English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Chapter 3 Deep Water Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Answer: Once William Douglas was sitting alone at the swimming pool. He did not know swimming at that time. A bruiser boy threw him into the pool. Douglas nearly died in this accident. Douglas has talked about this misadventure in the lesson.



Answer: Douglas had planned to jump with all his might after reaching bottom of the pool. This way he would reach surface of the water. Then he would cross his hands and paddle his legs to move to the edge of the pool.

While going down the pool he got frightened. He could see only yellow tinged water. The journey to the bottom of the pool and to the surface seemed very long. He could hardly stay afloat even after reaching surface of water. He tried to shout but could not. Water entered into his mouth.

During his third journey to the bottom of the pool, a darkness gripped him. He felt suffocated. His lung were aching, his head was throbbing. He started feeling sleepy. He could guess that he was going to die.

He was very much afraid and helpless.



Answer: This experience of near death had a great impact on Douglas. He took many days to come out of the trauma of such a horrible experience.

He became fearful of water. He could not dare to go to water for many years. Whenever he went near a water body, the haunting fear would grip him, He could not enjoy any water-sports activity, be it fishing or boating.



Answer: Douglas was not able to enjoy water sports related activity like boating and fishing. Though he had a desire to engage in these activities. He also had a regret of having a fear of water. He wanted to gain confidence.

Therefore he was determined to get over his fear of water.

Answer: The instructor first installed a pulley and rope in the swimming pool. Now Douglas could not drown. He taught Douglas to exhale in water and inhale while out of water. Then he taught Douglas to use his legs. Finally he integrated all the learnings into one lesson. Douglas learnt swimming in this fashion.

Answer: After completing his training Douglas swam alone in the pool. Then he went to Lake Wentworth for swimming. Later he went to Warm Lake to cross the lake back and forth. After this he felt that he had completely conquered his fear.


Answer: Douglas has described his near death experience at the swimming pool in great details. He has explained his emotions and physical agony minutely.

The description starts with a bruiser throwing Douglas into the pool. He started going down the pool. He did not lose his presence of mind. He planned to jump to the surface of water and paddle to the pool. But when he surfaced, only his eye and nose came out of water. Before he could do anything else, he started drowning again.

But he again jumped to surface. This time too he could not do anything to remain afloat.

He again started going down for third time. Water went into his mouth. He started feeling sleepy. He felt he is going to die soon. He became unconscious.

Next he remembers that he was lying on the edge of the pool. His life was saved by somebody.

Such minute detailing makes the description vivid.

Answer: Douglas could not enjoy any water sports related activity owing to his fear of water.

As a first step he decided to learn swimming. In the month of October he hired a coach. The coach taught him all the steps of swimming one by one. In the month of July, these steps were integrated and Douglas could swim across the pool.

But all the fears of Douglas had not gone. So he went to New Hampshire and swam for two miles across the lake. Most of the terror had vanished.

Still some residual fears had remained. So Douglas went to Warm Lake and swam across the lack back and forth. He swam like a professional swimmer. Now all the fear had gone.

This is how Douglas conquered his fear of water.



Answer: Douglas had two horrible experience with water during childhood. The first was at a beach in California. A wave had knocked him down and water swept over him. The second experience was at the YMCA pool He had almost died.

These had greatly affected Douglas. He found it very difficult to enjoy water sports related activity. Douglas did not want to live with fear. He hired an instructor to learn swimming. He went outdoors to test himself. And finally he conquered the fear.

The whole episode has a larger meaning for Douglas. He has shown his determination to conquer his handicap. The message Douglas wants to convey is that one can always overcome fears. It requires little bit of planning, a lot of courage and will power. The message holds good for people of all age. It will hold good for all the time to come.

Lastly he quotes Roosevelt “All we have to fear is fear itself”



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