: It was neither friendly nor hostile, it remained aloof and indifferent.

3. What is the meaning of ‘small hours’?

Answer: Very early in the morning. Time period after midnight.

4., Which word in extract is synonym of ‘detached’?

Answer: Aloof.



1. Why author made a body-belt for the otter?

Answer: Author made the body-belt to take Mij to the bathroom.

2. What is the characteristic of an otter?

Answer: To play with water is the characteristic of water.

3. Which phrase in the extract mean ‘ became excited’?

Answer: Went wild

4. What is the name of the otter?

Answer: Mijbil


1. Where was Mij being transported?

Answer: Mij was being transported to London.

2. Which airline refused to accommodate Mij?

Answer: British airline

3. Which word in the extract means of ‘purchased ticket’?

Answer: Booked

4. What did the other airline insist?

Answer: The other airline insisted that Mij should be packed in a box not more than 18 inches square. This was to be carried on the floor at the feet of author.




1. Who was inside the box?

Answer: Mij was inside the box.

2. Which word in the extract mean ‘scene’?

Answer: Spectacle

3. Why blood had come out of the box?

Answer: Mij had injured himself and his blood had come out of the box.

4. What did the author see on his return?

Answer: He saw that blood had tricked and dried from the airholes and chinks of the lid.


1. What was in the box?

Answer: Mijbil the otter was in the box.

2. Why driver tore through the streets of Basra?

Answer: He wanted to reach airport in time.

3. Which word in the extract mean ‘angry’?

Answer: Infuriated

4. How far was the airport from author’s residence?

Answer: Five miles



1. What does the word ‘it’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the mail author had received from England

2. Why the sack squirmed from time to time?

Answer: Because there was an otter in the sack.

3. Which word in the extract mean ‘gave’?

Answer: Handed

4. In which town was ‘I’ staying?

Answer: ‘I’ was staying in Basra.


1. What was the creature that emerged from the sack?

Answer: An otter came out of the sack.

2. What did the creature look like?

Answer: The creature looked like a very small, medievally-conceived, dragon.

3. What was the colour of fur of the creature?

Answer: Chocolate brown

4. Which word in the extract mean ‘identical’?

Answer: Symmetrical



Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: During first day Mij was neither hostile not friendly, he remained aloof and indifferent. In the early hours of second night, it climbed the bed and slept at the crooks of knees of author. During the day he started taking interest in his surroundings.


Answer: According to author, the real play of an otter is when it lies on its back and juggles small objects and toys on its paws.



Answer: The telephone call had to be booked 24 hours in advance. On first day the line was out of order. Second day exchange was closed due to religious holiday. Third day there was another breakdown. His mail came after five days.


Answer: When Maxwell took otter to bathroom it jumped into the bathtub. It went wild with joy, plunged and rolled in water, splash and sloshed water.

The author thus discovered that otters liked to play in water.



Answer: Most people of London had not seen an otter before. They guessed it to be a baby seal, a squirrel, a walrus, a hippo, a beaver, a bear cub or a leopard. One person had asked what that creature was called.

Thus Miz was source of amazement.


Answer: Maxwell had a dog named Jonnie as his pet. When the dog died he became too sad to again keep a dog as a pet. So he decided to keep an otter as a pet.


Answer: His friend had advised him to get an otter from Basra. He went to Basra from where his friend arranged an otter for him. Maxwell then brought the otter to London.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: The author had narrated the situation of otter to the air-hostess. She could immediately understand the pitiable condition of the creature and empathised with it.

The rule provided that the animal must be kept in the box. But she took pity on it and allowed author to keep the otter in his lap. This indicates one of the rare virtues of having a soft heart.

The air-hostess later offered to find the otter for the narrator. She tried her best to make the animal comfortable. She tried to help the narrator while ensuring minimum inconvenience to other passenger.

Such people are certainly a ray of hope in our society where respect for feelings and emotions have taken a back seat.


Answer: Mijbil was fully covered in mud when it was brought to Maxwell. He cleaned all the mud from its body. He had kept Mij in his bedroom from the very start. This shows that Maxwell was a good pet-owner.

Maxwell wanted to provide fun and exercise to his pet. Maxwell took the otter to bathroom and allowed it to play with water. He arranged various toys for its pet and watched its every action intently. 

Maxwell was concerned about well-being and comfort of Mij. When Mij hurt itself in the box, he was deeply in pain. In the aircraft Maxwell requested air-hostess for some help for his pet which was provided.

Maxwell took adequate care to provide outdoor life to Mij. Maxwell used to take the otter for a walk. He had allowed Mij to walk on the boundary wall of the school.

Thus Maxwell took good care of his pet.



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