English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in the above extract?

Answer: Griffin

2. Which word in the above extract is opposite of ‘reveal’?

Answer: Hide

3.Why did ‘he’ want to steal some clothes?

Answer: In order to protect himself from cold, Griffin wanted to wear some clothes. He was invisible and did not have money so he had to steal.

4.  What did he steal to hide his face?

Answer: Griffin stole bandage, dark glasses, an artificial nose, big bushy side whiskers and a wide brimmed hat to hide his face.



1. Who is referred as ‘he’ in the above extract?

Answer: Griffin

2.  Write antonym of ‘visble’.

Answer: Invisible

3.  In which city was the shop situated?

Answer: London

4.  Why ‘he’ wanted to wear clothes?

Answer: It was cold season. To protect himself during cold season, Griffin wanted to wear clothes.




1. Write name of village constable.

Answer: Jaffers

2.  Write meaning of phrase ‘sent for’.

Answer: Called

3. Why Mrs. Hall had sent for village constable?

Answer: Furniture of the room had started behaving mysteriously. She was worried that the scientist has a hand in it. So she called Jaffers.

4. Who was suspected to have robbed clergyman?

Answer: It was suspected that the scientist had robbed clergyman.

1. Which word in the extract means ‘more’?

Answer: Further

2.  In the above extract who does ‘they’ refer to?

Answer: The two boys who were standing in a street

3.  Why only footprints could be seen?

Answer: Footmarks were being made by Griffin. He was invisible. So only his footmarks could be seen.

4. In which city the incident mentioned in the extract occurred?

Answer: London




1. In the above extract what is meaning of ‘taking off’?

Answer: Removing

2. In the above extract who does ‘they’ and ‘he’ refer to?

Answer: ‘They’ refers to employees of the store and ‘he’ refers to Griffin.

3. Where was ‘he’ hiding before being spotted?

Answer: Griffin was sleeping upstairs on the bed of a quilt in a big store in London.

4. Why was ‘he’ noticed there?

Answer: Griffin had overslept. He was still sleeping when employees arrived. So he was easily noticed.



1. Who had a suspicion?

Answer: Villagers of Iping had a suspicion.

2. What was the suspicion?

Answer: Villagers had a suspicion that the stranger was involved in the theft at house of clergyman.

3. Which word in the extract means ‘accepted’?

Answer: Admitted.

4. To whom does ‘he’ refer to in above extract?

Answer: Griffin




Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: Griffin had attacked the Hall couple. Mrs. Hall thought that Griffin had a hand in chair springing up in the air and pushing them out of the room. Griffin had not paid rent since a long time.

Hence Mrs. Hall was angry.

Answer: The landlord did not like Griffin. He had asked Griffin to vacate his house. Griffin became angry and burnt the house.




Answer: Griffin had slept in the store for a longtime. Workers at the store noticed him. Griffin started running away but workers chased him. Griffin removed his clothes, became invisible and escaped.

Answer: They were surprised to see muddy footprints of a pair of bare feet. It was unusual to see a bare feet in London during such a cold season. Also they did not see any man, they only saw impression of bare feet.




Answer: When the Hall couple secretly went into the room of Griffin, they did not find anybody. Suddenly a chair attacked them and pushed them out of the room. Mrs. Hall thought it was a work of some ghost. So she became hysterical.

Answer: He stole bandage, dark goggles, a false nose, big bushy whiskers and a large hat. He also stole clothes and shoes. Now he was a visible person. He could hide his face also.




Answer: Jaffers had come to arrest Griffin. Jaffers was surprised to see a headless man. Griffin was becoming more and more invisible by removing his clothes. Jaffers tried to catch him. But Griffin hit him and quickly became invisible. He then knocked Jaffers unconscious and escaped.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: After burning the house of his landlord, he had run away from the house. He became invisible to avoid getting caught. It was very cold season and he needed to wear some clothes.

First he went to a departmental store. He got new clothes and good food to eat. But he overslept and hence was noticed by employees. He had to run away. He again removed clothes to become invisible.

He needed clothes to protect himself. He went to theatrical company to find clothes and also to find something to cover the empty space above his shoulders. He wore a bandage around his forehead, an artificial nose, a dark goggles, a big bushy whisker and a large hat. He also wore clothes and shoes.

Now he had protection against cold and there was no empty space above his shoulders.

Answer: It was an unusual event for a guest to come to the village in winter season. Therefore Mrs. Hall welcomed Griffin to the inn. She readily gave accommodation to him. She tried to behave in a friendly manner with the guest. The guest had paid the rent in advance so she tolerated her eccentric behaviour. She neglected his strange habits and bad tempers.

Griffin explained to her that he had come to Iping because he liked to remain alone. He did not want to be disturbed. He further explained that his face was damaged in an accident.

The villagers were very surprised by the peculiar appearance and strange behaviour of griffin. They started making several guesses about him.

Answer: Very early in the morning the clergyman and his wife were woken by a noise in their study room. They slowly went downstairs to the study room. They heard chink of money from the study room. It appeared that somebody was stealing money from clergyman’s desk.

The clergyman took an iron rod in his hand. Then he flung open the door and shouted – surrender. But to his utter surprise there was no one in the room. They looked everywhere in the room but did not see any one.

But the desk had been opened. All the money they had kept there for their house hold expenses had been stolen.

Griffin had stolen the money. He had run out of cash. He had stolen money to pay rent to Mrs. Hall.

Griffin could not be seen because he had become invisible while committing theft.

Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He conducted several experiments to discover a method to become invisible. This was a great achievement.

He did not make the discovery public. Griffin had used it first against his landlord who asked him to vacate his house. Griffin burnt the house of landlord. Then he became invisible to avoid arrest. This was the beginning of his evil works.

Being invisible meant that he could not wear clothes. So he could not tolerate winter season. Later, he had to cover his face with bandage, artificial nose and a hat. This made his appearance very strange.

To come out of strange situations, he committed crimes using the invisibility technology. He indulged into theft, terrorizing and beating people for no fault of theirs.

Therefore in spite of making a remarkable discovery, Griffin never earned respect of society. Since he had kept it a secret, society could not get any benefit.

Answer: One day the Hall couple observed that door of stranger’s room was open. This used to be usually closed. They decided to go into the room to investigate.

The stranger was not in his room. The bedclothes were cold indicating that the stranger had been out of bed for quite some time. The cloths and bandages that the stranger always wore, were lying about in the room.

Soon Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her. A moment later the hat at the bedpost jumped up and dashed at her face. Then the chair became alive. It sprang up in the air and charged at her, the legs foremost. The Hall couple turned away in terror. The chair pushed them out of the room. The door was slammed shut and locked.



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