English CBSE Class 11 NCERT Hornbill Chapter 2 We’re Not Afraid to Die Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)


Understanding the text

Answer: The storm jib was removed. A heavy mooring rope was tied around the stern. Everything in the ship was double-lashed, everybody practised the life-raft drill, attached lifelines, wore oilskins and life jackets.




Answer: The captain somehow stretched canvas and secured waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes in the starboard of the ship. He started the spare electric pump that was available in the chartroom. They continued to pump out water to save the ship.



Answer: In the morning of 4th Jan they felt some relief because water level had gone down in the ship. They had their first food after about two days. But around 4 PM black clouds again hovered over the ship. They thought that they may not survive.

Same weather continued on 5th Jan also. The voyagers lived in the fear of losing their life.

Luckily, weather improved from the morning of 6th Jan.





I Section – Good beginning but troubles midway

The family had made good preparations for the voyage. They had practised a lot. Initial 3500 KM was on predicted lines. But on 3rd Jan weather deteriorated. A huge wave struck the ship. It made gaping holes in the ship. Hand pumps chocked, electrical pump short circuited. They started spare pump available in the chartroom. Their Mayday calls were not answered.

II Section – Some respite but no relief

Water level in the ship reduced. They had food almost after two days. Location of a island was determined with charts. But in the afternoon clouds gathered in the sky. Strong winds again started blowing. Weather deteriorated. They started thinking that they may not survive. Weather improved in the morning of 6th Jan.

III Section – The victory

The captain again calculated the required direction and asked sailors to steer accordingly. He dozed off for couple of hours. He was woken up by the kids to inform that the island was visible. They anchored there for the night and stepped on the island in the morning. A final victory indeed.


Talking about the text

Answer: Adults had understood seriousness of the situation. They were trying to do whatever they could do to control the damage. They were stressed and worried. They were also trying to find some island where they could anchor for some time. This would help them save their life and to repair the ship.

Children could sense that everybody was in the danger. They had complete faith in their parents. They did not want to bother their parents about anything. They even tried to encourage their parents by making card. They expressed that they valued togetherness of the family.


Answer: The ship was in real danger of sinking. Some of the pumps were not working. Water was gushing in at great speed. The children were injured. The Mayday calls were not responded. In spite of these, people continued to do whatever was possible to do. They never stopped their efforts.

Weather improved for couple of hours but again deteriorated. They calculated location of nearest island and continued to sail towards it. Finally they reached there.

Thus we can say that the voyagers prevailed upon the most difficult situation through their hard work, presence of mind, by remaining calm and hopeful. Thus optimism helps even in most difficult situations.


Answer: Every difficult situation gives us a lesson. We need to stay positive in every situation. Everything may not be in our control. However, we must act on whatever is in our control. A courageous and calm response often gives us better result.

Everybody, particularly the young kids are watching our response. If we remain positive, children too learn to remain positive. They can become our strength during distress. Ultimately they grow as better persons.

Answer: Different are the ways people think. Crazy are the ways of adventurous people.

Every adventure has a thrill associated with it. An amount of uncertainty is ingrained in every adventure. A person employs or checks his ability to stay calm during testing circumstances. The thrill of overcoming unknown challenges attracts people to adventure.


Working with words

Word Meaning
Knot Tie together, Fasten, Coiled or twisted
Stern Strict, Serious, Difficult
Boom To increase, Part of crane, A big sound
Hatch To hatch an egg, To make scheme, A door,
Anchor Reliable support, Last person in relay, The person who conducts an event


Word Meaning
Airship A large balloon filled with gas and powered by an engine. Passengers are carried in a structure hanging from it
Flagship A ship in a group that carries the commander of the fleet. Main ( main company, main activity)
Lightship Small boat anchored at a location and having powerful light. It is used to warn ships about a danger and to guide them



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