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Author – Douglas James


Word Meaning
Cottage Small House
Curtained A curtain can be put
Practical door A normal door

The scene at the stage is about inside of a small house. At the back right side there is an entrance. A curtain has been put on it. It does not have a door. On the left side of the cottage a normal door can be seen.



Word Meaning
Upstage Front side of the stage

The furniture in the cottage is simple. On the left side a table is put with one or two chairs. On the front of right side a divan has been put. A telephone is put on the table.




Word Meaning
Horn-rimmed glasses Specs with thick frames
Lounge suit A formal suit
Great coat Over coat
Cultured Refined, Civilized

(The curtain raises. A person is standing near the table. He talking on phone. His name is Gerrard. His height is medium. He is wearing a thick rimmed spectacles. He is wearing an informal suit and over that he has put an over coat. His voice is very civilized)



Word Meaning
Count on Be sure, To trust

Gerrard says that the person should directly talk to him. I would like to know about it. I will try to reach there on time. But you should not be very sure about it. (He wants to say that he could be delayed). He further says that in about 10 minutes it would be clear. He says goodbye and disconnects the phone.



Word Meaning
Whilst While
Thus engaged Occupied in this activity
Similar in build Similar physical appearance

Gerrard puts down the phone. He travels to his left towards divan. On the divan a travelling bag is there. He starts packing this bag. While Gerrard is busy in packing the bag another person enters from the right without making any sound. He has a revolver in his hand.



Word Meaning
Flashily dressed Wearing cheap and shining clothes
Bumps Collides
Accidently Without any intention

That person is wearing cheap and shining clothes. He is also wearing an over coat and a soft hat. He collides with the table though he did not want to. Because of the sound Gerrard quickly turns back to see what had happened.)



Word Meaning
Pleasantly In a friendly manner
Intruder Stranger, One who comes without permission
Glad Happy
Pleased Happy
Put those paws up Hands up
Melodramatic Extreme, Sensational

In a friendly voice Gerrard says that it is a surprise to see the stranger. The stranger expresses happiness because Gerrard is happy to see him.  The stranger says that Gerrard will not be happy for a long time. He orders Gerrard to raise his hands. Gerrard coolly replies that his orders look sensational but not original. Gerrard is trying to remain calm.



Word Meaning
Nonchalant Unconcerned, Not worried,
Crawl To walk with hands and knees

The intruder tells Gerrard if he was trying to remain calm. Gerrard replies that he is neither concerned nor worried about the intruder. The intruder thanks Gerrard and tells that soon he will stop acting smart. The intruder threatens Gerrard to make him crawl. But before that he wants to know some things from Gerrard.



Word Meaning
By the bag Near the bag

Gerrard says that he will answer all questions. But before that he wants to change his position. He is not comfortable in his present position. Intruder points to chair and asks Gerard to sit there. The intruder sits on the divan near the bag. Intruder asks Gerrard to tell about himself.



Word Meaning
Sympathetic One who has sympathy to others
Audience Listener
Gypsies People moving from one place to another, Vagabonds
Keep it to yourself Talk only about you

Gerrard says that finally he has found a sympathetic listener. He wants to narrate story of his life. Gerrard says that he was stolen by people who moved from one place to another.  He also wants to tell why he is living alone in a small house in Essex. Presently age of Gerrard is 32.

The intruder tells Gerrard to talk only about himself. He asks Gerrard to answer some questions. The intruders asks if Gerrard lives alone in the cottage. Then he himself answers affirmatively.



Word Meaning
Inflection Manner of speaking, Accent, Pronunciation
Unfamiliar Not known
With emphasis Giving stress or weightage

Gerrard tells him that this is not a question, he is making a statement. He further says that the accent of the intruder is not known to him.  Not many people speak that way.

The intruder this time gives lot of stress on the question. He asks Gerrard if he live alone.



Gerrard asks what will happen if he does not answer the question. The intruder says that Gerrard should be wise enough not to get hurt. The intruder is threatening that if Gerrard does not answer his questions, he may cause injury to Gerrard.



Gerrard replies that wisdom is if one can avoid the pain. It is not in having the desire to cause pain to somebody. Then he makes an attempt to know name of the intruder. But the intruder advises not to worry about his name. He says that Gerrard is a better name.  Actually Gerrard is his surname. Then the intruder wants to know first name of Gerrard.



Gerrard replied that his initials are Vincent Charles. Intruder asks if he has a car. When Gerrard replies in negative, the intruder tells him not to lie. Intruder warns that Gerrard is not talking to a fool. He further tells that he is as smart as Gerrard is. He is aware that Gerrard maintains a car.  He further advises Gerrard to be careful while answering his questions.



Word Meaning
Merely Only
Imitation Copy

Gerrard asked intruder if he was an American. Or he was only copying the American style of speaking. Intruder tell Gerrard that the gun in his hand is a real gun. He can hit Gerrard with the revolver without killing.



Word Meaning
Put it like that Say like that, Say in that manner
Assist Help
Possess To own, To have
Often Regularly, Many times

Gerrard says that if the intruder threatens him that way, he will help the intruder. He says that he has a car which in the garage. The garage is in the corner of his house. The intruder appreciates Gerrard. He asks another question. Do people come regularly to your house?



Word Meaning
Rarely On very less occasions, Seldom, Once in a while
Baker One who bakes bread and cakes
Greengrocer One who sells fruits and vegetable
Milkman One who sells milk
Charming Pleasant, Attractive

Gerrard replies that people rarely come to his house. Very few people come to my house. But a baker, greengrocer and milkman come to my house. But nobody asks me questions like you are asking.



Word Meaning
See Meet
Tradespeople Businessmen
Considerable Large
Modest Reserved

Intruder tells that Gerrard does not meet businessman. Gerrard says that the intruder has taken a lot of trouble to know about him. Gerrard requests intruder to tell about him. Gerrard says that the intruder has been reserved about himself.



Word Meaning
Plenty Many
Top of the class The best

Intruder tells that Gerrard could speak many things. If Gerrard thinks he is smarter than the intruder, he is wrong. Intruder says that he has brain, and he uses it also. Because I use my brain, I have reached this level in my life. The intruder is appreciating himself. 



Word Meaning
Precisely Accurately, Actually
Break into Enter illegally

Gerrard says that the intruder should examine where he has reached in his life. It does not require any brain to enter into my cottage. Gerrard is teasing the intruder.

The intruder replies that Gerrard is not aware why he has come to his cottage.  Gerrard will be surprised to know the reason. And Gerrard will not be happy to know the reason.



Word Meaning
Figuring so largely So much involved
Embrace Engage
Particular line of crime Specific type of crime

Gerrard says that since intruder is so much involved, he can understand that the reason must be important. Gerrard asks what specific type of crime the intruder does regularly. Or the intruder is not a specialist – he does many types of crime.



Word Meaning
Treat A good thing, Extraordinary
Dandy Excellent
Dandy bus Excellent big vehicle
Few and far between Very less and at a great distance
Wilds Rural area

The intruder says that he specializes in doing robbery of jewels. Your car is extraordinary. It is certainly a big excellent car. Gerrard says that in his opinion jewels are very few in this rural area of Essex. Meaning that very few people own jewels in this area. And those who own jewels do not stay close to each other. Such people live far away from each other. Meaning that it is not common to own jewels.



Word Meaning
Cops Policemen
Retire Stay, Relax
For a little while For a short period of time
Trifle A little

The intruder says that policemen are also very few in this area. So he can stay at the cottage for some time. Gerrard is surprised that intruder wants to live with him. Gerrard says that the intruder has announced his intentions a bit suddenly. He further says that he has not invited the intruder to stay with him. 

Gerrard is not ready to allow the intruder to stay in his cottage



Word Meaning
Harsh Cruel, Unpleasant

The intruder says that Gerrard will not be staying in the cottage for a long time. Gerrard is surprised by this statement. Intruder says that he would soon kill Gerrard.  Gerrard says that that would be a bit cruel.



Word Meaning
Sarcasm Satire
I have taken a fancy to you I have started liking you
Grave step Serious action, Dangerous action

The intruder says that he would feel bad to kill Gerrard. He says this with a satire. He says that he has started liking Gerrard but he needs to kill Gerrard. Gerrard advises him not to add more crimes.  He further says that that would be a dangerous action.



Word Meaning
I have been hunted Police is following me
Gratuitous Unreasonable, Not necessary

The intruder says that he would not be killing Gerrard for enjoyment. Police is following him since a long time. They are trying to catch him. The intruder thinks that he cannot be punished twice.

Gerrard advises him that he is unnecessarily trying to get into more problem. Gerrard agrees that intruder will not lose anything. But he will not gain anything.



Word Meaning
Poor Helpless
To beat it To run away
At the sight of Upon seeing something

The intruder says that he would gain freedom. Presently police is trying to catch me. I am helpless, I cannot do anything to stop it.  But If I am Vincent Charles Gerrard, I can go anywhere like a free person. I will have good food to eat and a nice place to sleep. Presently I need to run away as soon as I see police. Afterwards, there will be no need for me to run away from police.



Word Meaning
Poor Helpless
Melodramas Sensational stories

Gerrard says that in most of the sensational stories of crime, the villain does killing very late.  He is foolish to delay the killing. He gets frustrated.  You are very lucky that you would do a murder very soon.



Word Meaning
Posh stuff Good style

The intruder says that he has a reason for delaying the murder.  I am going to take the identity of Vincent Charles Gerrard. Therefore I need to know how he talks. It is very easy to talk the way you talk. Now the intruder tries to copy the refined style of Gerrard. And this is not the everything I need to learn.  The intruder get up. He asks Gerrard to stand up. He requests Gerrard to look at him.



Word Meaning
Particularly decorative Specially looking nice
That goes for you too It is true for you also
Get away Escape from getting noticed

Gerrard says that the intruder is not looking very smart. The intruder says that it is true for Gerrard also. He would wear specs. Then he will look like Gerrard. People will not be able to observe the difference. So he will easily avoid getting noticed. 



Word Meaning
Let you down Not support, Disappoint, Betray

Gerrard told the intruder that he should be careful about his clothes. Because people will recognize him because of clothes. Intruder replied that he would be wearing clothes of Gerrard. These will almost fit him.



Word Meaning
Miss the point Not understand the main thing
Melodramatic Sensational
Tribute Praise, Appreciation
Good reason Justified cause

Gerrard told the intruder that he had made interesting plan.  But you have missed the important aspect of my observation. I had told you that you were more lucky than other sensational criminal. It was not an appreciation of your wisdom. I am sure you will not kill me until you have justifiable cause.



The intruder could not believe what Gerrard thought. Gerrard thanked the intruder for not killing him earlier. He was sure that the intruder will not kill him. The intruder asked Gerrard what he was thinking. He ordered Gerrard to tell him quickly because he was getting bored of the conversation. 



Word Meaning
Elude Deceive, Avoid
Dodge Deceive, Avoid

Gerrard narrates that the intruder is planning to kill him and live with his identity. The intruder answers positively. Gerrard wants to confirm if this will help the intruder. Intruder orders Gerrard to listen to him. He says that he has planned it. He was doing a job in the nearby town. There he killed a policeman. After that I have been running around to avoid my arrest.  



Word Meaning
Queer Strange

Gerrard told that while dodging the police, the intruder had come to his cottage. The intruder told that first he had gone to a town Aylesbury. There I saw you in the car. Two other people were talking to you. It looks to me that you are a strange person and a mysterious person.



Word Meaning
Breaks Opportunities

Gerrard told that he can explain the mystery about himself. The intruder did not listen to him. Most of the time you place your orders to buy things through phone. Sometimes you would suddenly go out and come back suddenly.  I also want to do these activities. To know about you has been one of my luckiest opportunities. 



Word Meaning
Apparently Seemingly, Not surely
Invested Surrounded
Cloak A large overcoat
invested in this cloak of mystery Surrounded completely  by the mystery

Gerrard told the intruder that he is not a very wise person. The intruder cannot understand why Gerrard is living with the mystery around him. The intruder was not interested in listening to such boring conversation.



Gerrard told the intruder that if he shoots, then he will surely be hanged. It will either be as the intruder or as Vincent Charles Gerrard. The intruder could not understand this.



Word Meaning
Apparently Seemingly, Not surely
Crook Criminal

Gerrard told the intruder that it was the surprise. I told you that you would not kill me and I was right. Why I have come here on a day and very soon I go away. Why do I not meet businesspersons? You are telling me that these habits will suit you. You are a criminal. 



Gerrard tells intrude to not to think that he is a simple person. According to me your game is over. Certain things had gone wrong with me. So I replied with bullets and ran away. But the police caught one of my men. Certain proofs that person should have burnt long ago but he did not. Police got those proofs also. Tonight there could be some problem for me. That is why I have packed my bag to run away from here. This is the actual situation.



Word Meaning
Disguise To hide
Musingly Thoughtfully, Thinking deeply

Intruders says that yes, that is a bag and this is a gun.  Gerrard says that the dress in the bag is to hide his identity. A false moustaches is also kept in the bag.  He asks intruder to believe him. While deeply thinking, the intruder admits that he does not know about it.



Word Meaning
Muddles head Not thinking clearly, Stupid
Frame False statement, Lie

Gerrard advises the intruder to not to think like a stupid. He asks the intruder to come with him into the car. Gerrard says the intruder can help him to escape from the town. Anytime if you think I am telling a lie you can shoot me. The gun is with you.  The intruder say that Gerrard is right.



Gerrard advises the intruder to hurry up. He picks up the bag and his hat. Intruder warns Gerrard to be careful. He is observing Gerrard. Anything wrong and he will shoot Gerrard.



Gerrard says that one of his men is standing on the main road. If police comes, he will telephone me. He further says that he does not want to leave. The telephone rings. Gerrard tells intruder that police is after them. He suggest to follow a path to reach garage. Intruder asks how he can be sure that Gerrard is telling the truth.



Word Meaning
Leans forward Bends forward

Gerrard advises the intruder not to act like a fool. He advises the intruder to see himself. Gerrard opens the gate and moves to the side. Intruder bends forward to look outside. His side is towards Gerrard. His revolver is ready to shoot.



Word Meaning
Cupboard Almira
Rattles Pushes repeatedly to make a sound

As soon as the intruder bends his head to look outside, Gerrard pushes him into the cupboard. The revolver falls down from the hand of intruder. Gerrard quickly and forcefully closes the door and locks it. Gerrard pick up the revolver and goes to the phone. The revolver is pointing towards the door of the cupboard.

The intruder repeatedly pushes the door but cannot come out side. He asks Gerrard to take him out of the cupboard.



Word Meaning
Props Supporting equipment
Amusing Funny
Sergeant A police officer
At once Immediately
Public Bar A place where people come to drink

Gerrard dials a number and tell that he will not be able to provide the supporting equipment for the rehearsal. I had a problem which is quite funny. I will supply equipment for the next play. He request the listener of the phone to call Sergeant. The Sergeant is friend of the listener. Gerrard requests that the Sergeant should immediately come to his house. The Sergeant would be in the Public Bar.





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