English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract Based Questions

1. In the above extract who spoke?

Answer: A young lady spoke these words.

2. Where was the speaker standing?

Answer: She was standing in the doorway.

3.  What causes hay fever?

Answer: Pollen of a flower or dust causes hay fever.

4. Who did the lady pretend to be?

Answer: The lady pretended to be mistress of the house.



1. In the above extract who is speaker?

Answer: A young lady spoke these words.

2.  What is the meaning of phrase ‘get you’?

Answer: Catch you or arrest you.

3. What was the first thought that came to the listener?

Answer: He wanted to runaway

4.  How did the dog behave with the lady?

Answer: The dog Sherry rubbed itself against the lady and obeyed her command.




1. In the above extract who is referred as ‘you’?

Answer: Horace Danby

2. What is the meaning of phrase ‘let you go’?

Answer: Allow you to go or allow you to escape

3.  What was the profession of the young lady ?

Answer: She was a thief.

4. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘steal’.

Answer: Rob

1. In which part of the house was safe located?

Answer: Drawing room

2. Which phrase in the extract mean ‘occupied’?

Answer: Took up

3. Why Horace preferred to collect books?

Answer: He had a hobby of reading books. Also books occupied less space hence suitable to collect in his small house.

4. What was name of the house Horace had gone to?

Answer: Shotover Grange




1. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘openly’?

Answer: Secretly

2. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘purchased’?

Answer: Bought

3. Who is being referred as ‘he’ in the above extract?

Answer: Horace Danby

4. What was the actual profession of ‘he’?

Answer: Horace Danby used to make locks.

1. Which disease is being referred to in above extract?

Answer: Hay fever

2. Which word in the extract is antonym of ‘ordinary’?

Answer: Special

3. What work is referred by ‘your work’?

Answer: It means the work of stealing.

4. What is the name of the house where this extract is spoken?

Answer: Shotover Grange




1. Which word in the extract mean ‘irritation’?

Answer: Tickle

2. Why did Horace feel happy?

Answer: Because the house was empty so he could easily rob the safe.

3. How did Horace enter the premises of Shotover Grnage?

Answer: He entered by jumping over the garden wall.

4. What was the value of jewels in the safe?

Answer: Fifteen thousand pounds

Short Answer Questions (30-40 words)

Answer: Horace has been observing the house since last two weeks. He had also studied about plan and pictures of the house through an article published in a magazine. The article had also narrated location of safe.




Answer: Horace was suffering from an allergy called hay fever. It is caused by pollen of certain flowers. The only cure is to keep oneself away from those flowers.

Answer: Reading and collecting rare and expensive books was hobby of Horace. Every year Horace used to rob a house to steal money for purchasing book. He bought books through an agent.




Answer: Horace had seen that house keeper had hung the key on a hook near kitchen door. He came from behind the garden wall, collected the key and entered the house.

Answer: Horace saw a dog in the kitchen. Its name was Sherry. It stirred a bit, made a noise and wagged its tail in friendly manner. Horace called out name of the dog and showed affection towards it.




Answer: Horace had a small business of making locks. He had hired two people to help him. He owned a small house.

He stole once in a year to fund his passion of collecting rare and expensive books.

Thus he was respectable but not completely honest.

Answer: The lady convinced Horace that she was the mistress of the house. She wanted to wear jewels for a party that night. She had forgotten number of lock of the safe. So she forced Horace to break open the safe to take out jewels.

Answer: Horace had to break open the safe as instructed by the young lady. But he opened the safe without wearing hand gloves. So his fingerprints were all over the safe. Police took Horace to be the thief and arrested him.

Answer: Horace was cheated by a young lady who was herself a thief. Therefore Horace used to get angry at the mention of ‘honour among thieves’.

Long Answer questions (120-150 words)

Answer: Horace was a respectable person in society. His business appears to be doing reasonably well. He could afford to hire two people to help in his business. He owned a small house. But he engaged in annual robbery to fulfil his hobby.

This is very strange situation. One should learn to live within his means. Hobby of a person should not force one to do unethical acts. In such situation it is an addiction.

Horace could have easily read books in a library. This way, he would have fulfilled his hobby and become an honest citizen as well.

Each one of us should be aware that dishonest means someday or other would land us into a trouble. Then one would lose the respect and remain away from his hobby.

Therefore being honest and adopting ethical means is the only way to achieve sustainable success in life.

Answer: Horace was having his own business. He owned a small house. He had hired two people to help in his business. Thus his life as such was running smoothly.

However he did not appear to have adequate money to purse his hobby of collecting rare and expensive books. Therefore he used to steal rich people once in a year. He was not caught during last fifteen years.

He appeared to be satisfied with his way of life. Among society he was considered a respectable and honest man. If he were caught, his habit of stealing would be known to society. He did not want to damage his reputation.

It is for this reason that Horace requested the lady to allow him to go,

Answer: Horace was a person who used to steal only once in year. This time he had entered into a house during day time while it was empty. He did not expect anyone to return during his theft.

Suddenly he heard a female voice from the doorway. She announced that she had come after a month. She further told that she did not expect a burglar to be in the house.

Normally people would make lot of noise on seeing a thief in their house. They would try to call neighbours and police. But this lady did not do any such act. She was talking firmly but she was not panicked. Her voice continued to be polite.

Therefore Horace considered her a kind lady. Hence he anticipated that such a kind lady may allow him to go away.

Answer: Horace had planned for the theft very carefully and cleverly. He had studied plan of the house. He knew location of the safe and value of its contents. He had considered movements of family and servants. He took proper tools and hand gloves. He had handled the dog quite nicely.

The lady was also knowing about movements of family members and servants. The dog was familiar to her. She was aware that Horace considered himself a respectable person and did not want to go to prison. She exploited this fear to her advantage to strike a deal.

In his enthusiasm, Horace removed his gloves and broke open the safe. His finger prints were found everywhere. Finally he was arrested for the theft while the lady ran away with all the jewels.

Thus the lady completely outsmarted Horace.



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